Values Statement:

Albion is about Fairness, Honesty and Integrity, Quality in people and products, Fun, Respect, and Individual as well as Community Support.

Honesty and Integrity: We seek to honor our commitments to both our own people and to customers, suppliers, and the community. We do our best to be honorable and reliable. Our people and our customers can rely on our word.

Fairness: We strive to treat fairly our people, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders, and the governments and communities in which we operate.

Quality in People and Products: A member of the Albion family is one of the best in his or her field, or strives to be, and will be. Because our people are of quality, they understand Albion's product quality mission. Absolutely anything that is created behind the Albion name is created behind the individual's name - and must live up to the expectations of both. "It's good enough," is not a term in our vocabulary.

Fun: Fun is being intellectually excited and challenged. It's interacting with one another - learning from each other - improving ourselves and helping our colleagues to improve as well. It's one idea leading to another. It's the struggle when things don't go well, and the delight when it all comes together. Working together as a team - solving problems, celebrating solutions and good times, and being there for each other... This encompasses a day in the life of Albion family.

Respect: Each member of the Albion family respects the others and their work, respects the company, and its mission. The respect that we hold for our customers shows in our work, and in how we treat each individual - for we are in business because they allow us to be in business.

Individual and Community Support: Albion will do what it can to help support its community, and when called upon, will take action to assist in any way that it can. Albion supports each and every individual family member, professionally and personally. We strive to assist each person in their growth with the company, as well as in their overall growth.

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