The Decurio

(Roman Spatha)

The broad and powerful Decurio blade is of a type named today as “Buch-Podlodów” (and from its proportions classify as sub type 1). It is dated to the mid/late 2nd and 3rd century AD and examples have been found along the border of the Roman Empire towards Barbaricum, in Britain, and also beyond the boundary of the empire in what is today Poland, in the region of the Przeworsk culture. Most original blades of this type tend to weigh between 500 and 700 grams, unmounted. Their length is not too different from some swords of the early Imperial period, but have grown broader and more massive and show greater variation in cross section. Fullers are often double, but also triple or even more fullers occur, sometimes numbering differently on each side. The section may also be hexagonal, with a wide flat face, lacking fullers altogether. Blades in the sub type 1 are between 68 and 72 cm long, 4.8 – 5.8 cm broad at the base and have long tangs varying between 19 – 24 cm. They normally sport double or quadruple fullers. There are no surviving hilts found with this type of sword. The sub type 1 all have long tangs. This suggest a hilt form with a pommel and guard of generous size. The rivet washer is often a square or diamond shaped piece of iron and not the bell shaped button so common on other sword types. Based on this we chose a hilt type that is famously represented in the Köln spatha (belonging to the 3rd century AD), that share these features. The feel of this sword is like you would expect of a dedicated cutting sword. It has a pleasant forward pull that guides the hand during a cut, but its weight and length works together so that the heft is never overpowering. A sword like this is effective and practical in close quarter fighting. It delivers powerful cuts with little effort. The grip has strong tactile qualities providing the warrior a good awareness of the weapon, and indicates clearly the direction of the edge. The shaping of the guard and pommel also plays a role: the grasp of the hand is met by a response like a firm handshake.

Overall length: 34 ” (86.3 cm)
Blade length: 26.625” (67.6 cm)
Blade width: 2.125 ” (5.4 cm)
CoB: 7 ” (17.88 cm)
Weight: 1lb 10 oz (750 g)
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 500 collectible swords worldwide.