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Contest Winners
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Name That Sword III

Thank you all for the 300+ entries you sent in for the Name That Sword Contest!!
There were so many excellent names that it was a difficult and drawn-out process, but we are very happy with the final choices. You may still see your entry appear on a sword in the future, because many of the submissions are in consideration for the next waves of NextGen swords!
Congratulations to our Winners and Honorable Mentions!!

1. Xa
The Chevalier
Winner: Greyson R. Brown

"I propose that you name this sword The Chevalier. In France, a knight was known as a chevalier. This word is derived from the French word for horse, and indicates the special status and ability, namely the owning and riding of horses, of that individual. This sword, too, would have shown off that status of any knight, yet is not so decorative as to preclude its use on the field of battle."

Honorable Mention - Duplicate submissions postmarked later: Daniel Bell, Alina Boyden, Randolph Howard, Kenton Spaulding, Christopher Liebtag Miller

2. Xa
The Oakeshott
Winner: Christopher Paul Battaglia

"After some consideration I decided that it would be very honorable if you named one of your new swords the "Oakeshott" in memory of Ewart Oakehott, who passed away in 2003. He is of course the scholar who literally "wrote the book" on the archeological classification of swords. His medieval sword typology is still in common use and allows for easy and convenient explanation of almost any blade (including those on your site). I feel that this sword in particular would bear the name well as it is of the classic cruciform design and is a true knightly weapon. Seeing one of your products named after such a great and important man would, I'm sure, bring a smile to the face of more than a few students of the sword."

Honorable Mention - Duplicate submissions postmarked later: Ernest Perez, Craig Peters, Taylor Ellis

3.Landesknecht #1
The Tyrolean
Winner: Eric Meulemans

"Named simply for the region from whence so many Landesknechten were raised."

Honorable Mention - The Wallace, Ted Hitchens, Magic1193
Honorable Mention - The Zurich - Preston Allen Williams

4.Landesknecht #2
The Maximilian
Winner: Daniel Lacoretz

"I propose the name of this sword "The Maximilian" Please read this excerpt:
"In the late 15th century, Maximilliam of Austria (later Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I) needed a highly trained, well disciplined army in order to consolidate his hold on his wife's inheritance of the Netherlands against Louis XI of France. He based his troops and their training on the Swiss model of pikemen. This heralded the return of the infantry as an effective fighting force, and sounded the death knell for the era of the mounted knight. In companies of five hundred, armed with 15-18 foot pikes, the Lanksknechts (german for "land servants") quickly became the most highly respected and feared troops in Europe."
This fragment is from http://www.st-mike.org/groups/german/ (no plagiarism here :)
While similar in style to the #3 sword, this is more ornate, thus more fitting for a King than a soldier. A great homage to the creator of the "Landsknechte" and a great name for a sword."

Honorable Mention - Duplicate submissions postmarked later: Mark Mattimore, John Facundus, Eric Meulemans, Daniel Billington, Kenton Spaulding, Felix W. Wang, Jason Elrod, Addison de Lisle

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