The sword that inspired the pommel on the Viceroy
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The Viceroy
Limited Edition Medieval War Sword
(Oakeshott Type XXa)

The blade on this sword is a larger scale version of a long and slender single hand sword that is kept at the Royal armouries in Leeds.

This is classified as a XXa by Oakeshott as a subtype to the family of Type XX swords. These have more severe profile taper and more of an acute point than is otherwise he norm for the type XX swords in general. Both XXa swords presented by Oakeshott, as examples of the type has fullered ricassos rather than a set up of double or triple fullers in a lenticular sectioned blade. It is not clear if this is a defining feature or just a coincidence.

A ricasso like the one found on this blade, with hollowground surfaces on both sides of the fuller, presents rigidity and strength to the base of the blade while keeping total mass mass down.

The hilt of this sword is inspired by a handsome war sword from the Landesmuseum in Zürch.

The cross is hexagonal in section with clubbed ends and a sharp cusp or écusson in the middle. It is simple in outline, yet has a refined character. The pommel is an Oakeshott type U: a leaf shaped pommel with prominent midrib and often hollow ground sides. You often see subtle but effective filework and sculpting on these pommels. The grip is waisted with a riser on the widest part.

War swords of this general outline, broad at the base, with gently curving edges toward a pronounced point, have some handling characteristics in common. They are cut and thrust sword, and thus need both authority in the cut and an agile and precise point control. The width of the blade at the cutting section allows for aggressive cutting performance. The narrow and strong point keeps the mass down in the outer part of the blade, which results in a lively and responsive character.

It emanates both refinement and ruthless power; a sword as such those owned by the commanders of a battlefields or feudal lords.

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 1,000 collectible swords worldwide.

The Viceroy is also available with a period half-wire wrap (at an additional charge.)

Please be sure to specify which grip you prefer at the time of order.

Total length: 46.76" (118.8 cm)
Blade length: 35.875" (91 cm)
Blade width: 2.125" (5.4 cm)
CoG: 4.75" (12 cm)
CoP: 21" (53 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs 9.4 oz (1.63 kilos)

You can customize your sword's grip color -- see the standard grip colors here.

The Viceroy (Type XXa)... $1,650
The Viceroy with Half-wire Wrap (Type XXa)... $1,870
Order now before this limited edition collectible sword runs out!

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