The Destroyer Atlantean Sword

The 20th Anniversary Conan the Destroyer Atlantean™ is now available in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces, commemorating the release of the film in 1984. This is the only Destroyer Atlantean Sword™ made in the world under the direction of the late Jody Samson and from the original studio molds. Each sword is painstakingly re-created, with solid bronze fittings cast from the original molds. Runic inscriptions are deeply etched into both sides of each blade, exactly as on the originals. This sword features a deeply hand-hollowground, hand-finished blade. The blades are exact reproductions of durable high carbon steel and heat treated to a tough 56 HRC. The Destroyer Atlantean™ is two inches longer than the Barbarian Atlantean™ overall — an inch longer grip and an inch longer in the cutting edge of the blade. Other differences: the ricasso is slightly wider on this version of the Atlantean™, the steel langets are more “hooked,” and the grip is wrapped with round leather lace.

20th Anniversary
Conan the Destroyer


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