Discerner, The Lindsey Sword

“I would like to give you as much information on our sword as possible. I’ve spent years researching all of this, speaking to family members I never knew I had until I traced them down, to piece together a sort of history of our sword.”
-Jim Lindsey

“This particular sword design has been a favorite of mine for over twenty years. You must share my surprise in discovering that this familiar design has an historic antecedent. Discerner — The Lindsay Sword is a faithful recreation of this beautiful, historic sword, and like the original, is a fully functional, well balanced “great sword.” Many, many hours and consummate care have gone into this piece, heavily involving Mr. Lindsey and virtually every craftsperson here at Albion, to bring you a recreation that you can be proud to own, display, and wield.”
-Howy of Albion

This sword has been exhaustively researched by James Lindsey, drawing on authenticated sources such as a 17th Century detailed full scale painting of the sword, (from which a full sized tracing is still in his possession) and a 1937 color miniature based on the original painting. Designed by Howy of Albion, working closely with Mr. Lindsey, and crafted with only the highest quality materials and workmanship by the talented artists and craftspeople at Albion, we are happy to bring you such an exact replica of this historic original. The sword is available in a Special Limited Edition, faithful to the original in dimensions and performance.

Overall length: 44.5 Inches (113 cm)
Blade length: 34.5 Inches (87.6 cm)
Blade width (at base): 2.125 Inches (5.4)
Weight: 3.75 Pounds (1.70 kilos)