The Landgraf

(Oakeshott Type XVII)

This is a sword that celebrates the knightly weapons of the second half of the 14th C and beginning of the 15th C. They are often seen in art from the period, wielded by military saints and soldiers. A characteristic feature of this type of sword is its very stiff blade of hexagonal section. They are always of hand and a half proportions, sometimes almost two hand size but often smaller. There is often a fuller along the first third of the blade. This was a period when armor was at its heaviest and most massive, thus swords had to be made that were both robust and powerful. The thrust might have been the most effective attack when using a sword against a heavily armored foe and so the point is always strong on these weapons. Although being oriented for the thrust, these swords can show surprisingly good performance as cutters as well. The more agile members of this family of swords have very attractive handling characteristics, being responsive while having a strong authority in the cut and precise point control. This is what we have aimed for in the making of this sword: An agile weapon that shows the same functional beauty as its predecessors. Strangely, it is rare to see this prominent type among modern replicas. This classic late 14th C. sword offers a unique opportunity for any collector interested in the European medieval sword. The type H pommel is very typical of the period mid 14th C to early 15th C. A flat armed cross which curves to the point lends a pleasing contrast to the very linear and stark presence of the blade.

Overalll length: 45.75″ (116 cm)
Blade length: 36″ (92 cm)
Blade width at base: 1.92″ (4.9 cm)
CoG: 4.125″ (10.5 cm)
CoP: 21.37″ (54 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs (1.36 kilos)
This sword is a limited edition of 1000 swords world wide.


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