The Sword of Arn

(Official Movie Sword)

Arn’s sword is based on a type of sword in use in 12th-century Europe, when the film is set. It was important to approximate Jan Guillou’s tale closely and Arn’s sword was designed based on descriptions from ‘The Road to Jerusalem’, as the English version of the novel is called. Peter Johnsson (who works as designer for Albion) modelled it on a type of sword being used at the end of the 1100s. A well-known representative of this type exists and is preserved in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna: the sword of Saint Maurice, part of the imperial regalia of the Holy Roman Empire. Arn was given his sword by his master and mentor, monk and one-time Templar, Brother Guilbert.

The sword is simple, clean and magnificent, with a long and lean blade, bearing the inscription: ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ on the guard (“In this sign thou shalt conquer”). The blade also has three incised crosses, similar to the ones found on the Sword of Saint Marice (Turin). Arn’s sword is the symbol of his mission – of the cross in Christianity, and the battle for Good.

Please note that the swords are as a standard sold sharp, unless otherwise requested.

Overall length: 40.9″ (104 cm)
Blade length: 34.6″ (88 cm)
Blade width: 1.89″ (4.8 cm)
CoG: 6.1″ (15.5 cm)
CoP: 23.25″ (59 cm)
Weight: 2.76 lbs (1.25 kg)