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The Vigil
...Just a short email to say the Vigil arrived safe and sound, and I LOVE IT!!!!!
It feels incredibly sweet in the hand. The grip colour is perfect as well. I know you said no guarentees with the exact shade I was looking for, but the guys delivered.
The twin fullers are well executed, with nary an untrue line and that blade is SHARP!!
In short; it's stunningly, beautiful.
Did I mention that I love it!!
As always, many thanks to you and to the people in the shop for their efforts.
-- Troy Z
...The Vigil arrived Friday. That was much sooner than I expected. Another ABsoLUTELY beautiful sword (you guys must get SOOO tired of hearing the same ole shite all the time ;))
I drilled with it all weekend long, several hours per day and now I'm torn between the Caithness and the Vigil as to which is my favorite. I havn't quite figured out exactly what it is that feels different between the two. The weights are virtually identical (0.4 Oz.) and the C.O.G. only 1/16" further out on the Vigil with a blade which is 5/8" longer, and so I expected it to feel slightly more blade heavy even though it's slightly lighter. But, it actually feels like the Caithness may be the more blade heavy one, but only slightly. Maybe it will boil down to the shape of the handle.
But that is one of the things I love about you guys at Albion; It appears Peter Johnsson and all the craftsmen at Albion are so attentive to the details of size, proportions, construction and weight that one can "feel" a difference as small and seemingly insignificant as handle shape and how it might effect a change in the handling characteristics of a bladed weapon. Beautiful sword regardless of what I decide are my handling preferences.
Now I will be looking to a truely blade heavy single hander like the Templar to see how I like that sort;-) Rest assured I'll be in touch again soon;-) ;-) Later Y'all, and thanks again,
-- Toney L
...The Vigil came in last week and I just want to say that it is INCREDIBLE.
Everyone has been impressed by its look and solid craftsmanship.
You guys really know your stuff.
Thanks to all at Albion Swords.
-- Graham C

The Oakeshott
...To make my weekend perfect it turned out that my Oakeshott had arrived in my absence.
Popping by the office Friday evening I found the familiar white box containing a beautiful and well preserved sword.
Taking it straight home I wiped off the oil and started to drool.
This has to be the best Albion yet, with the most breathtaking blade I have ever seen on any sword.
The combination of fuller and hollow grind is out of this world. The blade was perfectly ground and the hilt graceful and smoothly finished.
The sword is of a simple design, but the proportions easily make it the most beautiful single hander in the Albion NG line, at least in my opinion. As for handling, this is the best single hander I have tried.
The weapon seems to have a will of its own, a will to track with precision time and time again and recover with agility. It is as if its gracefulness has transferred itself to the steel.
I can truthfully say that if I could only keep one sword out of all the single handers I own, Albion Museum and NG lines included, this would be it.
I suspect that the proportions follow the Golden Section, but even if not I have a section of gold on my wall.
I raise my goblet to the complete Albion team!!!! Well done all of you.
-- Reiny
... I received my example of The Oakeshott on Wednesday, February 6, just as you promised. I apologize for not writing until now, but I wanted to experience the sword for a while before commenting upon it.
I cannot claim to have any expertise in the area of medieval armory, and my only previous extended relationship with a "real" sword has been with a Grand Army of the Republic parade saber, a family heirloom which was never meant to be wielded in the heat of combat.
With that disclaimer out of the way, I must say that I find what you and your compatriots at Albion Armorers have accomplished to be remarkable.
The Oakeshott is a wonderful thing in its own right: it feels perfectly balanced to me, the grip is completely comfortable and secure in my hand, I can place the point anywhere I like with the greatest of ease and, most of all, I marvel at how such a flexible and lightweight piece of steel could be engineered so as to be obviously capable of inflicting extraordinary damage upon a target (though I have never, nor will I likely ever, test that capability).
I have always been fascinated by European medieval warfare, and have long wanted to own a sword of a type and craftsmanship that would have been appropriate for use by a medieval knight.
I am happy that I waited so long to purchase such a sword and that I was lucky enough to discover Albion Armorers to fulfill my dream.
The Oakeshott is all that I ever wanted in a sword.
Kudos to Peter Johnsson for designing The Oakeshott, and to everyone at the Albion shop who was involved in its construction.
And thank you for all your help, Mike. You made the process a pleasure.
Take care, Dude.
-- Ray

The I:33
... Last week from Søren (Albion Europe) I received my I:33 and my Duke. I wrote Søren (obviously), but I definitely wanted to let you guys now as well how excited I am.
The I:33 is as I have come to expect of the Maestro-sword (being the proud and happy owner of a Liechtenauer): a very pleasant sword with a grip even to fit my big hands. And the steel has a beautiful ring to it. You almost want to strike, just to hear that sound.
One observation I shared with Søren I really would like to share with you as well - that it is not until setting them in motion and taking them through their paces that you realise the superbness of balance and control (as type dictates).
I have never been able to feel and experience so clearly the differences between the different sword types. It is a worthwhile thing and one I treasure.
As always, warmest wishes to you and all the others at Albion - and I look forward to my next Albion-blade (though it is going to be a tough choice to decide which one first...)
-- Alexander

The Condottiere
...Well, I have had time to play with my Condottiere and Machiavelli over the weekend.
They are both superb swords with excellent handling qualities and flawless execution.
The line decoration on the blades is really eye catching and the grinding perfect.
If the semi complex hilt of the Machiavelli is a sign of things to come, then I cannot wait for my Markgraf.
All in all top level weaponry

-- Reiny

The Machiavelli
...Well, I have had time to play with my Condottiere and Machiavelli over the weekend.
They are both superb swords with excellent handling qualities and flawless execution.
The line decoration on the blades is really eye catching and the grinding perfect.
If the semi complex hilt of the Machiavelli is a sign of things to come, then I cannot wait for my Markgraf.
All in all top level weaponry

-- Reiny

The Knud
...I received the Knud yesterday.
The sword is wonderful! It looks like a weapon taken from a Norse legend.
The balance is impressive and the blade is long and very sharp.
Congratulation to the Albion team for this - another great piece!
-- Benoit T

The Stamford
... I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write you, I had to replace my computer recently. Anyway, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the Stamford I recieved.
It feels even better than I remember it!
The workmanship of the sword is absolutely top-notch. The blade is well-formed and perfectly-symmetrical. The cross and pommel, aside from a few small pits (which, in my opinion, add to the sword's character and sense of authenticity), are also well-formed and very solid. The grip is very comfortable and the chocolate-brown dye is very tastefully-applied. I've heard before that Albion's swords feel like a solidly-executed whole, and not just the sum of their parts. I would have to say that such a statement is absolutely right on the money!
If one of your simplest models is put together this well, I can't wait to see what it's like to own one of the more ornate models! I am very happy with my Stamford.
Albion is at the top of my list for when I can scrounge up the money for another sword. Thanks,
-- Jeremiah
...I got the Stamford today,
Oh my!
When I pick the Stamford up in my hand it is the calm in the middle of the storm making ready to become lightning and thunder.
It contains no deceit and is a honest, powerful sword of war.
In hammer grip it grabs my hand tightly: which will take some getting use to.
In the cut the Stamford moves from hammer grip to handshake grip in an easy flow and it wants to carry my body forward in a passing step.
It'll do my Fiore single sword but Fiore is a style poorly suited to the Stamford's geometry. I think that I will have to look at i33 and some of Messer plays to see if I can make the Stamford dance.
If this was 1100 years ago the skalds would have sung the Stamford's praise.
Shield Biter
Helm Splitter
Giver of Word Fame
Thanks to everyone who worked on Stamford and put it in my hand.
...I came home yesterday to a very pleasant surprise and I would just like to thank you guys for the earlier than expected delivery of my Stamford.
I had originally anticipated the quoted 16 week turn around and I’m very pleased to see that you beat your original estimate by a long shot, great work.
Now on to the sword; I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am with the overall look and handling of this weapon.
The blade is executed perfectly. The short wide type X blade coupled with the short cross and the tea cosy pommel give this sword an extremely balanced look.
While its two closest competitors, the Reeve and Bayeux may be a bit more aristocratic and knightly looking, the Stamford has a plain old, nasty, been there done that, don't mess with me look to it that really captures the nature of this sword.
Initially I was somewhat concerned that the short grip and the tea cosy pommel was going to take quite an adjustment to get used to, especially after handling my Gotland and other Viking style swords of this type, but I was wrong.
When you grip this little beast you instinctively hold it in the handshake style grip that most viking and early medieval swords really require to be comfortable and effective. The nicely finished light brown grip is just wide enough to be comfortable and my pinky wraps around the pommel very comfortably.
The sword's heft and balance are right where they should be and despite its rather short chunky build it is surprisingly light, fast and handy.
I think, in fact I’m sure, I have a new favorite on my hands. Thanks Again
-- Jim H

The Valkyja
...I came home from running business errands around town. Tired and grouchy I found this long, familiar looking box at my doorway. I knew what was inside. I wasn't expecting it this early but upon opening the lid, the uncontrollable smiling began .
The Valkyrja has an appearance that calls one back to the Dark Ages.
Unmistakably Viking and Pagan. Strong, smooth, committed contours contrasted by the chaotic Urnes style of Viking Art. To think that this sword was found in the grave of a woman .....hmmmm....some chick....eh? On the sword rack with my Jarl and Thegn, the Valkyrja rules supreme with her regal presence. She is the most attractive, eye catching sword I own.
She is heavier than the Jarl yet just as weildy. The balance right in your hand with the blade presence equal to any other sword of this type.
I will name her Gefjon.
" I command thee, More mead and bring forth my favorite slave girls....for tomorrow, we set sail for distant lands !!"
You guys at Albion rock to the core......
-- Thomas B
...The Valkyrja just arrived.
What can I say but "WOW."
This is one of the finest swords I have ever seen and certainly the best from Albion so far.
You guys really outdid yourselves.
Many thanks to Peter for designing it, to the crew who built it and you for being so easy to place the order.
You are all top in my book.
I find I like the swords when they first arrive but a day later I find that usually my estimate of them goes way up.
I think when they first arrive I'm in shock.
Again many thanks to all of you. All the best,
-- Peter C
Boy, was I pleasantly surprised yesterday!
As usual, the Valkyria arrived in record time.
This one's one of your best, guys!
I know your swords keep getting better, because every time I open a new box I say, "this one's my new favorite".
Keep up the good work!
-- Eric
...You know the Great Renaissance Artists had a practice of intentionally putting a flaw in their masterpieces because they said "Only God could make something perfect". They placed this flaw onto their work lest any man would say that the artist was equal to God after seeing the masterpiece.
Which brings me to my point. I received a package at my front door the other day and opened the box to reveal a masterpiece in the form of The Valkyrja sword with a green handle.
Rarely do the products of companies who are accompanied by such hoopla and fanfare as Albion meet my expectations. In this case and quite to the contrary, my expectations were exceeded. Even though times are tough and it is my propensity to want to hold onto my money very tightly, I want the folks at Albion know that "my very own" Valkyrja was worth "EVERY LAST DIME".
In fact, it was a bargain considering the craftsmanship and labor that went into creating it. My problem is that I am having a hard time finding the intentional flaw that was placed into the sword. Would you mind telling me where it is? Thanks,
-- Allen Foster

The Doge
...What a great surprise that you and Di orchestrated.
I was sitting around this evening, nursing a sinus infection, when the doorbell rang and Di brought the Doge to me asking, “is this how you hold it?” (no).
It is a very sick* and beautiful sword, with multiple weapon elements that I look forward to learning to use.
I just finished slicing a pool noodle and, if anyone should question the difference in intent between this sword and the Regent, a session with a noodle should quickly dispel any misconceptions.
The Doge is a butcher knife at the end of a 36” set of brass knuckles.
It feels “right” to me – just like the Laird and Solingen - my other favorite single handers and the furniture and blade details are as complex as the photos imply.
My compliments to Peter and the production staff. I had high expectations for this sword (went up a bit after photos were published) and I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Thanks and have a great holiday!
-- Charles
* I know that you and Harlan would understand my characterization of the sword as “sick”, but if you think that would be misinterpreted on your website feel free to edit to something like “complex” or “menacing”. “Sick” remains the best descriptor, however
...The Doge arrived yesterday in perfect condition and what a beautiful sword it is.
The first thing I noticed was that the antiqued red grip and blued fittings was spot on for this style. I am sure glad I ordered the same configuration for my Condottiere and Machiavelli.
In my opinion the extras really dress up these “intermediate” complex hilts.
The next thing I noticed was the hilt fittings themselves. They are simply gorgeous in shape and execution. As for the blade the grinding is top notch and the design interestingly complex.
The handling is superb, especially when fingering the cross and the blued hilt has a pleasing satin sheen to it. Simply outstanding!
All in all, this sword is ranking right up there on top of my list.
Thank you Mike, for making this an exceedingly good week! Cheers,
-- Reiny
... Mike please let everyone at the shop know I am just stunned at the craftsmanship of this Doge.
The pictures on the website do not do justice to either the fullering, the profile, nor the complex hilt which is simply outstanding!
This is just a home run on many levels....... it is really interesting to me as it seems to me to represent an evolutionary bridge between the knightly swords of the high middle ages and the broadsword blades of the Renaissance and Reformation.
Would love to know more about what sword(s) you guys may have used as a model for the prototype. It is also very different in handling than the Kern. Feels much more like a dedicated cutter.
Thanks much!
I will copy this to MyArmoury, and btw, the whole "white box" thing is marketing genius - when I was told at the office (where I have stuff shipped) that a big white box had arrived, I nearly knocked the lunchroom table over jumping up to get it!
-- Thom R
...First [The Doge] arrived Thursday evening just as predicted (and like 6+ weeks earlier than originally scheduled!), thanks for that.
Second, I admit that I have very high expectations, particularly for a 'premium' item. And I've had a few slight disappointments recently from other sword producers.
However, I'd have to say that the Doge exceeded my already high expectations, a very rare occurrence for me!
The hilt and blade are as fine as I was expecting, their design is a big reason I purchased the Doge.
I was surprised by the pommel, a 'dynamic' design that is very impressive in-person. Also the fine cord underneath the leather grip is a nice touch (I really like the oxblood grip color, thanks for the recommendation!).
The execution of the blade, hilt, and overall assembly seem to be flawless, and again I can be very picky!
And the Doge feels great in the hand, very natural balance.
So, you have gained yet another very satisfied customer! And I will certainly tell my sword collecting friends about my Albion sword and the great purchasing experience.
But I also now have a problem: can I be patient or will I have to purchase another Albion while I await the Dane? And which one?!
-- Kevin
...I was happily surprised this past Wednesday to receive my Doge on my doorstep. I'm not sure what I was expecting from the sword, but I think it'd be safe to say that it exceeded whatever expectations I had. The sword feels very light and quick; almost as quick as my rapier, to be honest, and slightly better-balanced. I haven't tried cutting targets with it yet, but it's very controllable in thrusts and lunges. I'm very pleased with this sword, and would be very happy to recommend it to people, especially those looking for a transitional blade.
- Darryl A

The Chieftain
...Last Friday brought me the Chieftain.
The sword arrived unblemished and sported the usual excellent workmanship.
It is a most impressive weapon and I especially like the proportions of the blade.
The typical Claymore style is one that always has appealed to me. Many other Claymores in the market have blades that are too long and too narrow. The choice of the Duke blade gives the Chieftain an unique character, and at least to my eyes a very realistic look.
The balance is superb and it is lighter than one should think. A most devastating weapon with an agility belying its size.
I already had a place reserved so this pup went straight on the wall between the Baron and the Duke. Not that it was left in place for any length of time though.
So last weekend was another Albion weekend. I am exceedingly happy and pleased my friend.
Well Mike, thank you for another superb weapon.
-- Reiny
...The Chieftain just arrived. What a big, beautiful,sword it is.
I actually thought it was going to feel much heavier than this. Instead it feels like a long single hander.
Thanks to all at Albion again for a magnificent sword.
Next is a Colquhoun tartan kilt, to go with the sword. Would you ask Harlan where he got his boots?
By the way, you have just made my day,week and month.
All the best and Happy New Year,
-- Peter C

The Kern
...Found a long white box in the office this morning. I was a bit surprised as I did not get a tracking message this time.
However the [Kern] sword arrived in perfect condition and what a sword it is!!!!
This has to be one of the most beautiful renderings in steel I have received from Albion to date.
The grip is extremely comfortable and fits my hand to perfection.
The oxblood colour is really the right choice and the grip cover is flawlessly executed.
That the grip design is to my liking is not surprising as it is nearly identical to the grip on the Vassal and you know from a previous post how I feel about that.
The bowtie guard is absolutely gorgeous and I tell you Mike, the one who ground this blade must have been inspired. It is absolute perfection.
This weapon has a character all of its own and I just love the ring pommel with its perfectly shaped peen block.
This one goes on the wall in the hallway today, next to my Gallowglass.
Thank you my friend for sending yet another exquisite blade my way. Albion rules!!!! Cheers,
-- Reiny L

The Earl
...About ten days after placing my order for The Earl I received a shipping notification that my sword was on the way. Honestly I was not too happy about this. I was wondering and saying to myself that these guys made this sword in a hurry and there may naturally be some imperfections and the quality will be compromised, and this is the last thing I need....
I received the sword today. Opened the box in a hurry in anticipation of some unpleasant surprises....but lo and behold...another typical Albion perfection that I am used to.
Myself being meticulous and a perfectionist, it amazes me to see these guys producing one perfection after another, no matter the condition under which they perform. I take my hat off these guys and I have nothing but respect and admiration for them ! Keep up the good work.
-- Gabriel G

The Knecht
...I just wanted to let you know that the Knecht arrived via UPS at my office yesterday afternoon...
following a nearly two year wait.
I can confidently say that it was well worth waiting for.
What an incredibly beautiful piece of work.
When I took it out of the box, my secretary, who knows something about blades and knife-making (her late husband was a fairly well-known and talented local knife-maker), just stared at it for a while, then finally commented that the blade was beautiful and the entire package "very dynamic."
That's a good term for this sword, dynamic.
It seems to be in motion even when it is not.
Thanks a lot and sorry for my occasional moments of impatience over the last couple of years.
-- Bob A

I got my Knecht last week.
It's fantastic!
I knew when I held a prototype blade on a visit to your shop that this would be an excellent sword, but the finished version is even more incredible than I would have imagined.
You guys have really outdone yourselves.
Thanks for making such great products.
-- Scott H

The Fiore
...I waited a very long time for the Fiore. I fell in love with the concept drawing before the sword was put into production.
When it finally arrived, it was well worth the wait.
First impressions are often based on looks, and this one is a stunner. If I were a sword, this is how I would want to look. It has beautiful clean lines and the waisted grip adds just enough curves to make it sexy too. Its handling is as beautiful as its appearance.
The Fiore has performed perfectly in living room appropriate drills and has also inflicted mortal wounds to milk jugs and pool noodles, easily cleaving them in two. I'm very happy with this sword.
-- Pamela

The Meyer
...Each sword you send me has a different impact upon me as I take them out of the box.
Brescia seemed stiff and aloof at first, and only opened up with repeated handling.
Svante was awesome and imposing, but I couldn’t have imagined his motion until I wielded him, and then, during my very first workout with him his amazing power to build my own power was overwhelming.
I could share similar stories, about Mercenary and Solingen, but you get the idea.
Well, the Liechtenauers have to be mentioned, since they are so closely related to my Meyers. I liked them, immediately, but not a lot. I had some how expected the finish to be more finished, like your other swords, and it took a while (and also my wife loving them didn’t hurt) before I found their appeal as working pieces rather than finish pieces. But, it wasn’t until I drilled at sword club with them, up against other steel blunts, that the agility and dominance in your Liechtenauers came through. More than just ease of motion, it was strength in encounter. There is something awesome in the blade shape, and the strategy of blunting you use, along with the beautiful blade motion due to the deep curving fuller. What actually happened was that I didn’t even think about the sword, but rather only the movements we were drilling and the relationship between what I was supposed to do and what actually occurred. I knew while it was happening that my Liechtenauer was far more amazing in contact against another sword, but I was just so pulled into the moment I could only think about it later. You should let everyone know, though, that the Liechtenauer really sets itself loose in drilling, and especially in drilling against a different blunt, where it gets to competitively take control (even when drills are supposed to be non-competitive, of course).
But the Meyers, Mike, they arrived yesterday.
Damn but what I only saw them on the driveway (it was a beautiful day outside) as I was leaving, and had to rush to get the box open. Mike, they’re GORGEOUS!
Where I thought the Liechtenauers were a bit heavy to the hand, blade heavy just a touch (until I drilled with them) the Meyers came floating right out of the box.
The hilt, with its perfect shape begs to be picked up and wielded. The ricasso simply waits to grab your opponent’s blade and take it in gentle grip. And, the flow from hilt to ricasso to blade is simply lovely to the eye and to the hand, and in the motion and movement of the sword as well. Ah, but the motion and movement of the sword.
Oh Mike, I don’t think you’re supposed to wish that “real” swords would perform like mere “practice” swords!
This sword’s movement in the hand, its floating, light, accurate motion, start-on-a-dime speed and stop-on-a-dime precision, its combination of power and control simply make me drool when I’m not practicing with it, already.
I just have to see it on my stand, and I instantly want to go out and practice.
In fact, that’s what I’m going to go do right now.
Thanks again, Mike; you guys have hit yet another home run. I’ll be recommending (and showing off) my Meyers to every aspiring Longswordsman I can, as the ultimate practice sword on the market today. I have come to love my Liechtenauers, and am happy to have them; but it was love at first sight, more love at first touch and total awe over my Meyers from the moment they came out of the box.
I cannot imagine a better practice sword.
-- Pasquale

The Munich
...You guys did it again !!!!! Received the Munich on Thursday evening.
I opened the box and I just stood there awestruck....wondering how to handle this thing...
Only one thing came to mind : Faberge !
That's right. I was looking at a piece of jewelry. So beautiful, so delicate and so noble....a queen by itself !
I believe Albion is doing to swordsmithing what Faberge has done to jewelry ! The best that can be humanly achieved ! My compliments to you all.
-- Gabriel G
...I just wanted you to know that I have received my Munich sword.
I can't tell you how pleased I am with it.
Light enough to use with one hand, grip long enough to use with two hands, balance perfect -- just begging to be used to cut something, and a beautiful taper that is perfect for thrusting.
All around the perfect sword. I can't believe that anyone would want anything else.
-- John B
...Greetings Mike and everyone else at Albion,
The Munich has arrived safely.
I wanted to thank you all for doing a beautiful job on my first western sword; the custom hilt bluing is excellent and the sword itself is every bit as striking and well-balanced as I remembered from one of your shows.
The result is something I am proud to include in my collection alongside my Japanese and Japanese-style works. Many thanks,
-- Gabriel Lebec
... I LOVE this sword [the Munich]. I hadn't been able to play with it much before last night. I would hold it and very slowly move it around in my house, but I have 2 dogs and didn't want them to get in the way or startle me.
Then ARMA-Appleton had practice last night. It was the first time I got to swing the thing around with intent. WOW. I kept having images in my head of lopping off fingers, ears, feet, etc. To say that I was nervous might be a bit of an understatement. But when I started moving that piece of steel, it just flowed. A short flouryshe, but it was wonderful. It was after training hard for hours and my arms were not tired at all. It seemed to whistle as it flowed through the air. Thank you for getting the sword to me, and pass my sincere thanks onto the guys. This is the crown of my collection. You guys rock.
-- Jeremiah
...I have now had some time to play with my new swords and they are absolutely fantastic. All three sport benchmark quality and attention to detail in form and function. I am especially fond of the wire wrap on the Earl and Munich. The workmanship has to be the best in the business with a wide margin. I assume the leather covers were left smooth to contrast with the wire grip, and I think personally that it was a good idea. The grip of my Chevalier with the new criss cross overwrap is just perfect. I wanted this grip to resemble the one on the Sword of Santa Lasilda in the Madrid Institute del Conde de Valencia de Don Juan. I chose oxblood for the overwrap to get a bit more contrast and I am very pleased with the result. The fact that my sword is the one pictured in your website catalog is wery pleasing too. I have read some negative comments related to the bronze pommel, but in my book it is just as it should be. I also think that the changes made to the cross as compared to the drawing was a good idea. I am hard pressed to say which of my Oakeshott and Cevalier is my favorite. I think I would pick the Oakeshott for battle and the Chevalier for formal occations although both are terrific weapons and would serve equally well in combat. The Earl proved to be much more than a Regent with a twist and I am happy to have both. The Earl is again a sword which is better in the flesh than in the catalog. It is really agile and smooth moving and the pommel and cross are very plasing to both eye and hand. The Munic was out of this world. Whoever did the final grinding and polishing of the blade must have had a very good day. This is probably the best finished blade of all my Albions, and I have 62 of them now. It also had the most tight fitting cross I have ever seen. The ageing of the hilt was expertly done. As luck would have it my coin collection contaied an Austrian and a German coin from around WW1. They were both made from some ferreous alloy, were of the same diameter and had oxydized to the exact same patina as the hilt. Better yet, one side of them was embossed with the Austrian and German eagle respectively. When I found they fitted the pommel recesses quite well my day was really made. A small drop of Loctite 496 and my Munich now speaks of her Germanic heritage. All in all splendid weapons, Mike. Albion delivers as usual! In Hoc Signo Vinces.
-- Reiny

The Liechtenauer
...The Liechtenauer arrived yesterday evening in fine shape.
I took it out of the box and both wife and daughter immediately said "Oooo. Can I hold it?" Heh heh.
You may have designed a practical rebated sword for WMA, but it's also art.
My compliments & congratulations.
-- Mike H
... I've had the Liechtenauer for over a month now, and I couldn't be more satisfied with it's performance, both as a WMA practitioner and as an actor combatant.
Going blade-on-blade for a staged fight usually does a number on any edge, and not only does it hold up beautifully to the punishment-- it also feels and sounds great against another sword.
I've let my friends and colleagues handle it, and they're all so surprised at how light and well-balanced it feels.
I take it out to the park to practice so often that my hands are covered with callouses (courtesy of the cord-wrapped grip), and I've become known as "the guy with the big sword" in the neighborhood.
You folks got yourselves another thrilled customer. I'll be back for more.
-- Paul S
...I received the Liechtenauer thursday and tested it today, in normal fencing drills and free fighting.
I wasn't too sure if I was going to like the sword by looking at the photos, but "in person" I must admit it's a beauty, even though its design is somewhat ahistorical.
The grip particularly is an eye-catcher.
Now, in terms of handling I must say it's clearly the best longsword trainer I've ever had the chance to try.
The sword is extremely responsive and allow very precise control while cutting and thrusting.
The cord-wrapped grip and scent-stopper pommel are very comfortable and allow more tricky moves to be done much more easily.
The swords I trained with previously seems clunky in comparison... Once again, great job guys !
-- Hugo V
...I picked up my Liechtenauer from the post office today, brought it home, and opened the box.
I was very pleased with the sword I found inside; the Liechtenauer is similar to what I had expected, and yet there were things I hadn't expected either.
I was pleasantly surprised by the cord wrap grip, which wasn't what I had expected, but feels great in hand when practicing strikes and thrusts.
I also noticed that the Liechtenauer has quite a bit of blade presence towards the point, and feels rather robust.
That it is still agile, well balanced and enjoyable to use is a testament both to Peter and everyone at Albion.
Thanks for another great sword- the only problem is that now I'll need another one!
-- Craig
...I wanted to take a few moments to let you know that my Maestro Line Liechtenaur has arrived and turned out to be much more than I expected!
The Liechtenaur along with my (now anxiously awaited) Landgraf are my first European styled swords.
I am very pleased with my Liechtenaur.
The fit, finish, balance and craftsmanship are wonderful - pictures simply do not do this sword justice.
And it's a training blunt!! :-)
This level of quality makes me even more excited about my (hopefully received soon!!) Landgraf.
Thank you!!!
-- George M
...I want to send a note of thanks to you and the Albion team for an outstanding sword.
The Liechtenauer is fantastic - although I am a novice swordsman, I have taken to the Liechtenauer in a way I didn't think possible.
It feels good in the hand, lively, and just an overall joy to practice with.
In pell work the sword feels beyond solid - it really becomes an extension of the swordsman.
I think the design and execution of this sword are superb - I really like Peter Johnson's approach with the fuller - it is a great design that achieves the performance of a sharp blade of the same proportions while delivering the safety of a blunt.
Albion's choice to wrap the hilt with a cord grip works very well for me because it feels good in the hand, is tough, and works great when wet.
The pommel and guard are different than the NG line in terms of finish - the stainless steel giving it an almost antiqued look and feel - and the effect on the aesthetics of the sword are very positive.
I would have to say the Liechtenauer is my new best friend!
Thanks again for the great products and service.
-- Jody A.
..I apologize for being a couple months late with this - but who could blame me for that? I was busy with a couple of amazing training tools that I had a hard time setting down long enough to get my fingers to a keyboard to type this out. I ordered one of your Liechtenauers and my roommate ordered a Meyer. They are both astounding swords and literally leave me wanting for nothing! Refined and Rugged at the same time - even the much lighter feeling Meyer holds up to steel-on-steel training beautifully. As for the liechtenauer... well let's just say I use it as much as I can, but I didn't fully appreciate how well made it was until, and this is gonna sound strange, I was in a duel. A friend of mine is an avid SCA fighter, and throughout the debates we had it was eventually decided that we were to fight. He used a blunt steel baskethilt sword and a (very large) shield. I was confident going in with just my trusty Liechtenauer. The (cough)gentleman I was fighting weighs in at around 220lbs and is almost pure muscle - and he hits hard(my bruises are evidence of that). But the Liechtenauer took everything he threw without so much as flinching. Throughout the course of our fighting - which lasted well over a solid, almost completely uninterrupted hour, it was struck with such force that the sword almost flew out of my hands more than once. At times, when quarters got close, the blade of this sword got wedged between this piece of armor or that, and the the ground, his shield, and all our limbs didn't make it easy for the poor sword either. This wasn't your grandmom's light pulled sparring either - this was all out, anything goes, fighting. But - It took it all and was, at the end of the day - the least beat up out of all of us. I can personally attest to the pure strength and solidity of this training sword - and it does this with wonderful management of heft and weight. It's such a wonderful and powerful feeling that doesn't float like a fairy like the meyer - but rather moves with an effortless but solid power. If the Meyer is like a cheetah(like lightning), then this sword is easily analogous to a Lion - Fast and Graceful still, but with a Power and Authority that's simply remarkable. I cannot say enough good about this sword. Please keep up the good work. I'm not terribly rich, so the chance to order swords from you is not an opportunity I get very often - but rest assured you will get future business from me, and I will continue to recommend you to all I know who may be interested.
- Adam

The Kingmaker
...This is my thirteenth Albion sword and I never cease to be impressed.
The antiquing on the Kingmaker hilt is perfectly done and the hollow-ground blade is stunning. I even got a "Wow!" out of Beth.
Now I'm even more eager for my Earl than my Galloglass or Vassal!
Please pass my thanks to Harlan and the rest of the guys and be sure to tell Peter: More hollow-ground blades! Thanks again,
-- David R

The Gallowglass
...Okay already!!!!
Yes Mike you were right; the Gallowglass was well worth the wait.
Again: Yes, it did blow me away with it's looks, and after having the chance to cut some tatami mats this weekend, I'm completely enthralled with it's handling characteristics.
This is probably one of the most appealing designs Peter and the shop guys could have put out to the public.
I don't know how to describe the work and it's beauty in a short note, so I'll just let it go at this. It is absolutely a wonder to hold, work, and look at, and I'm thrilled to be the recipient of such a fine piece of work.
Amy & Howy - Thanks for giving us the chance to hold these pieces of history in our hands, and the opportunity to do things with such quality that only a few years ago would have been but a dream for most. Thanks as well for having people like Peter for his designs and the crew for their excellent workmanship, and especially for the great customer service in Mike (after all, he had to put up with a lot of crap from me, HA!). Best wishes and most humble thanks!
-- Greg G.
...A big white box awaited my arrival from work last night, just as you’d predicted when I ordered the Gallowglass several months ago (you had estimated a mid-May delivery, and May 15th is pretty darned close).
I had to laugh and shake my head when I compared it to another ring hilted “Irish” sword I’ve had in my collection for years.
Finally I’m holding a true type XIX and what a marvelous sword it is. The Gallowglass is a stunner, pure and simple! The wondrous merits of this sword go far beyond my ability to describe in words. I love the red grip color. I’ve been avoiding red for quite a while, and I’m glad I took the “risk”. (I had formed a grossly mistaken visualization of your red grip, thinking along the lines of a smooth, bright red leather grip sans the underlying cord wrap– this grip is sooooo much nicer than that). The grip does call attention to the spectacular guard and pommel, not that those incredibly well executed components need any help in that regard.
The guard is a work of art. It’s incredibly precise and intricate but still conveys the look of a skillful old world artisan’s work.
In fact I’m simply amazed at the quality of workmanship that is present everywhere you look on this sword. The Gallowglass displays surprising blade presence considering its narrow profile yet it is very quick and responsive.
I’m glad I didn’t have to wait 16 years for this piece, but if any sword merits such a wait, the Gallowglass is it.
-- John N.
... I just had to write you and tell you how happy I was with the Gallowglass I got last night.
I just added my fourth Albion to my collection, and the Gallowglass easily moved to the top of my list.
Pictures do not do it justice.
The detail in the blade and guard are simple, yet absolutely perfect for this blade.
I also was very surprised by the balance and feel of the blade for both a single and double handed grip. It just feels "right" in my hands.
I have never been dissapointed by a purchase of anything through you guys, no matter how small or large. Know that you have a very satisfied customer, and I am sure my collection of Albion Swords will grow into the double digits in the next few years to come. Thanks!
-- Chris B
...I bruised my shin today. I couldn't clear my dining table with a jump as I scrambled frantically for the door when I heard that UPS had just brought a long white box.
And I blame You.
I embarrassed myself as I almost wet myself in excitement in front of the delivery man, because even though all the testimonials on your site routinely say you deliver up to a month early, I didn't expect my Gallowglass 6 weeks early.
Yup, all on you, buddy.
Later, I cut up a lot of the stuff in my room because I couldn't help it, not with that damned fine sword in my hands.
I blame all of you at Albion.
Some might argue that's it's totally irresponsible and illogical to blame you guys.
Let me address that point with a simple question: 'Why does Albion have to be so damned good?'
-- Chris C

The Vassal (Falchion)
...Just wanted to let you know the Vassal arrived safe and sound.
This thing is a little beast!
She goes very nicely with my other 2 Albions (Regent and Baron).
The fit and finish are spectacular, tell everyone that they did a wonderful job!
I've always been fascinated by falchions, and I've been watching this sword ever since I first discovered Albion.
Of course I had to do some cutting as soon as I took her out of the box...btw, I like your packing method with the styrofoam inserts. The sword looked like you guys put it in the box moments before bringing it to my door! But back to the cutting...
I've only handled longswords. Right now the group I'm in is studying Meyer, but adapting some basic guards and going through some cuts I just knew she wanted to cut something up!
First was some cardboard...all slashed up. Then some water jugs. At first I knocked the jugs off the stand, but after getting a better feel I got some pickle-chipping done. Still not quite used to the whole one-handed thing, but it sure is fun!
Oh, thrusting is also quite a joyride! She doesn't go deep like the Regent, but enough to make one realize why these may have been so popular on the medieval battlefield.
Thanks once again for exceeding my expectations! This may be my only sword for the year, but I have no problem with that!
Oh yeah, cutting with this definitely fun.
Once I've handled it a few more times I hope to get a better feel for it. It's hard to hold it and not want to cut stuff...just like it's hard to hold my Regent and not want to go into some guards and sequences...
Like I said, I've only held a few falchions before, but never had the opportunity to handle them.
The Vassal surpasses the others in my opinion just due to the reason that the blade seems "alive" and wants to move.
If you'd like to post up my comments feel free! I wouldn't mind, though, as my fee as a writer is one sword per sentence! lol...just kidding.
Thanks again Mike and try to make some time to cut with a Vassal...I think you might see what I mean ;)

-- Jeremy G

...The Vassal just walked in the door.
Condition is perfect. As a matter of fact I am slightly speechless.
A flawless execution as usual, but the design, the design!!!! The blade is absolutely stunning and the grip not only perfect, but one of the most comfortable if not THE most comfortable I have ever wrapped my paw around.
And here I was thinking the falchions were clumsy weapons. The specs did of course tell me that it was not heavy, but until you hold it in your hand it is just no way to imagine its liveliness. I can well understand the popularity of the falchion amongst both high and lower ranking warriors. To top it off it is a perfect match for my Landgraf. Christmas came early this year, Mike.
All the best to you, and the other artisans.
-- Reiny
...I finally found the time to write and tell you that my Vassal arrived, once again in record time!
And like so many others have said, every time I get a new sword from you it seems to get better and better.
This one looks cool in the pictures, but it seems even more mean and businesslike in person.
Everyone I've shown it to says it's the most intimidating one in my collection, with my Svante being the most graceful. Thanks for another fine work of art!
-- Eric
...Thank you very much! I ran home over lunch to see my newly arrived Vassal.
It is definitely a work of art. The fullers and bevels that make this blade so unique are very nicely executed, and the general proportions are very pleasing to the eye.
The one "concern" (that's a rather strong word, but I can't think of something more inocuous at the moment) that I had was that the grip might be just a little bulky, but I was definately wrong.
There is a subtle elegance to the grip that provides a firm grip while still permitting agility.
And this sword is definitely agile.
Many people don't think of falchions that way, but this is one fast little beast of a sword. I love it!
I can't believe that I actually considered not owning this lovely creature.
I will definately be raising a glass in your honor tonight. Is there a particular kind of rum that should go in that rum and coke?
-- Greyson B

The Bayeux
... I received the [Bayeux] sword today.
First of all a big thank you for the great service, the super-fast delivery and everything. then, the best part: the Bayeux...
It's my first albion sword, as you know, and I was totally aware of what I had to expect from you. It's enough to surf a bot on the web to know that you're the best in medieval recreations, so I, as a medieval archaeologist, couldn't go anywhere else but Albion to get my first real sword. And must underline the word REAL because, though I have been forced to buy a blunt sword because of Italian laws, the feeling when i first grabbed the Bayeaux was a true sense of authenticity.
It's a masterpiece, no doubt, its design is simple, almost "bare" if you pass me the term, just as it's supposed to be expected from a XI century sword. No need for any kind of decorative adjustments, just the sword's essence: the short, almost broad blade, the compact and secure grip give the Bayeux a strong impression of functionality, and perfectly match the sense of aesthtics of IX-XII centuries, basically responding to a demand of practicalism and reliability.
Swinging the sword around gives a strong sensation of grabbing a very letal potential, its balance and its lightness give your movements the greatest agility and the response of the sword to your stimulus is the quickest and the most precise you can expect. The perfect appendix to your arm, to tell it in other words, wether you'll find in the middle of a hand to hand fight or on your horse's back ready for charging.
As you can see, Mike, you've literally pushed me back a thousand years today, and that's all thanks to your passion and your beautiful way of putting yourself into the long working hours behind each one of the swords you create, from the research phase, to the design-projecting, to the forging.
You really make me want to leave it all behind and come there and join you! Don't you need an archaologist in your staff'? :-)
Now I just have to find time enough to give this piece of history a worthy display case... I'll keep you informed about this. What else to say?
Thanks a lot again for everything, I can't wait to see your high middle age and migration period new creations, I'd love to give my Bayeux a lombard VII century companion or a VIII/IX century byzantine one! Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers
-- Mirko

The Steward

... I received my new Steward a few hours ago, and that really made this day a great day !
I've only done some dry handling with the sword yet, but I've already came to appreciate its great look and balance.
The sword is very nice, all in beautiful, pure lines. It's also so light and lively there's really no problem at all to wield it with only one hand.
I just love it. I'll show it to my friends at the "Compagnie Médiévale" tomorrow, and I'm sure they'll love it too !
My thanks to all the guys at Albion Swords, and continue the great work.
-- Hugo

[update: I just want to add that my friends did like it too I did some test-cutting with the sword last night; I did had really a lot of fun !]

...I'm not sure where my love of the sword developed, but where it lead was a white box about four feet long and a foot and a half wide with "RUSH DELIVERY" taped on its side. Opening the box and pulling out my Albion Steward, a steeled beauty that holds the light like a fireflies of a summer night, made me feel a bit like Arthur pulling the Sword from the Stone, like I had never held anything as magnificent before and probably would not again. You must forgive the obvious, clichéd allusion, but there are reasons why the great allusions become overused, the sources from where clichés draw their power. I wanted to thank especially the guys at Albion (and especially Mike) for this along with my sincerest apologies that this well deserved note of praise is so late. The workmanship could not be better, the angles and geometry are spot on and the lines crisp and without flaw. Holding the sword put all the great pictures on your site and myarmoury.com I've seen to shame with its precision and detail. As my first (and unfortunately, probably me last for a long period) sword purchase, I was calling Albion quite frequently with questions/ to check on the status of the blade, and Mike was never aggravated but was in fact cheerful to hear from this nut calling with clocklike regularity. He was always patient and had obvious enthusiasm for satisfying the childhood dreams of Albion's clients. Again, this note of thanks could not be more deserving or late. I always wanted to wait for when I could put down my sincerest thoughts and thanks, and the time just got away from me (an unforgivable year). So, now, I want to say thank you to everyone at Albion, the reason why the greats are great. All my best,
- Cory L

The Senlac
... The Senlac...
I was in the 3rd grade back in 1962, the elementary school I attended had a small library that we were able to visit once a week. In my mind I can still see the cover of the book that caught my eye……. it depicted a Norman knight on horseback, clad in maille armor, conical helm, and carrying a kite shield.
I specifically remember the sword, it was of simple cruciform design, the blade tapering to a point…raised as if it were about to deliver a fatal blow…… the picture was painted as if you were seeing through the eyes of some poor unfortunate Saxon who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
The name of the book was William the Conqueror, but I don't remember who the author was (it was 43 years ago) but I can see the cover of that book as if I had just checked it out of the library yesterday….that image of the Norman knight on horseback is permanently etched on my mind..
Quite by accident, I stumbled across MyArmory.com where I came across a review on the "Norman", a sword made by Albion. I could see the quality of the sword in the pictures, and they so impressed me that I eagerly looked into the other swords they offered.
As soon as I discovered the Senlac, the image of the knight on the cover of the book I remembered from so long ago came back to me, I felt like I was 7 years old all over again, the same fascination, the same excitement, was there. I eventually found myself in a dilemma…..
I found myself waffling back and forth between the "Norman" and the "Senlac", but when I gave it some serious thought…. that simple cruciform design…nothing fancy…just efficient, clean and deadly, I knew my choice was going to be the "Senlac", the classic Norman sword I remember seing in the picture on the cover of that book.
When it arrived at my front door, and I removed it from the box, I could almost hear music start to play….sort of like Ralphe when he started realizing he was going to get his coveted Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas…(the one with the compass in the stock). The only word I can think of was WOW…. pictures do not do it justice, …the oxblood grip…the overall outstanding quality…very impressive.
Currently I have it on display in the family room, but every so often I will remove it from the wall mount, just to make sure it is still clean and well oiled, but mostly I just enjoy and admire it.
My thanks go to Mike and the Albion staff for providing such a fine quality sword, one of the neatest presents I ever have given myself.
-- Dave T
...Well, I've had my Senlac for about a week now, and I must say it is impressive!
It is light years ahead of any other sword in my collection. It feels like poetry in the hand.
The feel of the sword is amazing. It's balance is just right, nimble while still leaving enough presence in the blade to inspire confidence. It certainly feels like it would be at home smashing through a shieldwall, or riding down a routing huscarl.
Were I a Norman miles, marching up Senlac hill, this is definitely the sword I would want upon my hip.
It arrived a day earlier than I thought it would, so needless to say I was delighted to see that long box waiting for me on my doorstep. It was definitely worth the wait!
Sharp, gleaming, a real beauty and beast. I don't know what else to say but thanks. And make sure you pass my thanks along to all the team. They did an awesome job! thanks,
-- Rob S

The Thegn
... I received the Thegn a few months ago and I’m ashamed that I was to lazy at the time to drop you guys a note letting you know how much I love that sword.
Over the course of those few months I can only say that its beauty has grown on me rather than diminished with time.
Friends and family that I’ve shown my Albion collection to (presently it consists of 5 fine swords, Thegn, Vinland, Squire Viking, Norman and Poiters) routinely select the Thegn as either their favourite or at the least their second favourite sword in my collection.
It’s light, it’s fast and it’s very sharp (I cut myself once already while polishing it up and didn’t notice until a few minutes later).
The steeply downward curved cross-guard and peaked-hat pommel, are historically accurate in design which I cross-reference the book, Swords of the Viking Age by Ian Peirce, placing the sword in the period of circa 900 CE (think Bernard Cornwells new Saxon/Viking trilogy – The Last Kingdom, The Pale Horseman & The Lords of the North – which by the way are a great read; the last one’s not out yet).
But what really strikes me looking at the Thegn is that despite its historical accuracy I keep thinking Conan or the ancient Westron blades that the hobbits find in the barrow in Fellowship of the Rings.
This sword oozes an aura of fantasy and the mythical dark ages. Keep forging dreams out of steel guys!
-- Erik, Vienna, Austria
... I received my Thegn today, and it is now one of my favorite swords. The historical accuracy is straight out of Peirce's Swords of the Viking Age and Davidson's The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England.
The craftsmanship is impeccable. I cannot say enough - it is pleasure to own. Thanks once again.
-- John Peters
...Wanted everyone to know that my gal loves The Thegn. It is the right length and weight for her, not to mention it is a very "quick" blade.
I admit, I am a bit envious, but I have my eye on another blade...
Thanks for the effort,
-- Eric Rollason
...The Thegn arrived today and once more Albion has outdone itself.
Buddy, this sword is as close to perfection as one could possibly get. Beautiful execution, and a design leaving nothing to be desired.
I am simply over the moon.
They say that the best things come in small packages and this being a smallish sword proves the truth of that statement.
God, what a wicked little cutter.
The grip colour is rich and warm and the hilt itself sits in my hand like it had grown there both in the hammer and handshake grip.
The catalogue is absolutely right when it states that the curved upper and lower guard makes for a very comfortable grip

There are really not enough good things I could say about the Thegn, so let me state my appreciation in a way we both can relate to. Mike, make me a Burgundian with a Magenta grip will you.
Thank you my friend for the privilege of letting me own such a superb piece of weaponry. Cheers,
-- Reiny
... Thank you this fine addition to my collection. Reading the statistics for the Thegn, I had imagined that it would feel light in the hand.
Indeed, it is well balanced and nimble while still hanging in my hand with the terrible presence of formidable weapon. I find the grip particularly comfortable, allowing my hand to slide from hammer to handshake grip effortlessly as I execute a cut. This it is an extremely elegant piece that I will display with pride and spend many hours wielding.
My only regret regarding the Thegn is that I cannot find a Viking will to assist me with a cutting test. Afterall, how else can one properly test an Anglo-saxon sword? My local re-enactors seem less than sanguine about the idea. I guess they just don't make Northmen to the old standard. Or perhaps it's just as well since the steel in your reproduction most certainly far exceeds the quality of the original.
-- Donald D
...My Thegn arrived yesterday and is everything I remembered it being at the Las Vegas Antique Arms Show, and more.
It fits my hand like a custom-stitched glove and its lines and balance are pure works of art.
Though I've long been a closet admirer of swords this is the first I ever purchased. I have a sneaking suspicion it won't be the last.
My brother-in-law Gary and wife Gen were visiting when the sword arrived. Although they looked askance when I opened the box and proudly displayed the Thegn, I noticed that Gary later took up the catalog and spent more than a little time going through it. Kinda like my reaction after meeting you and Harlan in Las Vegas......
My thanks to all at Albion for producing such a beautiful and functional piece.
The Thegn will be a hallmark in my collection for years to come.
-- Alex H.

The Poitiers
...Just to let you know that I received my Poitiers last Wednesday. As you said I really love this sword, even more that I thought from the picture on your website. It is a bit like the Castellan, the pictures are far from giving a good idea of the beauty of the sword.
I really like the simple and sleek shapes that give this sword all its character. I am also very pleased by the finish, even more than on the 2 others (perhaps simpler shapes may help on this matter) there is not a single pitting that could betray the fact that the cross and pommel are cast. The fitting of blade on the cross is perfect... I just love that!
The handling is just great and it is a pleasure to compare how the 3 swords behave differently.
I thank you guys for sending it so quickly, I would never have thought I would hold it in my hand less than 2 weeks after I sent you my order, that's great ! This sword must have been waiting for me somewhere in your workshop.
It could have been even faster if UPS didn't hold it for inspection a couple of days.
It arrived in France on the 12th, but they thought that an authorization was needed to import it. I think they tried to foul me somehow because they don't like to carry this kind of stuff. Anyway, I checked with the custom office, no authorization is needed to import a sword in France, whatever its length, sharp or not : (une épée n'est pas nommément mentionnée dans la Catégorie 6 du décret 95 589 du 6 mai 1995). You may want to share this information with your French customers as I really think they wanted to annoy me as much as possible.
-- Mathieu

The Reeve
... Just a note of appreciation.
I am delighted with the Reeve,it is a marvelous piece of work- light, very handy, yet rock-solid.
Fit and finish is superb and the sword as a whole posesses an austere beauty.
On top of all that, it got here really fast.
What more could I ask?
-- Scott Moore
... The Reeve arrived safe and sound 2/24/06 as the tracking stated.
This was my first "white box rush".;)
Please do consider this a testimonial and please do edit it to your best advantage as these words are from the heart.;)
First off, for you sir. I feel when a man speaks true words, he deserves acknowledgement. In our last phone conversation, you said "wait until I hold this one". How profound!
At first I almost found it too light which is rare for me as I like the shorter light swords. After 2 days though it has revealed it's self to me. A character unto it's self.
I own a Clontarf and a Gotland and used own a Squire Line Viking which I sold. A really fine sword of itself which I still question if I did the right thing.:o
As one may learn about jeans, beer and vehicles, the Reeve has it's own fit, flavor and handling. All of which I am totally happy with.
I can honestly say I have gained another "only one sword" to my collection. With the Reeve, I now have 6 on my wall, but they are all the "one swords". Swords I would stand with and not look back. I feel so fortunate to reach such a collecting criteria. While I am at it, I cannot not say enough about the "Campaign worn" light brown I chose for the grip color. I do leather work and would love to know how you guys get that look. It gives the sword a "been there, done that" look. ;)
In closing, I would like to say I rarely buy a brand new sword. Too much of a deal seeker I guess. However, this has been a greatly pleasurable and well executed experience. Your service, communications and product set a standard that many should aspire to.
-- Patrick Fitzmartin
...The Reeve
I've had the Reeve for a few months and I've become pretty familiar with it in that time. The sword features very clean lines and an austere look that's very fitting for the period. I'm always impressed with your execution on the blades fullers, few do this as well as you do and none better. The brazil nut pommel is also one of my favorite features on this sword. This has long been one of my favorite pommel designs and it's great to see it executed this well in its shape and proportion. This last weekend I had the opportunity to finally put the Reeve through some cutting excercises. Rolled japanese tatami mats were used as the cutting medium and I don't think I missed a single cut with the Reeve, throughout the course of the afternoon. The sword is quite easy to handle and cuts were performed almost effortlessly. The brazil-nut pommel rides well up into the palm during use, yet its shape makes the grip quite comfortable yet very secure. The sword is quite nimble yet delivers very effective cutting performance. The Reeve handles like a large butcher knife. This sword would have given fine service in the hands of a Saxon Houscarl at Hastings, or with a Norman Miles as he charged the papal army at Civitate. This is the sword that fans of the 10th and 11th centuries have been waiting for. Not fancy, but well executed and quite effective.

-- Patrick K

The Sword of Saint Maurice (Turin)
... Mike - You sneaky devil! You said 4 weeks for my Maurice and here it is in only 1!
All I can say about it is WOW! It's huge!
I knew it was big, but the short grip makes it feel even bigger. I sorta feel like a giant wuss because my arm got a bit sore from swinging it around!
It is my first museum line piece and I have to say that it is perfect!
Thanks to all of you guys at Albion for a job well done! And thanks to you in particular Mike for your little deception, I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the big white box today since I had no idea it would be here so soon! Thanks again.
-- Tim
... The Sword of St. Maurice
A friend recently acquired this sword and we finally had the chance to put it through its paces this last weekend. I find swords of this type fascinating, as they force us to continually redefine what we consider to be the 'typical' medieval sword. In reality, they show us that there really is no such thing. To call the Sword of St. Maurice massive would be an understatement. The sword is simply huge. The individual who used the original must have been quite a man. This is not a subtle sword by any means and cutting with it next to a sword like the Reeve proved to be a great study in contrast. In spite of the swords size and great blade presence it still possesses excellent dynamic handling. The short grip and pommel design allow the hand to be firmly secured within the hilt during use, not an insignificant detail on a sword of this size. The original was obviously a horsemans sword and the St. Maurice would be devastating if used from horseback. Cutting excercises were performed using rolled japanese tatami mats and when used in the proper manner the sword cut as if the targets weren't even there. If the man using it is up to the task I don't think anything could stop this sword. The St. Maurice exhibits the same attention to detail I've seen on all Albion swords. The pommel is an finely executed example of a variation on the brazil-nut shape that, when combined with the guard, gives the sword a very attractive line. The treatment on the grip is especially nice, giving the sword an already 'aged' appearance. The blades engraving is the swords crowning aesthetic touch and is flawlessly executed. This last detail gives a very austere sword a nice touch of style. The original sword is of historic signifigance and your version is of equal importance to the modern sword making industry. It's great to see swords like the St. Maurice, swords that expand our understanding of the originals, brought to the market. Simply outstanding.
-- Patrick K.

The Hospitaller
...The Hospitaller arrived today, in great shape.
My first impression when I took it out of the box was WOW.

I bought this sword to fill a hole in my collection, and I'm not sure what I expected, but after reading about the Hospitaller on the web, I did not expect a sword that felt so right in my hand .
I love the balance of the sword.
Yes it's a cutter, but it moves where I want it to with ease.
I am very pleased with the Hospitaller, more than I expected to be.
My thanks to you and every one at Albion for another great sword.
-- Jim
... Two days ago, a long white cardboard box appeared on my doorstep.
I haven't written sooner because I was too busy playing with my brand new Hospitaller to be bothered, partially dealing with getting the handshake grip down.
This sword is a monster.
It is definitely not a weapon for the weak hearted. It's long, but it doesn't feel weighty, just 'there'.
It moves like a helm-cleaving tidal wave, but has the elegance of movement and balance that doesn't make it feel like a chopping weapon.
I cannot extol enough the virtues of this beautiful cutter, and I want to thank you all for making my month/year/ decade/century.
I especially want to thank Mike for being such a good and flexible salesman.
P.S. I think you lot should be regulated. Now I'm addicted to your swords.
-- Alex Hinman
...The Hospitaller arrived yesterday.
Wow! I really shouldn't be surprised anymore, afterall, this is my third Albion.
Talk about blade presence. I have no doubts that this is a fearsome cutter. I can't wait to get outside and do some (cutting that is).
This sword begs you to "reach out and touch something".
The oxblood grip is beautiful (yet again!). Fit and finish is superb. This is a fantastic addition to my collection.
Thank you to the guys in the shop. Without a doubt, this will not be my last Albion purchase.
Talk about service; one week from placing my order and it's in my hand. Be careful Mike, you'll spoil me :)
Thanks so much to all involved.
-- Troy Zwicker

The Talhoffer
...UPS delivered the Talhoffer today and ..... I am absolutely speechless! This is one of the finest medieval sword designs I've ever seen. The Talhoffer was definitely worth the wait; truly a beautiful sword that proves false all the stereotypes of medieval swords being huge and cumbersome objects with no artistic appeal. However, once in the hands, the Talhoffer sheds its artistic persona and becomes ready for a duel of honor! Its Type XVa blade is just how Oakeshott describes it. I can tell a lot of work went in to creating this sword, and no one could have done it like Albion! The NextGeneration Talhoffer is worthy of display at the British Museum! This sword will be a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. To other swordmakers, Albion should not be viewed as a competitor, but rather as a standard.
-- Ted Hitchens
..Despite the evil people at the Swedish Post Office I know have the Talhoffer in my possesion. And... Oh my...
I took the sword out for my first proper test run of it today and I am truly amazed.
I mean, I knew that swords were agile, vicious and truly deadly, but so far I haven't really handled a sword that so fully personifies the elements of the longsword fencing traditions of the 15th and 16th Centruies. In that department the Talhoffer truly deliveres.
Just by handling it dozens of new insights concerning the fencing I train immediately came to mind. And with it a new-found respect of the Masters of old.
It truly feels like an extension of my body when wielded. AND its got the looks to boot too. A beautiful, but very very deadly sword.
I am greatful beyond belief for this sword. And your services Mike have, as always, been top notch.
... Received my Talhoffer. I really love the feel of this sword.
With such sweet balance and point control I rank the Talhoffer as the perfect dueling weapon.
I put her through some quick drills and the response is everything I could expect, fast and agile. The fit and finish is superb and I really love the red grip.
This ones a definate keeper but then again, aren't they all?. Thanks for another fine work of art my friends.
-- Gary Grzybek
ARMA Northern NJ
...Quite simply, the Talhoffer is the finest piece that I have ever handled. To paraphrase Hamlet...
Oh what a piece of work is the Talhoffer, how noble in bearing, how magnificent in handling, In form and moving how express and admirable, in action how like and angel, in fit and finish, how like a god!
Truly a great piece of work indeed.
As soon as I got mine out of the box I went out and put it through some drills, and I was shocked at its maneuverability. Compared to the blunts that I have been using, it is a godsend.
Thank you very much, very much indeed.
-- Matthew M
... Dear Mike & the Team:
Massive thanks from Down Under!
The Talhoffer arrived at my desk in a large white box, and with it came a level of excitement that I don't often get when the delivery guy arrives - heck, the whole office was excited; everyone wanted to get the feel of a real sword! And so I welcome my first sharp. It is a beauty - aesthetically, I love the diamond cross-section of the blade, and the black wasted grip has a very powerful look to it. This is a very intimidating sword, every bit as inspiring as I expected. In the hand, I find that it has an aggressive feel, it loves to move forward, and its' point is very threatening! From assistance with my order, to the payment plan you helped to set up, and finally the production, detail and delivery of this latest Albion sword that I now proudly call my own, I am blown away by your service. No where else does it like you.
I look forward to growing my family of Albion swords again real soon. Regards,

-- Brock S

The Agincourt
...When I came home today there was a note telling me I had a package waiting for me at the local post office. My first reaction was "I'm not expecting anything today?? Oh wait I am !!" Luckily the local branch is only two blocks away so I was soon in possession of my first "Big White Box". It had arrived yesterday but I wasn't at home when the delivery truck visited. That's 6(!) days New Glarus, USA - Gothenburg, Sweden. Much faster than I expected, the fact that the Albion stealth coating allowed it to go past customs without any dues or additional taxes was a pleasant surprise as well.
It only took 16 days from when the prototype was released to when I got my sword -- incredible, the staff must have been working overtime to get the Agincourts and the other new releases finished and on their way.
Inside the box was the real treasure, my Agincourt, what a sword! Nothing had fully prepared me for handling my first own Albion NG sword.
Slim and sleek with an agressive presence thanks to that awl point. The slim blade fools the eye and makes you underestimate the size of the Agincourt, this is a big sword but it doesn't feel like I'm handling a four foot sword. Gripping the blade in a half-sword guard feels very natural, indeed the sword handles like agile four foot steel spear, the point goes just where i want it with very little effort. The guard and the oxblood grip came out great, the lightly curved guard with it's subtle ridge give the grip a noble air and it's easy to see this sword worn with a full knightly harness. I love the rich, slightly reddish, brown colour of the grip which is very comfortable. The sword fits my hand like it was made for it, this is probably the first time I've actual preferred gripping a sword barehanded to using gloves. I'm not sure I can go back to using swords with non-cord wrapped grips after this...
Well done indeed, I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship, the best I've ever seen in a production sword.
Doing business with Albion and you Mike have been a real pleasure, friendly and helpful replies arrived promptly to my every question and you even put up with me switching the sword I'd ordered. You have one very satisfied customer over here in rainy Sweden and I look forward to the next time I'll place an order with you. Now I'm just hoping that my Poitiers will arrive as swiftly and and effortlessly (effortlessly on my part that is ;-) ) Hope you have a great day over there, you just made mine a lot better! Best regards
-- Daniel Staberg, Sweden
...I've been meaning to email you and let you know that I'm extremely pleased with my new Agincourt sword. Like the Baron that I ordered last year, this is another fine and exceptionally well-crafted sword!
The balance is unbelievable and it executes cuts and transitions through guards with lightning rapidity! Although it would seem to be primarily a thrusting weapon, I am anxious to try some test cutting with it as its combination of speed and sharply honed edge leads me to think that it should have some excellent cutting capability as well.
Keep up the good work!
-- Bob Savage
... I spent the weekend getting acquainted with my new Agincourt, and I love it! The balance is nigh-on perfect; it slides neatly into any line I want it to in a way that puts my other longswords to shame. I’ve noticed the difference in drills already; my guard transitions and cuts are suddenly a lot quicker and smoother! As another plus, in the moments when I’ve not been using it, the Agincourt looks very well on the weapons rack too. Next time the sword budget is refreshed, I’ll definitely be coming back to Albion!
-- Oli
... I just got my Agincourt. Just in time for Christmas, a week before it's estimated shipping time!
Truly a special Christmas for me.
I have 8 swords from various other companies and now I see why they are all "wall hangers" imitating swords like Albion's.
Christmas night, when I was presented with the sword that I didn't know had come a few days earlier, I went into the back yard to see how it handled. My friend couldn't leave until 3 am we were so impressed.
This is a REAL sword.
Thanks guys and thanks Mike for being so helpful!
A new loyal customer,
-- William Savage
...Hey there Mike.
I see you updated the web site. The price increase is not as bad as I had been led to beleive. It'll take me a little longer to save up for the munich, But you all deserve it. You know saving for the wedding, saving for a house, Paying taxes quarterly(self employed) and then add on all the other bills like rent and such and there isn't too much left to play with. With all that being said I would rather wait and buy something of quality then a lesser item just because it's cheaper.
Albion has NEVER lacked in the quality department.
The Agincourt is graceful and majistic. The lines are beautiful and there is not a casting flaw to be found, And it handles even better than it looks!
She cuts with an unexpected authority beliying her slender blade aginst the soft targets I've used so far.
Right now she's nesteled between the brescia and the viceroy and I'll tell you, the casual eye would never know that there was a big gap in price between the three.
First rate work as always. She looks way better in person than I thought from the pictures on the site. This is a sword you need to hold to really appreciate.
Take care mike and I hope you have a great weekend. Here's to the continued sucsess and growth of Albion!
-- Michael
... Man oh man. Just got the Agincourt yesterday. It actually arrived the day before, but my friend didn't tell me it was there. Perfect timing anyways since I was gonna do some cutting. Got some mats soaked up and ready to go. Got a chance to try out the Agincourt.... and like all my other Albions, it destroys tatami mats with clean cuts and smooth slices. Didn't expect it to cut this well since the blade is mostly a thruster. It handles extremely well. The red grip is a little brighter than I thought it would be but it is still beautiful nonetheless.
It's funny, even though I get to handle the different Albion models at shows and such, it still "WOWs!" me when I finally get my very own. Thanks again Mike. You guys fool people with that 2-3 or 3-4 weeks shipping time, when you can actually get it in a week.
- Vay

The Allectus Mainz Gladius
...I'm sorry I did not write to you sooner but I haven't been able to put my Allectus down long enough do so until now. I have been marveling at how it becomes an extension of your arm immediately upon picking it up. And within a few moments it is telling you exactly how it is to be used. I've been a student of western and eastern martial arts for 15 years now and I have handled a lot of swords and to put it mildly, well done, very well done.
--Patrick Carmichael
...My Mainz Gladius is finally in my hands -- it got into the country quite a while ago, but even when it had cleared customs and reached my home in Bath, I couldn't see it because I was stuck at university.
I finally saw it yesterday: a truly beautiful thing.
Larger than I had expected it to be: imagination had given me no sense of the solid thing, and it's amazing how your perspective of this weapon changes when you actually hold it.
The physical weight and vicious sharpness of the sword really make you wake up and see the serious business for which it was designed.
It looks wonderful -- not a scratch or gap could I find in the construction. The whole thing is as solid as a rock, but really rather agile at the same time.
You and the team have done me proud, Mike -- thanks to you for your help, and thanks to everybody else for the good work!
-- R.
...Just wanted to let you know I received the Mainz and I love it!
The feel, the look of it is awesome!
I have also had time to get acquainted with The Discerner. A truly marvelous piece. It is everything I had hoped for and more. My friends that have seen it were much impressed by the craftsmanship that went into it as well as fit and finish.
Once again thanks to you and the Albion team for producing such fine blades. -- Steve A
...Got the Allectus late yesterday, way sooner than I thought I would.
I can't tell you how happy I am with it. It is a thing of beauty.
I am completely impressed by Albion as a whole; right from the beginning I've felt like a member of the family.
I tell you man, in an age of poor customer service and relations between customers and companies, you folks surpass all expectations.
If only every company produced exceptional workmanship AND did it with such professionalism.
I'm so impressed that I'm most certainly going to purchase from you folks again...and SOON!
Warmest Regards from Ohio.
-- Halen
...I do hope all is well with you and yours and the folks at Albion. I realize that this is a much delayed message, but I have been rather busy with work.
I just wanted to let you know that the Allectus arrived safe and sound on New Years Eve and I love it.
I have shown it to all and sundry and it is admired as much for the graceful lines of the blade profile as for it's quickness in the hand.
One could speculate on what the Legions would have accomplished on the battlefield had they only been armed with such gladii. How much more territory would they have trod underfoot, or how many battles would have turned in their favour?
As always, it was a joy to do business with you and Albion. With sincerity and best regards,
-- Troy Z

The Aquilifer Fulham Gladius
...I had a hectic weekend, but I did indeed set aside some time to play with the Aquilifer. It goes without saying that I am very, very impressed! To be honest, I'm very happy with the design changes that were made to the hilt furniture. This sword has an astounding amount of beauty that comes from it's discreet subtlety. The waisting of the blade is apparent but not distracting, the hilt furniture is evolved but humble, and the "aged" look of the grip makes me feel like I robbed a museum! Top that off with how lively the blade is in the hand (I'm impressed how effortless it is to manuever the sword), and I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot on this one. :)
-- Jeremy Steimel
... It's here!
Just after the holidays I received my Aquilifer Fulham Gladius, and what an absolute beauty it is.
I have wanted a gladius for a long time now, ever since I was in Rome over the summer a couple of years ago. I remember being quite disappointed when I went there to have only found one shop dealing in ancient Roman replicas, and the swords they were selling were cheap tourist knock-offs. Unfortunately for them I know a good and a bad sword when I see one, so I felt compelled to hang on to my money and wait for a decent one. Well, two years has proved an agonising wait, but it's all over now. But the wait for this Gladius was worth every second.
The first thing that struck me when I first handled her was how light and quick she is. I would have expected a sword with a wooden pommel to be somewhat nose-heavy, but not so. This sword is as well balanced as any metal-pommelled long sword I have ever handled.
The quality of the blade is outstanding as always, but what really stands out for me is the exquisite workmanship that has gone into the hilt construction.
The photography on your website, excellent as it is, really does not do true justice to how wonderful the woodwork is. You have to have the sword in your hand to truly know. The grip seems made to fit my hand, which is surprising as I've got quite small hands for a guy.
Looking back I can't believe I was even entertaining the notion of purchasing from a cheaper European manufacturer. (Not many people make gladii anyway.).
So what made me choose the Aquilifer as opposed to the other models? Because it's based on a blade found in the Thames at Fulham, just outside of London. A sword rooted in the history of my country. I like to think that it found its way there during the Iceni uprising in AD 60, when Boudica, an outraged Celtic queen, rose up against the Roman occupiers in revenge for atrocities committed against herself and her daughters. During the revolt, London (such as it was then) was razed to the ground by vengeful Celtic warriors, and the original Gladius might possibly have found its way into the river, (Either thrown by someone seeking escape, or more likely, placed there by the a victorious Celt as an offering to the gods.). Being partially of Celtic descent myself, anything pertaining possibly to the Boudican uprising is quite close to my heart, and her actions make her in my view the first ever British heroine (and in my humble opinion the very greatest- Princess Di eat your heart out!), the selfnessness of her actions coupled with the tragedy of her eventual defeat have lost none of their poignancy over the millenia. Despite the fact I've got a Roman sword, I can hardly be described as a Romanophile- I think they were really just as barbaric in their own way as the so-called tribes they sought to subjugate.
The simple functionality of the sword is a reflection of the cruel efficiency of the Legionary who would have carried it.
I congratulate all who were involved in the sword's manufacture, and have absolutely no reservations about telling anyone who asks that if its a Roman sword you are after, Albion is the place to shop! Now all I need it a Celtic sword to go with the Gladius... Any in the pipeline? If there are I would suggest naming it 'The Boudica' after my childhood heroine.
Look forward to doing more business with you in the future
-- Paul, England
...The Aquilifer has arrived safely.
This is really something: ordered on a Thursday, delivered the next Wednesday with just the Labor Day Weekend, two continents and an ocean in between.
And I never told you Wednesday was my birthday. So you turned an already good day into a great day. UN-believable !!!!
The sword is a beauty and a joy to have in hand.
Thank you, Mike, for making things easy and thank you to all the guys at Albion for doing what you do. I am a happy man.
-- Stefan G.

The Pedite Pompeii Gladius
...Wow. As a Roman reenactor I've held many Pompeii-style gladius swords, but after receiving the Pedite in the mail I can finally say that I've held a "real" gladius!! My first though was "so THIS is what a gladius really felt like!" The craftsmanship, balance, and quality of the sword is far superior and in a much higher category than other recreated blades. WELL WORTH THE WAIT! Now if you could just perfect a time traveling machine I'd fit right in with the legions (but my latin would be a bit rusty!)
-- Peter Van Rossum

The Svante Nilsson Sture Sword
...Mike Mike Mike!!!!!
I got the Svante man!!!!
This baby is one awesome sword. I couldn't believe the thickness, whoa!
It doesn't feel like 4lbs pounds Mike, I think the specs on your website are wrong, feels like 2.
You guys must be tired of everyone saying they have a new favorite everytime they get a sword from you guys. Heehee, but yeah.... it's my new favorite!!! Knocking down the Baron to second place. Incredible. I can't wait for the scabbard to come in.
Such a beautiful sword... aw man, handles like no other.
You guys did it again, don't know how you do it.... my time machine theory might still be a valid accusation. But I likes it, keep up the awesome job of providing murderous and beautiful swords to the public. Thanks:)
-- Vay
I got the Svante. This is truly a weapon of a warrior.
I was going to cut some milk jugs. I then realized that I would insult the Sword Gods by using such inferior adversaries. I then ordered tatami to feed this beast and to honor the Sword Gods. The point tracks perfectly. Chops and cuts flow almost effortlessly for such a heavy sword. Changes in direction were easy because of the long grip.
Amazingly the Svante is quite maneuverable one-handed, despite its weight. I wouldn't use it one-handed in a real fight, because of inertia. Speaking of inertia - I think the Svante is so massive, it may be unblockable. Shields would have trouble stopping this beast from a full power strike.
The Svante is a great sword and worth every penny. Anyone who gets one will tempted to try this elegant beast out on the nearest target. I tell you now - RESIST - and get worthy targets and honor the Sword Gods.
-- PJ
... Okay, finally some free time to post feedback on my newly acquired Svante Sword.
The Svante arrived just before Christmas and to my big surprise, earlier than anticipated, (Mike you Devil). To say I'm still excited about this sword would be an understatement.
It is simply the finest recreation I have ever owned. The Smith who forged the original must have been a genius and a true master at his craft. I have handled many swords within this weight range but none that will ever come close to the feel and liveliness of the Svante.
This is a sword that clearly exibits both power and finesse. A sword that would be most versatile on any battlefield. The fit and finish are both exquisitely done and the attention to detail even better than on my other Albions'.
The cost of the Svante concerned me at first but now I can see that it was well worth the investment. It's obvious that the work needed to create this sword is very involved and time consuming, not to mention Peter Johnsson's research.
Thanks to all of you for bringing such a fine weapon literally back from the grave. I absolutely love this sword!
--Gary Grzybek ARMA Northern NJ
...Man, I am in love with the Svante.
It's amazing.
It is the ultimate sword. There is no denying it's power. It demands respect. Patrick Kelly commented on the forum that you feel like you can slay a dragon with the thing. I have to agree. It feels like a sword one could put to heavy use for a life time, and still pass it on.
I could go on, but I probably shouldn't. I just want to let you know I am thrilled with the Svante.
A big thank you to everyone at Albion for putting all this together.
And thank you Mike for being so helpful and concerned. I didn't mean to seem like I was bitching about the UPS fiasco. The absurdity of it all was pretty funny. Thank you again.
-- Travis
...[The Svante] -- this sword leaves even me almost speechless.
This sword is a Lord among swords, Mike.
It begs to fly. It begs to dance. You move it fast, it wants to go faster. It sings and whistles in the air like no sword I’ve ever swung. It thrusts and turns, twists and twirls, spinning and flashing in the sun. Any form of motion a sword would normally do, this sword does better, faster, easier, more powerfully and with a type of confidence that only a King could possibly dream of let alone demonstrate.
If you hold it high it shouts.
If you hold it low it whispers.
If you strike in mid-plane it dismembers, drinking the blood of your invisible enemy and asking for another foe to slay. Circling, arcing, the power of a linear thrust, rising, falling, flying and soaring high with the force of a falcon, King Svante is simply the Lord of the Air, and the Lord of Lords among weapons.
My back is aching. My shoulders are promising to kill me later. This sword moves and the body follows. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life.
I will remember this first working session with King Svante, Mike, for the rest of my life…
-- Pasquale
... One of the swords that I ordered, and received was Svante.
I don't know if the stars were in alignment or it was a full moon, but for what ever reason I had a chance to go to Norway, and Sweden. With some research, and some very helpful in-laws, I had a chance to go to Vasteras Cathedral to see the Svante sword.
What I did not know, was Svante is kept in the museum portion of the Cathedral, and to gain entrance it is by appointment only. But when church officials found out how far I had come they insisted that they could come up with a solution. It took some time, but I was able to see the tomb of Svante Nilsson, but to see the sword that was proving a problem. With phone calls to the church officials, and to the curator who was on his day off, keys were produced, the museum opened for just me, and to top it off, a grad student was sent to be my guide.
We went up an ancient flight of stairs, and in a place of honor, housed in a glass case was the Svante sword. Even though it shows 500 years of wear and tear, it is clearly a sword of war, having seen many campaigns.
What is so remarkable, is that my Albion Svante is an exact clone of the very sword in the glass case. My sword is what Svante's would have looked like when he received it for the first time, so many centuries ago.
I had stepped back into history with this sword. I would like to thank Albion, and Peter Johnsson for their their craftsmanship, collaboration, and accuracy.
It is not everyday that a customer can travel half way around the world to compare a historical sword to its modern counterpart.
So when Albion says they can deliver a museum quality piece, they will.
Thanks for the work you do, I am ready to order the Munich sword when it becomes available.
-- Jeff S
... I don't know how you guys do it, but my Svante arrived a mere four days after it left your shop.
That's simply outstanding, considering I live in Germany.
Every order I've placed with you has come in record time, Mike. The gods of shipping must be smiling on New Glarus!
As always, I was struck by the quality of workmanship the masters at Albion put into the sword.
The Svante is truly the weapon of a nobleman and you guys brought it back to life.
Please thank everyone who put so much effort and talent into this.
-- Eric
...To Mike, and all the fine craftsmen at Albion,
I recieved the Svante last week on Thursday and am just now getting round to writing you all about it.
Why so long?
Well, truth is, I've been in a sort of rapturous, exstatic altered mental state of practice and exercise with this weapon.
This is truely THE finest bladed weapon I've ever held or exercised with. Going through the guards and strikes of Liechtenaur with this sword is literally like painting with a fine sable brush.
Handling it is effortless, quick and precise, even though it weighs 4 lbs. The power generated through the long handle is amazing, it whistles through the air with little effort. Now to find a suitable carcass;) In one hand it feels only slightly heavier than my Caithness.
The fit and finish of the blade, hilt, pommel and leather is perfect, absolutely beautiful.
I thank all of you at Albion and especially Peter Johnsson for reproducing in such exacting detail this fine weapon. I can't sing the praises enough about this beautiful sword and the fine craftsmen at Albion. You guys are awesome! Thank you all VERY much for doing what you do,
-- Toney Lauffer
(Giddy new owner of a Svante:)

The Crecy
...I have just received my Crecy. In one word, BEAUTIFUL...I don't know where you all learned how to make such wonderful pieces of history, but with all this time that I have spent doing this "hobby", I have never found any sword better. The balance is execlent for my size (short) with a 26" arm reach. It has a fine point very capable of finding "chinks" in the armor, as they say.
"History in Your Hands" is an understatement, "The Second Coming of Bladed Weapons" is more accurate. Again, the artists in the shops have outdone themselves once again. If I could give all of you a reward for everyone, I would be honered to present it to you. I would like to make special mention to you, Mike, you have been there for all your customers and have shown interest in the well being of my family and all Albion customers. Please accept my deepest thank you and my respect for the kindness that you show. One of these days, I am going to set down and make something for you all. Again, thank you from the bottom of my family's heart.
-- Kevin, Christie, Anthony, Paige and the new one Tyler
...today the Crecy arrived and I'm fascinated. I already own seven swords from differend swordmakers, but now, with the Crecy, I have got the first time the feeling, that I hold a real sword from the middel ages in my hands! The aesthetics of its lines and proportions is indescribable. The workmanship is really flawless. I practice historical fencing with the long sword according to the german fencing books from the middelage (Liechtenauer, Peter von Danzig, Ringeck). When I make the fencing movements with the Crecy, the controll of the sword is perfect and the destructive power is frightening... I will recommend your swords all my friends in my reenactment group in Cologne (Germany) without any reservation! I hope, I will meet again Peter Johnsson next year in Solingen and then I will tell him my enthusiasm. Thanks very much and best wishes -- Guido Klossek
...Hello again! Today is a wonderful day. I got the Crecy a few hours ago. I was very nervous when I opened the box. I opened it, and I was speechless. Everything about the sword is perfect for me. The oxblood grip came out PERFECTLY. It handles like a dream. Nothing prepares you for getting your 1st Albion. Are you sure this thing weights 3Lbs?? It honestly feels like 2! The finish is very very well done and the edge is razor sharp. I did some cutting on some water-filled milk cartons and other bottles, and the Crecy went through them like they weren't even there! After the first cut the bottle was still filled with water up to the very brim. And the point, it seems like you could impale somebody with the flick of the wrist. I was out practicing drills from "the swordsman's companion" and it flows effortlessly though everything. I am just amazed at it's quality and craftsmanship. It's worth all the money, and then some. I am completely blown away by it. I am sure this will not be my last order from you guys! Thank you very, very much.
-- Michael Franz
...My Crecy came today, and...it's simply indescribabe. It is simply amazing to actually hold it in my hands; and I haven't let go for the last hour. I'm typing with my nose right now :) It feels really light, practically a feather-weight. The edge and point are extremely sharp...I could go on for hours extolling it's virtues, so I shall abbreviate my opinion with this statement: this sword is a steal at the price. Thanks so much to everybody at Albion, may you flourish in the years to come!
-A. de Lisle
…Mike this [Crecy] sword is awesome.
First of all, I would like to say that I enjoyed the marketing of your swords as "re-creations". The first sword I had was a "look alike", and I almost injured my left hand when the sword's handle broke; the handle's core, to my surprise, was made of plastic! Since then you can imagine what I thought when anyone talked to me about a "replica". Then I bought a differentialy tempered japanese style blade, which may cut clean as a laser, but you can feel that it complains when striking something harder than a tatami. This is NOT the case of my Crecy.
It looks wicked with the Oxblood wrap handle, and not only it can deliver some serious pain (and neat cuts), but can also take it! It forgives a bad cut while feeling rock solid in the handle and finely tempered in the blade. At first the blade feels a little springy to a guy like me that is more familiar with japanese blades, but when I got the feeling, the Crecy feels like heaven... God this swords feels so sweet, and when cutting properly to the air, the hissing sound is uniquely beautiful. I'm looking forward to some bamboo that is growing in my backyard. Very soon they will find themselves at their roots again... THANKS A LOT to everyone at Albion (long live!) for giving me the pleasure of owning such a terrific sword, and special thanks to you Mike that answered so clearly and immediatly every single email that I sent you (customer services at other places will certainly cease to appear so efficient from now on...;p ) I hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you soon!! Take care, God Bless, and Greetings from Puerto Rico!
-- Andres Rodz.
..The Crecy finally arrived. WooHooo!
Frankly, I don't know what to say. I'm really rather speechless. I'm awestruck.
It is without a doubt the finest sword I have ever had the pleasure to behold. The ox-blood grip is beautiful, a bit darker than I imagined (not a criticism, just an observation).
The lines of the blade are flawless, the balance is exquisite. The cross and pommel are superbly executed. There simply is not a single flaw or blemish to be seen.
I'm still in the middle of exams, but once finished for Xmas-break, I intend to doing a little cutting and thrusting, just to see what kind of performance I'm likely to get.
Please give my thanks and regards to the people in the shop that made this for me. Holiday wishes to all.
-- Troy Zwicker
...Got my Crecy on Christmas Eve.
I'm just speechless at the quality of it.This is the first sword I bought and the people at myarmoury.com recommended Albion. I wasn't dissapointed in the least.
I had that eight year old at Christmas feeling when I opened the box and even my family who probably couldn't care less about swords was impressed.
I love the simplicity of the design, and the finish is beautiful. The pictures on your website do not do the sword justice.
The balance is amazing; such that one-handed swinging is easy and two-handed control is exceptional. (I've practiced w/ a wooden Japanese bokken before).
I have yet to cut anything with it, but will try to set something up soon.
The quality of your product is astounding and well worth the money. The professionalism of the customer service was also excellent and it was a genuine pleasure in dealing with Albion.
-- John
... I just wanted to let you know that I've received my [Crecy] sword today.
That was lightning fast !
All I can say is :
Why didn't I buy this sword before
It's a pure beauty and a joy to wield ! In addition the finish is exceptionnal on this one, and it's wicked sharp. It's my most beautiful sword so far. Thank again for your high-class service and congratulations to the guys who made this one !
-- David
..I wanted to let you know that the Crecy and Mercenary arrived safe and sound yesterday.
I must tell you that I had reserved a tiny bit of skepticism about all of your customer testimonials being simply too good to be true.
But after seeing and handling these swords in person, I was pleasantly surprised, or more accurately stated I was stunned at the breathtaking quality of the magnificent pieces. Wow! I do have one minor complaint. As soon as I came into possession of the Crecy and the Mercenary, the esteem I had held for my other swords including several Del Tin’s fell several notches. They simply can’t compete in terms of beauty, quality, finish, feel, handling, attention to detail and value.
My hats off to you. I’m looking forward to the Sempach and am narrowing down my choice for the next Albion sword for my collection. I suspect I’ll be calling in another order fairly soon. Thanks again for your great service and fantastic swords.
--John Norcross
...I am just now getting around to writing to you about the Crecy.
All I can really say is wow. She is an absolute beauty and worth every penny.
I love how the color of the grip came out.
My thanks to you and all involved in crafting her.
When it arrived, I showed her to my fellow co-workers and they were all very impressed.
I haven't cut with her yet as it has been either too cold, rainy, or busy on the weekends to get out, although I plan to try her out this weekend if I can.
-- Jonathan Blair

...Sorry I haven't emailed you, I recieved the Crecy last Thursday, the pictures do not do this sword any justice, I really love it, this sword has to be seen in person to really appreciate it, visually and physically it is truly a pleasure.
My girl friend and others were totally in awe when I opened the box.I know now that I shall buy no other than Albion products from here on in.
Ever since I was a little boy, I would always imagine what it would be like in the days of knights and chivalry.
As I got older I turned more to the way the weapons were made and the different weapons of the past, and of course the ways of the battlefield along with the politics, now I have piece of time that will be displayed proudly,and I hope to add more soon.
I have become very interested in the Solingen now, and if things go well I hope to have one before the summer starts.
I just wanted to say many thanks to you and the Albion team for the Crecy,
PS - Albion is Definitely history in the making.

-- Paul S

...I received the Crecy on Friday, just three days after ordering it on Monday, wonderful.
Every time I hold it in my hands I feel the ages of long past.
It was everything I thought it would be and more.
The sword is perfectly balanced and a joy to have. The more I handle it the lighter it becomes and the more comfortable I am wielding it.
You have a customer for life and I await my next purchase, though far down the road it might be.
T hanks again and to all the artisans at Albion - keep up the good work,
-- B.C.
...The Crecy and scabbard arrived about a week ago - much quicker than expected! - and they have fulfilled my dreams completely. I have been burning for a 'real' sword since the age of 6...and the Crecy type XVIa is exactly what I was looking for, a perfect cut and thrust combo bastard sword. Over the years I have looked at the cold steel hand and a half, as well as a number of other companies and models, but it wasn't until I really looked and found the Albion site that I realized there actually was a company that produced historical, durable, beautiful swords at non-custom prices. I wasn't ready to settle for something with a rat tail tang or other poor construction, so you can imagine that I've been drooling over a number of Albion models for the past few years. When the money became available, and I had vowed in the winter of '07 to have a sword by the next autumn, the Crecy was the first on the list. I am absolutely stunned by the sword, and have spent many hours out in the fields around my house swinging it about, taking in the autumn sights, sounds and smells with it at my side. I express my deepest thanks to all of you at Albion for producing such a wonderful work of deadly beauty (the scabbard is really nice too!). Deepest regards,
-- Abe Z.

The Count
....About a month ago, I placed an order for the Count and the Landgraf as well as a two sword stand.
Well, the Count just arrived yesterday and I was blown away yet again. Aside from being absolutely beautiful, she's feather light and striking with authority in with one hand is no problem whatsoever. All cuts are table top straight and leave such a clean edge, you'd swear they were made with a scalpel. This is a true tribute to the art of swordmaking and I am extremely proud to be the owner of such an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. As is always the case when I order from you guys, I have a new favourite sword! Thank you to everyone at the Albion team for their time, care and attention to detail - I can't wait for the Landgraf to arrive! Thanks so much Mike - you are the man.
-- Joel Baziuk
...I would have typed this sooner but [the Count] arrived shortly before I had to go to work today and didn't spend as much time as I wanted, admiring its beauty.
Well, I'm finally home now, and I must say... It's amazing. I made the right choice on the grip color, thanks to your help. This one definitely stands out from the rest. (In a good way) I was really surprised and excited last saturday when I found a tracking number and shipping notice in my email. That sure was fast. :) I never expected to receive it this soon. Very pleasant surprise that made my week !
I feel like any more praise would be all the usual stuff you guys must hear all the time.
I can say, though, that it's great to deal with customer service that rivals the product's quality, and those working on it. I would definitely want another in the future, but this one should do just fine until then. (It's too bad about those Conan swords by the way. Even though I could never afford one anyway, it's still nice to hold something made with the same level of care.)
Thanks again to you, and all the Albion staff, and have a nice day! :)
- - Keith F

The Berserkr
...I just received The Berserkr, and I can just imagine Odin, looking down from the Great Halls of Valhalla, and smiling at Albion's new Viking sword. The Berserkr is a sword any Viking (old or modern) would love the take into battle. It is fast, well balance, and as far as the fit and finish, well, it is from Albion, the best today in re-creating historical edge weapons. Congrats and a job well done to all the folks at Albion for re-creating another fine Viking sword. I know which sword I will be taking on the next raiding party.
-- Gerald Jones
...Berserker arrived yesterday, and this is the first chance I have had to write. First let me say, it is up to the usual Albion standards of excellence: Beautiful finsish, tight fit. Second let me say it is a brutal, nasty little sword, aching to chop necks and collar bones. It certainly doesn't have the elegance of the Jarl, but looking at it you know EXACTLY what it is: a "work-a-day" weapon waiting to cleave through the nearest problem. I love it! It's a soldiers' sword. Great job once again.
-- Ray D
...Recently I ordered The Berserkr, she finally arrived earlier last week.
This blade is truly a work to behold and even more impressive when held.
The moment it was physically there for me to inspect and test I cast all concerns aside. She's exactly as I imagined! Knowing what I know now, I would of paid twice the price. I'm generally a very picky heathen and quiet hard to impress. Damn good job gentlemen!
Have no doubt I'll be an advocate of your work in the future. And you can quote me on that!
-- Frank P. Coleman, Goði
...My Berserkr just arrived and it is absolutely a masterpiece. The balance feels perfect. The hilt and blade are faithfully described by Petersen's 1919 typology De Norske Vikingesverd and Peirce's Swords of the Viking Age.
This is truly an amazing piece. Thank you.
-- John Peters

The Castellan
...The Castellan is a true hand in a half sword in the sense that it feels equally well when used single handed or two handed.
It is very quick in either method, and moves with a definite grace. Complementing this grace is the beautiful sense of line and proportion. The pommel is one of the prettiest pommel's I've ever seen.
The photos don't do this sword justice, as I was not prepared for just how gorgeous this sword was when I pulled it out of the box. Fantastic work, guys!
-- Bill Grandy
...The Castellan arrived a few moments ago, much to my delighted surprise.
The lines on this weapon are truly eye catching, giving the sword a distinguished and noble look.
The long and complex pommel, with it's many lines and bevels, looks remarkable, while also providing a comfortable and secure place to grip with my second hand.
The sword feels equally nice in one hand as it does in two, which is very cool.
Perhaps it's time that I focus on WMA, as I can feel the Castellan sending some strong urges up my right arm.
This sword was clearly designed for a very real purpose, and I wouldn't want to be the one to let this beauty down.
Oh, and by the way, the blue grip came out exactly as I had hoped. A fine dark and distinguished blue, not gaudy, but enough to give the sword the little bit of flair which it deserves.
Great work by the whole staff on this one.
-- Kenton

The Hersir
...Thanks to everyone at Albion Armorers for designing and crafting a true masterpiece in the Next Generation Hersir.
The Hersir is truly an investment grade weapon and is absolutely the finest quality sword recreation that I have ever purchased.
When I first saw the Hersir, it's sheer perfection and simple beauty were so striking I felt as though it should only be handled with white gloves. However, when picking up the Hersir one is immediately impressed with it's strength and power. The broad satin steel blade is ground to perfection; the grip and hilt components exude strength and firmness.
In addition to the excellent quality and historically accurate design of the Hersir components, I am delighted with the authentic assembly methods, right down to the rivets.
The perfection of this sword, and the outstanding customer service I've received from Mike and the associates of Albion will have me returning again and again for future sword purchases. Thanks Mike - you folks are the best!
-- Wayne Nielsen

The Caithness
...I received my Caithness today And all I can say is WOW!!!
You continue to improve on perfection and the qaulity of your product is perfection itself. Thank you for continuing to make my dreams come true.
-- Christopher Fielding
...The Caithness arrived at work today. As usual the Albion team has produced another fine weapon. Aside from it's unique and attractive character the Caithness handles incredibly well. I've read several positive reviews about this type XII blade and they were all spot on. It floats effortlessly through various cuts and thrusts. The unique pommel is massive but does not get in the way. If anything, it adds to the already sweet handling. I decided to get away from wheel pommels for a while and this was my obvious choice. Something different can be a good thing. My thanks again to the great folks at Albion. You definitely made my day!
-- Gary Grzybek ARMA Northern New Jersey
...Thank you for the fantastic sword [The Caithness].
It arrived on Friday in perfect condition and the plastic case also arrived without a scratch.
As I'm sure you have heard many times the sword is beautifully made and finished. I am well content and can't wait for the next sword to arrive.
You can count on me to be a long term customer.
I am a furniture and cabinetmaker (retired) so I know the feeling of making something beautiful with my hands. You should all feel very proud of yourselves. Well done and thanks.
-- Peter C.

The Laird
... I thought I ought to write you a few lines about the Laird I received recently.
To say it is my favorite sword in my collection would be an understatement. Sometimes,something just feels "right" in you hands.
Shotguns are like that and some people pay thousands of dollars to have one that fits them just right.
The Laird is like an extension of my arm when I wield it and it has just the right amount of authority to cleave something in two with complete confidence.
Thank you for producing such a perfect blend of art and weapon all in the same piece.
-- Lord Slashcat (George McCormick)
...I got my Laird yesterday.
The package arrived unhurt and I was very nervous when opening it! what I first said when I saw my perfectly preserved Laird is: "Wow! Now this is really impressive!"
You can see as many pictures of it on Albion's site and elsewhere, read many testimonies and reviews about it, nothing prepares you for the real thing.
Having the sword in my hand, waving it gently and then more agressively, I felt a bit of what a 14th century knight may have felt too (of course without the fear or the anger that came together...).
The Laird is a wonderful one hand sword, perfectly balanced, light and yet powerful. In addition, it has that unique hilt-components that make it so fantasy-like as well as a historically accurate example of a type XII. It's a true knight sword, and a marvellous one.
So I thank you guys (a special for Mike) for this masterpiece !
-- David Etienne
...Sorry I am writing so late. I just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely pleased with the Laird! It is a wonderfully agile sword and it cuts just so well... Apart from the flawless execution of the blade and fittings the balance and "feel" of the sword is more than I expected. This will not be my last order! Thanks also a lot that you managed the quick delivery! It arrived just on time - perfect service! Thanks again for all your trouble you took to make the fast delivery of this wonderful sword. Thanks also to all the staff at Albion for the good work! Keep it up! best greetings
-- Herbert Schmidt
...I received the Laird last week and was immediately enthralled. I had purchased this weapon to practice techniques from I:33, but when I realized how well balanced it was I put it through the complete Tai Chi sword form. It performed magnificently. Thanks again, you will receive another order from me soon.
-- Prof. James D. Stewart

The Squire
...Today, I received the sword that I’ve had in my head for years – the ultimate Medieval cut and thrust sword – Albion Armorers’ Next Generation Squire.
The sword’s beauty is revealed through its lethal simplicity.
Unlike its sister sword, the Prince, the Squire is a soldiers sword; its broad, tapering blade is equally capable of piercing the armor of the noble knight as it is of slaying the less well armored man-at-arms.
The Squire is well balanced and demonstrates the required tip control for a well-aimed thrust.
But make no mistake, the Squire is no lightweight. The sword posses the size and blade dimension capable of delivering a devastating blow to any opponent.
The amount of craftsmanship and research that has gone into this and other Next Generation swords is truly amazing. I believe you’d have to break into a museum or go back in time to obtain more accurate swords.
Thank you Albion – I’ll be buying from you again as soon as I can!
--Stephen Pearson
...Well I was quite surprised that my Squire arrived from Albion last friday evening. Pleasantly surprised of course ! A reasonably decent end to a week's vacation.
As always, I'm greatly pleased not only with the sword, but with Albion's service, and your own personal attention to my emails and questions, Mike. And thankyou for the enclosed Cataloque, some informative reading that I likely hadn't taken the time to scope online. I had to smile when my own little testamonial about The Duke sprang up before my eyes. Cool !
As for The Squire, I'll tell you, I fenced with myself over which blade I'd finally choose -- your sale made it very easy to decide to buy one of them ! but would it be The Knight ? The Regent ? The Sovereign ? or ... yep, it was The Squire. I might have said this about other blades, but it fits with The Squire as well : There's an understated authority about this blade from the broader chop-worthy base to the " scary " spike-like point; as though, if the sword spoke, it would hiss a very profound " S-u-r-p-r-i-s-e !!! " as it whistled on the attack ! Thanks again for another great experience with Albion !
-- Matthew
...Man I have to tell you, you guys just out do yourselves every time. I must have had at least ten of your swords go through my hands so far and even the ones that I didn't think I would like are so flawlessly done that you just cant help but sit back and admire them. Some I've kept, and some have gone on to better homes, but each one exhibited it's own unique flare and handled as you'd imagine an antique would have in it's day. The Squire you've done for me is no exception. The lines are crisp and the handling, well let's just say I tore though my saved cutting targets in about a half hour. Really a wonderful sword in every way you could ask for. The only reason I could see for calling this one a Squire is that the name Knight was already taken.Thanks again for exceeding my expectations every time. Now I can't wait for the Munich :-)
- Mike

The Huskarl
...Today is a great day, I received my Huskarl... I'm very pleased with it and I definitely agree with other customers about the high quality of your swords and the great craftmanship of Albion team.
Real wiring on the pommel of the Huskarl looks nicer than the fake one of the Vinland and far more accurate.
Enjoy such a nice day as today is for me.
-- Jean

The Jarl
I received the Jarl yesterday.
Let me just say it is without a doubt the FINEST sword I have purchased from Albion, and that includes the forged pieces from Randall!!!
The lines are perfect. The proportion of blade to hilt is perfect. The length of the handle, curve of the guard, symetry of the pommel and hilt, are all perfect. Balance is perfect.
It is the PERFECT Viking sword. Everything about the sword is beautiful.
Now, I may be a bit biased towards Viking age swords, but the fact remains that this is an outstanding piece of sword production. If anyone wants THE VIKING AGE sword, get the Jarl.
Plus for me it is under the magic 1000 dollar mark, so I feel I can "use" the sword for cutting demos, re-enactment, etc. Quirky I know, but an important point for me. I have always admired the River Witham sword, and with this reproduction, I can get as close as possible to owning the real thing.
Thanks again for maintaining the extra high standards of production I have come to expect from Albion, while keeping the price and value affordable. Nobody comes close to doing what you all do...
-- Ray
It's here...!!!
It's here...!!!
It's here...!!!

Everyone take note: This is what a Viking Sword should look and feel like. The Jarl was well worth my wait.
I knew Albion was going to deliver on the quality craftsmanship that they are known for....but this was waaay beyond my expectations.
The work on the pommel is immaculate: it's detail stunning. The blade finish is superb...and shaaarp...!
Holding the Jarl for the first time and swinging it was a thrill of unexplainable, multi-orgasmic proportion. What balance.
This is what I have been wanting for all of these years. I have been completely "WOWED" beyond the point of ecstasy....
Uff da...min bror.......skål
-- Tom Bengston
...I received the Jarl on my birthday, although none of you were aware of this when you shipped the sword. It is just one more pleasant surprise that has marked my association with your team. To begin with, you allowed me to use the image of this sword on my website (it is the sword on the cover of my book Warrior of the Son.)
Then, when I could no longer live with just a picture, you were very accommodating in assisting with my acquisition of this marvelous weapon. Your staff is friendly, genuine and as the marvelous sword you made for me attests, expert craftsmen.
I have loved swords all my life and own several reasonable blades. The Jarl, however surpasses all of them.
The fit of the hilt, the heft of the blade, the elegant lines and magnificent presence combine to make it a sensory experience the likes of which I have never before enjoyed.
Something stirs in the heart of a man when he holds a good sword, and my heart yet stirs. Perhaps the most remarkable thing though, was the fact that you made this sword for me.
Unlike the production pieces that I have purchased "off the rack", there was something special in knowing that you were busy putting this weapon together specifically for me, as though I were some nobleman who had commissioned it.
The more I hold it in my hand, the easier it rests there, but it is a restless "resting". It cries out for battle. It sings of honor and righteous deeds and the spirit of chivalry.
Okay, Okay, I'm getting carried away, but you made a remarkable sword for me and I'm certain that you are as proud of it as I am.
Vis Superavi Ignarum
-- Sam Schiller

The Landgraf
...UPS just came to my door and delivered an unexpected surprise... my Landgraf had arrived!
I didn't expect to receive it so soon because I'd ordered a scabbard, and I'd expected you guys to have to keep the sword around longer. I'm not complaining that I received it sooner rather than later, though!
The sword handles beautifully, and even though it's such a slender blade, it's able to strike with authority. The tip control is fantastic, and it's a joy to finally have such a quality Type XVII on the market.
The guard and pommel are beautiful as well. Nothing too fancy, but nice and clean, and with just enough decoration to really set the sword off.
I was a little surprised at the handle wrap color, though. I expected the oxblood color to be more reddish, and this looks solid brown. This isn't a problem, but I think in the future I'll opt for normal red. Anyway, I love it!
I can't wait for my Sovereign to get here!
Thanks a lot, Mike, and thanks to everyone involved at Albion! You guys are turning out some fantastic work!
-- Bill
...Well, I got home from the late shift one night, and as I opened the door to my patio to have a cigarette there was a long white box outside.
At first I was thinking "What's this? It can't be the Landgraf, that should be going to my unit".
I picked up the box and sure enough, it was from you guys; quite a pleasant surprise, especially after the night I had.
My first impression was "Wow, it's smaller than I thought it would be!" This is not a bad thing at all; it has a nice sense of "compactness" that belies its effectiveness, and what an effective sword it is!
It is very responsive, almost as if it reads your thoughts, for when you move into a guard or execute an attack it moves exactly where you wish it with almost no effort, and no need to adjust.
The black finish on the fittings is beautiful, and blends quite well with the black grip, which I'm glad I didn't get to change! After I ordered the sword I can up with a preliminary name for it: Lomenasse, from Tolkien's Quenya language, meaning Twilight Thorn. When I held the Langraf for the first time, the name just fit, like a glove.
Thank you guys for a wonderful sword!!!! Now I have to decide what to order next; there are so many choices!! Let's see, Beserkr, Jarl, Sempach, Ritter, Prince, Viceroy (This one took a while, but it's really starting to grow on me!), Valkyrja, and the new ones still in design, not to mention Jody's swords (Seaward, Seaward!).
Talk to you soon, hope you guys have a great day!
-- Robert Zamoida
... After many months of saving up and waiting, my Landgraf finally arrived. Oh... my... word... this is an incredible sword!!
It's even more than I had hoped for (which was a lot), and it suits my style and body type perfectly.
Though it's not a small sword, it's very agile and graceful -- a perfect marriage. I've never had a sword that was so well-balanced and easy to swing around.
Thanks to the artisans, and especially to you Mike for putting up with my incessant questioning :-) This sword will be an heirloom to my family. I'm so excited! God bless, and thanks again!
-- Seth
... I just wanted to get back in touch with you and say what a wonderful piece of work the Landgraf is. I've worked in several federal museums and handled various 17th-19th century swords and their reproductions. It was a pleasure to heft a modern sword that did not feel like a sharpened crowbar. Again, wonderful work!
-- Baird
..Earlier this week, I received my Landgraf sword in the mail. Not only was it packed extremely well to protect it in shipment, but the sword was far more than I could imagine from the photos. Not having previously owned a sword of this quality, I was amazed by the workmanship and balance of the sword. For a long sword, it handles incredibly well. It is such a formidable weapon, it immediately demands care in handling. It is a pleasure to own what I consider as close to an historic original as I will ever be able to obtain. Thank your for a job well done. it was worth every dollar it cost.
-- John Beacon
...My Landgraf just arrived yesterday and I must say, this is a sword like no other in my collection. It is amazingly quick, especially for a sword of its length, and the ease with which the point is controlled is almost frightening. It's hard to believe that a two handed sword with such presence can respond so effortlessly to commands from either one hand or both, but two other collector colleagues of mine have both handled it and been genuinely shocked by how fast the sword responds to the slightest gesture. I am happy to say that I am no longer frightened by plate mail. Thanks guys - in my opinion, no sword collection is truly complete without at least a few of Albion's masterpieces. Tremendous work as always.
-- Joel Baziuk
..It is over one week since I have got my Landgraf...
On the beginning I had doubts according quality of the product that I can get for over 600 $. Now I know that my doubts ware unnecessary!!!
I did not practice with too many other swords but this one is definately the best! It works fast and firm in my hands like no other. Many cardboard boxes experienced its blade and many trees fell during my practice with that sword. I really enjoy it!
Many Thanks for whole Your Team!!!
ps: It would be a sin to not mention about its finish... That sword looks and it is done perfect in every detail! One more time: Excelent job!
Very satisfied customer
-- Tomasz Dolinski
...My Landgraf arrived yesterday, and I just wanted to pass along a hearty thank you to everyone on the team there!
What a wonderful sword!
I thought it would be hard to beat the Talhoffer for a new favorite in my collection, and yet here it is.
I'm drawn to light and agile swords. Visually gorgeous, perfect in form, and lively in a way that still presents a confident blade presence.
I'm in love! I cant seem to put it down. :)
-- Ed T
... It's been crazy the last week so I haven't been able to thank you and the rest of the team at Albion for an amazing sword!!!
Taking my Landgraf out of the box reminds me again of just how beautiful your swords look "in-the-steel" - no matter how nice the pictures online!!
The tapering and the polygonal cross section of the Landgraf present this visual image of 'light and wispy' yet when you hold the sword and move it around, you feel the strength and rigidity of the blade. It's a wonderfully inspired contradiction.
I am also quite impressed with the balance and handling. They are amazing and so nice that I am able to handle the sword both single or double handed with ease.
And as an ex-foil fencer, I find the tip control on the Landgraf to be quite nice and 'user friendly'.
I am glad that you all at Albion have taking on this labor of love to provide these historical re-creations for us. I continue to be impressed and amazed at the phenomenal level of craftsmanship and quality found in your swords.
Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!
-- George
...Just picked up the Landgraf this afternoon, and I’m absolutely rapt.
Such a thing of beauty and so full of character as soon as you pick it up.
It’s my first ‘proper’ sword and I couldn’t be happier.
My thanks to yourself and all the team at Albion, it’s been a great experience dealing with you from start to finish.
I look forward to adding to my Albion collection later in the year – I’m thinking of ‘Discerner.’
A very satisfied customer.
-- Mickael C.
(Go Packers!)
...Humdrum day at work.
The UPS truck rumbled up at 12:40. Wasn't really expecting anything today. Almost wet myself when the driver came out of the cargo hold with the big white box! OMG!
Just two ish weeks. Didn't wait till I got home. The plant has a weapons free policy. I'm gonna get my butt kicked when they realize the swords that have passed thru the security office . Opened the gun case and looked at MY first Albion. It ain't Sophia Loren, but it'll do pig....
As swords go it is gorgeous. The blade symmetry is like nothing in the beater class swords I've been playing with. Reading the lines of force in the blade is mesmerizing. It looked a little spotted with the oil on it. When I got it home and put a micro fiber cloth to the blade it purred a satiney perfect flesh. Can feel the weight of the metal, but the balance is wicked good with two hand use. If this Landgraf is this good, what must a special edition be like.... (No pressure folks, LOL) Thank you all for this wonderful work,
-- Dave K

The Sovereign
...I've had the Sovereign for a few weeks now and I wanted to take a minute and give you my impressions of it.
I'm very impressed with this sword.
As I've come to expect from the Next Gen lineup, the Sovereign captures all those little 3-D details that so often get left out of reproductions, creating a very authentic look.
In the handling department, this sword is no slouch. The broad, short blade makes for powerful cuts, and the point is pretty nasty as well. It'd be a great melee weapon, compact and ferocious.
-- Chad A.
...Received the Sovereign a few minutes ago: It got here in perfect condition, no damage in transit.
I'm VERY pleased with it and it is very interesting when I compare the handling to my Gaddhjalt, very different and surprising feel!
The only thing better than owning an Albion sword is owning more than one. I I will send you a more detailled appreciation/review soon as I can find the time it deserves a much longer review than I have the time at this moment. Will probably post a Longer description of my observation on the "myarmoury" Forum this weekend.
Very nice scabbard also, and please pass along my compliments to all the crew.
Sincerely yours.
-- Jean
...[The Sovereign] arrived about an hour ago, haven't been able to put it down. I had to cut something so the large box my humidifier came in was my target. An easy whop on the corner left a double gash about 6 inches deep and a gentle thrust penetrated about 7 inches. This sword is an effortless slash and thrust monster.
OK back to the beginning. The box was delivered in perfect condition, and, the sword is in perfect shape and the first look,well I knew it was awesome from the pics, but, in real life first thought was holy grail. The finish was so subtle, no harshness or glaring, just uniform beauty. I impressed. The matte bronze pommel and aged leather wrap are gorgeous and the blade and guard are luxurious. In a word this Sovereign is EXQUISITE!
Thank you for something beautiful.
P.S. now if I only can pry it out of my hands.
-- Derek Mulligan

The Sempach
...When I got home from work tonight my Sempach was waiting for me.
I took the sword out of the box and had the same feeling as when I got a sword from Raven Armoury.
This is a sword in every sense of the word. I was really excited when I first heard of Peter Johnsson working with you on the Next Generation line and your plans for all the models. I must say that this sword has more than met my expectations.
The fit and finish of the Sempach is just superb. The balance lets it flow from one guard position to the next effortlessly. I have been seriously pursuing the study of the sword going on four years now and have handled quite a few swords and wall hangers in various shops and renn faires.
The Sempach now brings the number of swords I own to 14. It is in a class of it's own.
There are only two problems, I have to figure out how soon I can afford another one and secondly, which model do I get.
Anyone who is seriously interested in owing a "real" sword would be hard put to find such a quality weapon at the price and from folks who are a pleasure with which to do business.
Kudos to all of you at Albion and Mr. Johnsson, this is truly a fine weapon and an example of excellent craftsmanship. A true labor of love.
-- Ernest Perez
...I have yet to tell you how much I love this sword -- it is truly the best example of what a sword should be, in both aesthetics and function. Although I've yet to cut any really hard targets, all that I have cut doesn't stand a chance against the Sempach.
I never would have thought an XVII would be such a great cutter:)
Thanks so much for all your help before and after my purchase. You're one of the reasons I decided to buy from Albion in the first place, Mike.
-- Ryan A. C.
...The customer service [at Albion] is second to none!! I am already showing the Sempach to a few collecting friends.
It moves with every feint and turn of the wrist. Graceful and poised. The tip goes right where you want it!!
This sword reads your mind!! The sword feels like an extension of my arms. I have trained with it both single and two handed, and it excelled in both departments!! It's also a good cutter for a XVII. There are no unwanted vibrations and it tracks beautifully in and out of the cut.
And I don't have to mention how it performed in the mulinello exercise!! This is a wonderful sword, hands down the best sword I have trained with thus far.
Thanks again for making such a wonderful sword and pricing it within the reach of the average person. Keep up the good work.
-- Mike
...The Sempach is absolutely gorgeous. If that sword were a woman, I don't think I could get up the nerve to ask her out....
-- Scott
...I received the Sempach today, and will not hesitate to say I was worried. When I received the box the top was damaged and bent in. I pulled out my digital camera and got ready to take pictures of the damages.
To my amazement, upon opening the box, The Sempach was undamaged, unhurt and waiting to be picked up. I can't say anything for UPS, but as for you guys......brilliant, astounding, beautiful.
The Sempach has a simple elegance to it. It's not flashy or complex but simple and absolutely lovely!!!
I took it outside and was amazed at how easily it handled, it took almost no effort to swing or to maneuver. I went and got my shield from the Merc. Tailors and tried a few stances with that. I have been researching time periods, this is the first sword from the late 1300-1400's that I have owned and I love it. It can be used with a shield or not. I love it!!
To all the folks at Albion: WELL DONE AND THANK YOU.
I will buy swords from no other.
-- Eric Nower
...I've had the Sempach for about a week and I'm quite impressed by it. It's nice to see a properly done Type XVII on the market, especially one of that form so popular in the late 14th century, known now as the Sempach style. The blade's cross-section is very nicely defined and quite attractive. In test cutting against light targets, this sword is quite a cutter despite its thrust-oriented design and held its own when cutting back-to-back with the Regent. The unique hilt is nicely done and well-finished. It's a fantastic example from that era and would have given great service in the thick of the Hundred Years War. Thanks!
-- Chad A.
... Just a quickie to tell you that my Sempach has arrived. It is simply superb and far more detailed than you can see from the catalogue pictures.
Execution is as usual flawless and it arrived safe and sound.
The basic design did not hold many surprises as I already own the Landgraf, but I must say that the pommel lends itself better to a two handed grip.
Again a splendid piece of weaponry. Well done all of you!
With regards to the price increase, let me just say that I think you guys held off for a long time and that should be respected. I will gladly pay the extra 11% on future purchases. Your swords are easily worth that and more.
Have a splendid week my friend and thank you again for an excellent blade. Semper Fi.
-- Reiny

The Templar
I received my Templar this afternoon.
I have to complement Albion on producing an amazing, historically correct, High Medieval sword. In my opinion, it is faultless.
With this product, you have made history come alive. It is at the top of the list of my favorite swords. It screams to be wielded in a good cavalry charge.
I picked the Templar because I associated it with Richard I. The bases for this association, in part, are the swords depicted on Richard's two royal seals. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw your recent PDF file and your write-up on the Templar specifically associated it with Richard I and his Templars. You may not know it but Richard's Great-grandfather, Fulk, Count of Anjou, was the 10th or 11th Templar and later became King of Jerusalem. Best Regards,
-- Richard Paschal
I received my [Templar] sword two days ago. I haven’t written you until now as I’ve been playing with it every spare minute I can find. I’m sure you understand.
Having made countless dismounted frontal attacks on our haystack, I must say that this sword handles extremely well. As a critique to the assessment done by the gentleman from myArmory.com I find little trouble in controlling the edge of this sword. It may be because I have had some martial arts training or it may be because I’ve been handling tools all my life.
However, it could also be due to the fact, as he rightly points out, that this particular piece was originally a cavalry sword. In so being, the predominant swing would be downward and to the side as if swinging at a combatant from a mounted position. When such a swing is executed the edge finds its mark with stunning ease. I also had no problem thrusting with it and although the blade is wide, the point configuration is more than adequate.
The craftsmanship and attention to detail that your people have demonstrated is exemplary. I have looked at countless high price knives over the years and have never seen anything that is more exact in fit and feel.
My new sword has an indescribably commanding presence. Please express my heart felt thanks to the fellows who worked on this beauty. They are truly master craftsmen of the first order. I look forward to years of pride and satisfaction. Albion has truly delivered.
-- Leonard Hitz

The Mercenary
...Got the Mercenary today.
This is by far the best and definitely SCARIEST sword I ever held. It moves so easily and fast that it feels like the sword is handling ME.
"Lively"? "Alive" is a better word.
I was hoping it would handle sweetly but this is almost ridiculous. I am certain that an opponent with a Duke or a similar cleaver would be next to defenceless against me.
Complaints: None.
Expectations: exceeded.
Thanks a lot,
-- Anton
PS: It took me over an hour to type this as it was very difficult to let go of the sword for prolonged periods of time. :-D
...Yesterday the [Mercenary] has come to hand. And it is not easy for me to explain my thoughts in English. But I try it in short sentences: Your workmanship and finishing is of outstanding excellent stunning quality!!! The hilt assembly and the red grip leather are brilliant handcrafted. The barycenter is accurate well-balanced. The handling of this bullet-fast and lightweight hand and a half sword is bloodcurdling breathtakingly. You leave all those countless other sword smiths far behind you. Quite the sword quality I ever was searching for. You leave nothing to be desired. All the best wishes and thanks to you and your team-mates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!
-- Juergen
..I wanted to let you know that the Crecy and Mercenary arrived safe and sound yesterday.
I must tell you that I had reserved a tiny bit of skepticism about all of your customer testimonials being simply too good to be true.
But after seeing and handling these swords in person, I was pleasantly surprised, or more accurately stated I was stunned at the breathtaking quality of the magnificent pieces. Wow! I do have one minor complaint. As soon as I came into possession of the Crecy and the Mercenary, the esteem I had held for my other swords including several Del Tin’s fell several notches. They simply can’t compete in terms of beauty, quality, finish, feel, handling, attention to detail and value.
My hats off to you. I’m looking forward to the Sempach and am narrowing down my choice for the next Albion sword for my collection. I suspect I’ll be calling in another order fairly soon. Thanks again for your great service and fantastic swords.
--John Norcross

The Regent
...The Regent arrived today. What a wonderful sword!
Fast, light and very impressive. I never handled anything like it. It is flawless and perfect, really a sword to behold.
A real winner, and I can only think of very few custom makers able to match it - and they would face a real challange doing so.
Congratulations to all of you! Congratulations and thank you for this wonderful sword,
-- Markus Haider
...You’ve done it again!
My Regent showed up at the office yesterday and I was blown away, just like you said I’d be!
I don’t know how it happens, but, every new sword I get from Albion immediately becomes my favorite sword in my collection.
The Regent is simply stunning. It’s a magnificent piece of art that will be cherished in my collection ad infinitum.
The craftsmanship is absolutely flawless! The hilt and pommel are expertly executed and the hollow-ground blade really is so gracefully beautiful and powerful (this is no small sword!) that it takes my breath away.
Thanks, as always, for exceeding my expectations once again! You folks do a fantastic service to the sword collecting community.
-- Chris Eppley
...We tossed a potato into the air, and it was almost as if I wasn't there.
The Regent, seemingly of her own accord, sliced it neatly in half. This was her third cut. Her first and second were by Rebecca and Tamara, whose eyes went wide as they felt how easily the blade slid through the head of cabbage we had affixed atop a pole.
Yesterday Howy and Amy handed me the Regent you crafted for us. Since that time, we've come to discover what a sword really is. And this is in a house filled with swords -- modern-made as well as antiques out of Africa. She is alive -- even sitting across from me, leaning against the wall, her clean lines and sharp profile leave me breathless.
And once unsheathed -- this is no static chunk of steel, but a breathing, sentient creature, eager to cut the air and bite into whatever is being offered up for cutting practice. And her point! I speared another of the potatoes and was deceived by the ease with which the blade passed through. When I reached over the top to pull the potato away, it was only my lightness of touch that preserved my flesh from the tip, which had passed far further through the vegetable than I thought.
This is a vorpal blade -- there's no need to hack, since one can be almost indolent in passing the blade through solid objects. And the balance is such that she responds easily to gentle movements, even though everyone who sees her gasps at her size.
It's a testament to your skills that a sword of this weight and length can be so easily wielded by both the gypsy dancing girls who have used it. In the words of Rebecca, 'cutting with the Regent is addicting'.
Our search for the perfect swords and the perfect sword makers is over -- you not only are amazing people who make amazing blades, but you care as well -- care that your customer is satisfied and care that each blade you craft is of heirloom quality. Thank you all -- we're amazingly impressed with both you and your swords.
-- Kenton
...It's hard to sum up a piece like the Regent.
It isn't that it's hard to find anything to say; it's quite the opposite it's hard to shut up.
Aesthetically, it's intoxicating. From pommel to point, the lines are excellent.
The unique fishtail pommel and deeply hollow ground blade catch both light and attention.
Where the grip meets the pommel and the cross meets the blade, the fit is exceptional, each flowing perfectly into the other, truly a thing of beauty.
It makes you want to hold it, to admire it closer. This is where things change drastically.
At 3 lbs 8 oz, and every bit as stout as it appears, one would perhaps think it's a slow, awkward piece. This could not be further from the truth. The balance is outstanding, making it extremely comfortable and responsive to wield even single-handed. It strikes with respectable authority in the cut, and responds beautifully in the thrust.
As always, Albion has exceeded my lofty expectations. This is one exceptional sword!
- -Aaron Schnatterly
... I've had the Regent for a few weeks now and I can't tell you how impressed I am by it. What a great example of a 15th century longsword: beautiful, versatile, and deadly. Just looking at it, it looks fast, and cutting exercises prove that to be true. Even when handling it or wiping it down, I get the feeling that it just wants to cut something; it's a little scary. The blade is superb; it's nice to see hollow- grinding done properly. The steel fittings are the most cleanly-cast in my collection. The whole package really captures the flair and deadliness of that era. Thanks, guys!
-- Chad Arnow
…Oh jeeez what a sword.
Mike thanks for this, please make sure you personally thank everyone who had any part in making this sword for me. I got off the phone at work just after lunchtime and went out to our lobby and there was this big box waiting out there. Knowing what it was I lifted it to take it to the staff room, and was surprised how light the box was, let alone how light the sword inside must be. After a minute of frustratingly trying to open the box at one end one of the guys I work with pointed out that I had to slit the bands of tape up the side. Funny how your brain stops working when you're excited.
Upon opening the box I was immediately struck by the beauty of the Regent (I'm gonna have to come up with a name for it). One of the guys went to touch the blade and I told him not to, not for fear of doing anything to the sword but I didn't want him to cut himself. I was surprised to find out that the edges aren't razor sharp but in discussing this with others I found out this was an unrealistic expectation as this would mean the edge is to thin and weak to do what this sword is meant to do. How bloody light is this thing, oh my goodness after heaving around 4 to 5 pound stainless steel Lord of the Rings display swords this thing is like a feather. I can't wait to start reading some of the old training manuals talked about on myArmoury, so I can gain some understanding, appreciation and (hopefully)skill relating to the use of this blade.
The blade shape is consistent, the secondary edge bevel is less pronounced than I've seen on other photos (has this been achieved through improved techniques? I read somewhere that it was initially a cost effective measure to leave the secondary edge bevel pronounced), the seam in the leather grip is juuuuusssst barely discernible (if you look very carefully) and upon inspection so far I can't see ANY casting flaws in the pommel or cross, and the point is just plain wicked.
You guys are freaking magicians.
I am one hell of a fussy, but very very very satisfied customer.
Can't wait to cut with it.
This sword is so sweet, what really struck me is the compactness of it all, I mean it is a big sword but it is seemingly pared down to the bare minimum dimensions in all respects from pommel to point. This indicates a well developed and evolved design that uses the materials involved in it's production as efficiently as possible.
The grip is so sweet to hold, it's like it was made for my hands, and my hands only, I know this is not the case but it seems like that.
As I said before I can't wait to cut with it.
Hopefully this is not the only Albion sword I buy. What I mean by that is if I do buy more swords in the future, yours are at the top of the list. It is just that with planning a family next year things change, and my wife has been tolerant so far with my sword purchases, but I have assured her that after this purchase, I will be directing all my efforts to my family responsibilities until we have ourselves well established. Knowing this was the reason I chose the Regent, because in a lot of ways it is the epitome of sword development, arriving late in the piece as far as sword design is concerned.
Once again please personally thank all who helped build this sword, I have no idea how many people it takes (I can only think of designer, bladesmith & cutler) but everyone's effort is appreciated.
One more thing Mike, although it almost goes without saying, I deal with many people in my work, other consultants such as engineers, surveyors, architects and also contractors covering a broad range of professions. I have of course also required the services of many other companies during my lifetime, as we all do and to be totally honest I am struggling to think of anyone else that I have ever received the excellent level of service from that I have experienced with Albion, and the quality of your product is just un-freakin-believable.
In short, money well spent, well worth the wait, sorry about all the emails and keep doing what you're doing. Rock on.
-- Paul

... Mike, just a quick note from one of your satisfied customers to say I hope everyone at Albion had a great Christmas and new year.
I thought the Christmas story on your web site was very touching and I think a lot of people enjoyed it. Mr Waddell sounds like he was an awesome dad.
With regards to my Regent, the longer I own it the more I appreciate it.
In relation to the detailing of the sword, the phrase less is more comes to mind. Although there must have been considerable work involved to create the individual components and the finished sword, each component and the sword itself is understated elegance. Just simple little details like the way the octagonal cross is slightly flared wider towards the ends and the continuation of the "visual" line of the blades ridge through the cross guard, grip and the pommel detail add so much strength to the swords aesthetic value (this last feature was bought to my attention by an article Chad Arnow had written in his collection gallery for myArmoury.com).
As I said in one of my previous emails to you the sword seems to be pared down to the minimum required dimensions. It is a big sword but it is trimmed down, like a world class athlete with absolutely no excess body fat, all muscle. It was quite funny to see my testimonaial on your web page. I think my enthusiasm for my Regent was fairly obvious although my comments were not obviously as informed as some of your more "sword educated" clients.
Saying that I am glad my first purchase of a real sword was probably one of the best swords on the market (probably only able to be surpassed by another Albion sword) Although it may be some time I really do hope I get the chance to purchase another Albion sword. Keep well Mike and all the best to everyone there and their families.
-- Paul
...Lo and Behold! I gazed into her shine and she me gave back a steely smile!
I welcomed The Regent into my hands tonight. Well worth every ounce of energy, sweat, and blood I gave up to own her. Such crisp, clean life and dashing personality that she has in every swing.
She is THE reminder of what beauty is to human eyes, and how such beauty may be used to remind us all of our mortality. HA!
Saying "Thank You" to all who work the realm of Albion Armorers is not merely enough for the skill and love garnered into the birthing of this blade. To this end, I owe you all my deepest gratitude. Carry on!
-- Gabe "Conan the Hungarian" Szabo
...The [Regent] sword arrived today (19th January).
This is the first time I have received a production sword that has such high standards of manufacturing and finish. The feel of the sword in the hand is also a joy.
When cutting various soft and hard targets the sword performed every time without ant damage to blade or edges. This sword is a natural cutter and thruster.
Thanks to all of you at Albion for providing such a beautiful sword to such high standards.
It looks like Albion has made a quantum leap in sword production.
-- Ross Dean
...The Regent and the Gaddhjalt arrived safe and sound yesterday.
If you have the Regent as one of your favourites, I do not blame you. What a sword !!!!!!. The blade is enough to take you breath away, and the hilt with the red grip is absolutely stunning. The only fault I could find were two miniscule casting flaws in the pommel. But now I am really playing devils advocate, we are talking about pinhead sized cavities. My only problem is where to hang it.
My other swords are displayed in my den, but for this I will make a shadow box fitted with one of those lamps they use to light up paintings, and display it prominently in the living room (my girlfriend did agree without hesitation – she was that taken in with its beauty).
Well, not to forget the Gaddhjalt which although a plainer design is a magnificent weapon in its own right. And of course as a Norwegian I would be amiss not to own one. Again I have received superior products and enjoyed excellent service.
My hat is off to you and the Albion team.
-- Reiny
...I received the Regent two days ago, weeks before I was expecting it.
I’m only now catching my breath – I’ve been speechless for 2 days.
The green grip color is simply stunning. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to colors, but this combination is a match made in heaven.
The blade profile is insanely wicked. You weren’t kidding about a thick spine – I measured it at 0.375” at the cross. Yet the wonderfully executed hollow ground blade makes this sword exceptionally quick and responsive.
I simply can’t believe it weighs 3 and a half pounds. It really feels much lighter in the hand and seems almost alive.
The pommel and cross are works of art. No picture can do them justice.
Up on the wall next to the Barron, the Regent looks more elegant with its fancy grip, pommel and cross, but it conveys the same brutal power of Barron.
The Regent has vaulted to my number one favorite among my 8 Albion swords.
Thanks for a truly unbelievable sword and much better than expected delivery.
-- John N

The Baron
The Baron arrived today. What can I say?
This is one of the finest reproduction war swords I've ever purchased. With a wonderful blend of form and function, the Baron exhibits both power and grace equally.
The Baron is not only aesthetically pleasing but provides many of the same handling characteristics as the originals. This is no small task I'm sure. One of my first impressions of this sword was how it simply floated in my hands.
My sincere thanks to all of the Albion staff for all their great work and especially Peter Johnsson.
I would also like to thank Mike for his patience and understanding over the years. Your a fine example of customer service excellence my friend. Proud customer and supporter,
-- Gary Grzybek
...All I have to say is, "Now I know what a historical warsword is like."
There is indeed a sense of awe when first laying eyes on it, and a realization of what a good warsword feels like when you hold it.
The Baron is by far the most impressive XIIa I have ever had the pleasure of weilding. Even my brother's first impressions were, "Wow! The quality is really good. I think this is the best longsword you have."
The Baron is a true quality work of art. It is indeed history in the palm of my hand.
-- Vay
...The Baron Has Landed.
Well, heck! I wasn't expecting The Baron to arrive quite this soon, but arrive it did! MUCH to my very pleasant surprise.
And whoa!
It is a very imposing broadsword. Hefty and sturdy in the hands, with a cross-country (or long, if you prefer!) blade of beautiful proportions.
The Baron is as much a weapon as it is a work of art.
Just when I think I can't be more impressed than I've been, you gents and ladies at Albion apparently raise the notch a bit higher. Excellent job.
Very pleased once more here in Michigan!
-- Matthew
...I've had several days now with the Baron, and I have to say that it is the finest sword I've ever owned.
It handles really well for its size, and is very quick in the hands during cutting practice.
I thought I wanted to buy one after I saw the first pictures, but after handling a Baron in Atlanta, I knew I had to have one. The attention to detail is much greater than what is typically seen in production swords.
All the Next Gen swords I handled are a step (or more) above the other swords on the market, and I'm really looking forward to the arrival of the Sovereign.
-- Chad
...I received the Baron and scabbard today—thank you so much.
The sword and scabbard are, equally, works of art.
The Baron is a marvel to hold—a true “Grete Swerd of War” in size, yet it handles like a dream (as they were meant to).
I’ve waited years for a sword like this, and the Baron has made that wait seem worthwhile.
I was worried as to what a long journey and a week in customs would do to the sword’s finish (it’s been very wet here), yet the sword arrived in top condition.
The scabbard is everything I had hoped for and more. You took what I had suggested and improved upon it greatly. You have created something that is in keeping with the timeline of the sword and in keeping with the sword’s “feel”.
Thank you, first of all, for all the work and craftsmanship that you’ve put into it. Thank you also for the amazing customer service!
-- David Mc
...The Baron has arrived...

"A company in the States
Make´s swords that all enemies hates
They all are great to wield
When chasing them on the battlefield
And to buy it, you don´t have to be Bill Gates..."

It doesn´t get better than that in 5 miniutes....or worse...
Thank´s for a great job on my Sword, I´m really proud of you all !!!
-- Bjorn Nilsson Sweden, Visby
...Woe to you, oh tatami mats and plastic bottles, your time of reckoning has arrived!! Meet the Baron!!..........
Wow guys, when you said this sword was primarily dedicated to slashing and cleaving , you weren't kidding!
This is the closest I've come to a vorpol blade in my life. Right through the soda bottles, right through triple thick cardboard tubing, right through the last of my mats.. this sword is by far the best cutter I currently own.
There was no undue vibration at all. This sword tracked so nicely in and out of the cut it barely felt like I was cutting at all!!
Looks like I'll have to double up on mats this spring!!
The fit and finish are what I've come to expect from Albion, great work, great sword, super value for the money. I like her so much I may have to name her.
A big thank you to everyone over there for making such wonderful works of living art. cheers,
-- Michael
...I just walked through the door, and there it was...a big white box. I had just finished teaching a kayaking class, and my blood sugar was low. I wanted the opening of the box to be a monumental experience, and I knew if that were to happen, I would need to have some lunch and coffee. As I sat there eating and sipping my coffee, I looked at the box thinking that I hoped and prayed that the sword would be as beautiful and bold as I had imagined.
I had procrastinated long enough...the time had come for truth. I gently pried into the box to find only part of the handle extending from a most perfectly packed sword.
As I slipped the [Baron] sword out of the box, a most perfect piece of art work revealed itself to my eyes. It was though I was standing in the presence of most perfect sculpting from the past, and I was.
As an artist, both visually acute and sensually oriented, my senses were tantalized by what lay before me...a true piece of art, and an example of a perfect sculptural form, typified by the highest craftsmanship. I examined every square inch of it's magnificence and found it to be flawless.
As I placed this mighty sword in my hand, my spirit and body became alive. I moved it slowly about my head and torso with gentle ease as though it was an extension of my body and soul...beautifully balanced it was, a true metaphor of life.
I thank you all at Albion for your kindness that you have shown me since day one, when I ordered the Baron, and I am grateful to the artist and craftsman at Albion who fashioned this piece with Love and Devotion to artistic excellence!
Bravo and a Salute to you All at Albion!
-- Michael Morgan
...As I may have mentioned to you before, I am an associate member of ARMA and workout frequently with Shane Smith and Matt Anderson from ARMA-Virginia Beach. A few weeks ago we held a test cutting session over at my farm and I really had a chance to put the Baron through its paces. Without any surprise, the Baron was an exceptional cutter. It performed well cutting through everything from rolled up straw mats to heavy cardboard tubes each time leaving a clean, razor-sharp cut. Matt & Shane also gave it a whirl and were very impressed with its superb handling characteristics and cutting effectiveness. The Baron also proved a powerful thrusting weapon as well and penetrated through heavy cardboard tubes with relative ease. Keep up the good work!
-- Bob Savage
I just wanted to let you know that I received my Baron today. What can I say? It is beautiful. Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted a 'real' sword, and thanks to you guys at Albion, real swords are a reality.
-- Daniel Dean

... Just wanted to tell you that my Baron came in the mail today.
I love it.
You guys make the best production swords in the world without a doubt.

The balance and proportions of the Baron defy its size. You've hit it right on the mark.
Thanks again for your committment to authenticity and quality. I can't wait to see my Sovereign, and the Chieftain and Kern I have on order. ...once again thank you for the wonderful sword, its definitely the high point of my collection so far (until other Albions arrive).I look forward to hearing from you.
-- Dan Adams

...Just thought I'd leave some feedback on the Baron I got on Weds.
I love it, simple and knightly. Pointy and yet well designed for cutting. She feels really alive and light when you put her through some drills.
This is by far my favorite sword I have ever owned....I can't wait for the scabbard.
Well done to everyone!!
-- Eric Nowe
...My Baron arrived yesterday and it is absolutely perfect! And a month early!
I love the way the oxblood grip looks! Especially in the sunlight we had a little of yesterday.
You know, you can look at all the pictures you want to and read all the reviews you can find, but untill you get one of these massive pieces of artwork in your hands you just can't appreciate the quality you all put into these swords.
I was going to say "your" swords, but this one is mine and its going to stay that way.
I wont go into the distal taper, point of percussion, center of balance and all the other wizardry that makes this blade the war horse that it is - all that has been said many times over and it's all true.
If anybody doubts this,do send them my way and I'll happily add my vote for you.
What I want to do, is to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you, Mike. For being the professional that you are, for answering my inquieries promptly and for not using any "smoke and mirrors" when dealing with me.
And to Howy and Amy for creating Albion, for putting us first -- no price increases this year will serve as one example -- and for hiring good people.
And to all those in the cutlery department, the blade department, the machine operators and programmers, those who do the leather work, to Roger for his woodworking talents, the casting of the pommel and guard, the packaging and shipping.
Forgive me because I don't know their names to give them mention. I'll trust you to do that for me if you will.
And to Peter Johnsson for his gift and caring.
Just a second, Mike, I'm going to grab a tissue to wipe my eyes. Sorry, man, ...just allergies.
But I do want to thank each and every one of you there for doing what you so well.
So, in the immortal words of the great governor of the state of California: "I'll be back!" Thanks all,
--Ron M.
...Good Day Mike and Everyone at Albion,
Since my fencing days at college, I have harbored a dream to obtain an authentic, serviceable reproduction medieval sword and learn how to wield it.
Back in September, after doing a lot of reading and research on available options, I ordered the Baron as a step towards fulfilling that dream. While counting the days until it would arrive, I was enticed by Albion’s 10th anniversary sale. It seemed like a good time to “double-down” and use the discount on a Museum Line model, so I ordered the Brescia Spadona as a thrusting-oriented companion to the cleaving Baron.
The excitement of ordering the second sword took my mind off of the wait for a couple of days, but every day I would crane my neck to see if a long, slender box had been delivered. I was reckoning with 12 weeks, but hoping for sooner. Meanwhile, I had several of the known medieval texts to keep me busy working out a practice regimen for the acquisitions. I even picked up a first edition of The Sword in the Age of Chivalry. And then things began to happen much sooner than I had anticipated. Suddenly there was a white box at the door. To my amazement, I could feel that the white box contained a wooden crate signaling that the Brescia had arrived first. I resisted the temptation to rip into the package willy-nilly, and savored every bit of the excitement. First seeing the elegant wooden crate with the Albion logo branded into the sides, then sliding back the cover and seeing that elegant weapon suspended carefully and artfully within; it was like being transported back in time.
I only wish that I had the presence of mind at the time to photograph it before I removed it from the crate; but alas, I could not wait to finally hold it in my hands.
Only then did I truly appreciate what I had read elsewhere, that these pieces are not mere reproductions, but are indeed recreations.
The fit and finish are superb, but not so mechanically perfect that one cannot sense that human hands have played a significant role in the sword’s creation. The geometry of the blade is impressive with all of its nuances from the wide base to the complex reinforced point, from the fuller out to the edges with the secondary bevel. Although it is not a light piece, it moves effortlessly with incredible balance, and with phenomenal point control. The wicked pommel, the impressive wide guard, the cutting edges, the point; there are so many highly developed offensive options that one senses that this sword perhaps represents a time that saw the apex of medieval sword development before the dawning of the age of the rapier.
I could not put it down for hours, completely spellbound.
Days later came the question in the back of my mind: would the Baron’s arrival be anticlimactic?
Now that it has just arrived, I can emphatically aver that it was not in the least anticlimactic. There was nothing holding me back this time from ripping open the package and seizing the prize inside, which was in its own way quite fulfilling. The quality, fit, and finish is every bit as good as the Brescia. The price differential between the two is likely accounted for by the relative complexity of the Brescia’s blade and no doubt by the research and engineering it took to recreate it.
The fact that it is an exacting recreation of an existing historical example adds to the sense of satisfaction and makes it worth every penny. However, there is no apparent difference in the quality of the finished product between the Museum Line and the Next Generation line and that speaks for your overall commitment to quality.
The elegant austerity and impressive dimensions of the Baron demand attention. It feels, and is indeed slightly heavier than its companion, and it is not quite as quick in the hands as the Brescia; but, it was never intended to be. Everything about it screams cleaving and dismemberment. Nonetheless, its somewhat rounded point is surely nothing to be trifled with either.
Brandishing one and then the other drives home the fact that these pieces have their own individual life and character. I look forward to exploring their respective nuances.
Thanks to everyone at Albion for creating quality recreations in a price category between lesser, essentially useless reproductions and completely hand-made, high-end custom pieces that are vastly less affordable.
With the Brescia and Baron in my possession, I am only now beginning to grasp what a sword truly is in a way that modern fencing could never completely convey.
My only regret is that I put off fulfilling the dream, and did not find Albion sooner.
My apologies if I rambled on here a bit, but I did want to make sure that you all knew how utterly satisfied I am with both purchases. Something tells me that they will not be my last acquisitions: perhaps a Type X, or a XA….???
Best Regards,
-- Steve S.

The Duke
...The Duke arrived Friday, and it couldn't have been at a better time. I was having one of THOSE days, so opening the long box and slipping this broadsword into my hand kinda felt like a reward for surviving the day that far.
I've been interested in and looking at a variety of similar "broad" swords offered by a few different sites, and even in the classifieds around the web; but being familiar with Albion I waited to see The Duke realized from the drawing-board into steel.
At first glance I kinda thought it was rather clunky and awkward looking ... but then the simple, weighty design and physical poetry of the sword imposed itself on me. B-) And I remembered why the original design and early prototype pic drew me into the purchase ... Nothing too fancy here.
Best duck this blade as its coming or coming back, for it is sure to remove something going one way or another !!! B-) * * Don't mind the lil bit of fantasy, my sincere belief is that the truest warrior wins his or her battle without drawing the sword.
Thankyou again for your wonderful service and another glorious piece for my collection!
-- Matthew
...After a not too long wait I finally had the Duke delivered to my doorstep by the delivery firm.
And... I am beyond words here actually.
The Duke is simply one amazing piece of craftsmanship. Its rather chunky size belies its true capabilities. I have never handled a sword that flows so freely and handles so good through all manner of cuts, transitions and wards. It feels like a natural extension of my body. A true dedicated cutter that not only handles like a magical dream but also looks amazing.
The aesthetically simple, yet noble, design gives it a true beauty of form that is really pleasing to the eye.
I would also like to extend my gratitude to Albion and all its employees. I have never, and I repeat, never been treated so good by any other company I have done business with before. The excellent customer service made me feel really welcome, not to mention wanted, as a customer and all business transactions have gone very smoothly. All the, probably annoying, questions I have bothered the staff with have been answered in a calm, courteous and very polite manner.
And the rest of the staff and the Albion artisans also deserve their praise. Everyone from Peter Johnsson whose outstanding knowledge of the medieval sword gave birth to the lovable design of the Duke, to Eric and the rest of the very skilled artisans who shaped, created and finally fitted and hilted this beautiful work of (killing) art that hangs on the wall here beside as a write this.
Thanks, thanks, thanks to all you people. You truly enrich the world of the modern swordsman! Albion and the NextGen-line will be my EXCLUSIVE choice when it comes to sharp swords from now on. I will be back among your customer lists before the chill of winter have gripped the land and the first snow have fallen from the star-lit skies. My very warmest regards,
-- Joachim
...After quite a journey over the ocean (which the Duke testifies by heavy rust on the furniture - who knows where they put it, problably on the deck of a ship in a storm ;)), the Duke finally arrived from Christian Fletcher, who made a perfect scabbard for it.
| I love the sword, it is a real monster of a cutter - while still being very fast and surprisingly light. I knew - especially from the Regent - to expect one of the best XIII-swords availiable, but like with the Regent and the Clontarf, I again was awed when I first took it out of the box and the scabbard. Simply a stunning exemplar of a cutting sword (and cutting is a thing it does really, really well I must say!)
Keep up the great work, the Italian XIX or the Venetian XIX pictures are already very tempting ;) kind regards,
-- Markus Haider
... Just a quickie to tell you that my Duke arrived safe and sound yesterday.
A simple sword in its form, but very impressive and agile for its size.
As usual no fault could be found in its esthetical or physical execution. (This has been the norm with Albion products).
And Mike, I think the blade was one of the best that I have received to date. The grinding, proportions and polishing were absolutely perfect.
Again you have supplied me with a winner! All the best from a very happy Viking.
-- Reiny
...The Duke showed up a half hour ago, and I can't put it down. There is so much hard work and history put into this sword. I just want to thank you guys for being the craftsmen that you are. And I would especially like to thank Mike Sigman for his exceptional service and patience. Thanks again,
-- P. Robinson
... Last week from Soeren I received my I:33 and my Duke. I wrote Soeren (obviously), but I definitely wanted to let you guys now as well how excited I am.
The I:33 is as I have come to expect of the Maestro-sword (being the proud and happy owner of a Liechtenauer): a very pleasant sword with a grip even to fit my big hands. And the steel has a beautiful ring to it. You almost want to strike, just to hear that sound.
But most of all the Duke!
Long have I been eyeing your site and -hope you will pardon the expression- lusting for the beauty there displayed. And now, finally, one is mine.
I do not think I ever saw such an awesome blade.
The site describes the little profile taper, the picture shows it, but neither prepare you for the massive reality of the sword.
And I love the way the cross-section flows, so that you do not see a specific sharpening line. It is almost (and I mean this in an enthusiast if perhaps slightly gleeful way) deceitful.
It does not look sharp -but woe to anyone who would oppose the blade assuming that because it does not look sharp, it must not be sharp...
This sword radiates purpose and were times different you would almost prepare for war just to be able to wield this sword.
One observation I shared with Soeren I really would like to share with you as well -that it is not until setting them in motion and taking them through their paces that you realise the superbness of balance and control (as type dictates).
I have never been able to feel and experience so clearly the differences between the different sword types. It is a worthwhile thing and one I treasure.
As always, warmest wishes to you and all the others at Albion -and I look forward to my next Albion-blade (though it is going to be a tough choice to decide which one first...)
-- Alexander

The Prince
...I am very pleased to possess the first of the ten steel-pommeled Prince models.
The sword is just spectacular.
Peter Johnsson has designed a meter of steel with a supersonic point that looks as if it could pierce any mail.
The Prince is much lighter in my hand than I expected it to be, and even prettier than its pictures on the website.
The only sad part is that it is so beautiful, I will never be able to bring myself to strike anything with it.
The Prince has already taken the place of honor among four other Albion Mark swords on my wall.
The Next Generation truly is a step above anything I have seen before, from any maker.
The new Albion maker's mark in the fuller is an excellent touch. Now I am REALLY looking forward to the Kingmaker.
-- Steve R. Fabert
...In describing the “Prince”, it is hard to put words to such a perfect combination of form and function.
The lines are flawless, fit and finish are impeccable and it is light as a feather. Truly a thing of beauty!
Each sword I have received from Albion has exceeded my expectations and set new standards upon which to judge the next sword. Each time I think they can not possibly surpass their previous offering, they do.
My most sincere compliments and thanks to Mike and the rest of the staff at Albion for delivering another masterpiece.
-- Chris Eppley
...I've been told I looked like the cat that got the cream when I brandished my Prince for the first time. It is superb. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the quality beyond compare.
It is the finest reproduction sword I have ever seen. Many thanks to you and all concerned for crafting such a magnificent sword.
Now God help the French, for I shall just have to chevauchee over the Channel to raise some more treasure to pay for my next Albion blade. I look forward to placing another order in a few months time.
-- Chris
...I received my Prince the other day, and I'm astounded by the precision and beauty of it.
It is truly a magnificent sword, and is now the center piece of my collection.
It is so well balanced, and it is absolutely a joy to wield.
I give a big thanks to the crew at Albion!
To top things off you were courteous and prompt throughout the whole process, and you delivered much earlier than expected.
Kudos to you Mike.
-- Brian

The Norman
...I received my Next Gen. Norman and cannot say enough about it.
The finish is perfect and the blade edge even and very sharp.
I am most struck by the historically accurate hilt construction which is one of the primary reasons for me going with the Next Generation line.
When wielding the Norman the sword feels so substantial, not like a group of parts joined together but a solid and wonderfully executed whole. This feeling is unmatched by even my higher-end production pieces.
The handling of the Norman is perfectly presented in the description given on the site, "brutally efficient." is the rule of the day. I imagine it being devastating to the lightly armored combatants of the historical period. Lastly, I express my sincere thanks to the Albion staff who have made my new sword a reality and to Mike Sigman, whose customer service skills are unmatched. The whole purchasing experience was a joy from start to finish.
-- Jeremy V. Krause

The Knight
...I just received my Knight today and I must admit its one of the finest type XII I have ever set my eyes on.
The sword is easily lighter and much better looking than my custom forged knight sword from Scotland and Ilove the grip colour -- its not as chocolate looking as the picture on your site. Thanks again
-- Lee W.
...Sorry it took me so long to get back to you guys, I actually got the Knight a few days ago.
Well, once again I am impressed. The Knight is everything I thought it would be and everything Eric said it would be. It is a do-it-all sword. A perfect companion to my Baron.
The best way to describe it is that it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. It's frightening that something that moves so fluidly and quickly can pack such powerful cutting abilities. Took care of cardboard tubies like nothing.
Beautiful in all aspects, like every other Albion piece to date.
Thanks Mike, thanks Eric for another awesome piece. Give my regards to PJ for teaching these losers at Albion how to make swords. Just kidding.
-- Vay
...After two weeks of admiring my Knight, I figured it was time I sent you folks some words of appreciation, admiration and thanks. I don't usually gush, but you folks redefine the term "SHOCK and AWE"! I was "shocked" both by the shear beauty of the sword when I opened the box and by how light and agile it is in my hand. Surely, a lightsaber would be slow by comparison. Then there's the "awe"...awe at the historical accuracy, the peerless craftsmanship and the perfection of the fit and finish. I've been collecting high quality sword recreations since I bought my first Del Tin in 1987, but The Knight is my first Albion and I believe it's the finest sword in my collection. I can hardly wait for my Agincourt to arrive! Thanks again. You can add another loyal, long-term customer to your list.
-- Brent T. Burford
...I just received the Knight, and am I ever impressed!! This is one fast and beautiful sword--you guys continue to amaze me! I'm so impressed with it that I would like to wear it to a costume party on 10/28. Thanks again for some of the best swords I've ever handled! You can use any of my comments that you would like, although I don't believe that words can describe what it is actually like to hold an Albion sword--it's something that has to be experienced to believe!!
-- Alan Brown
...Despite having read numerous reviews about this sword over the past several months, and having corresponded with other owners before I committed to purchase the Albion Knight sword, seeing and handling it in person still left me awestruck and unexpectedly pleased.
-- Jared Smith
... The man from UPS rang our doorbell. When I opened up I saw it immediately; the large white box containing my long awaited Knight sword.
After unpacking I couldn't stop waving it about. I t has a classic look, handles magnificent and is overall in flawless condition.
My girlfriend thinks it looks so good she will let me hang it on the wall in our living room.
Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.
--Jelmer de Wal
The Netherlands
...Dear Albion,
Someone asked me once during a conversation about antique swords what was it exactly that was so special about holding one. Specifically and with genuine interest they asked "does it make you feel powerful?"
It really made me think about it. "What is so special about this?"
I guess I’ve been trying to answer that question ever since. I recently received my second Albion sword (the Knight) and again that period of intense fascination and wonder did indeed take place.
I don’t think it is necessary for me to tell you my opinions of this or any other of your creations as so many others have so eloquently and with heartfelt passion described the quality and their own feelings about the swords.
I do want to express my feelings about what you as individuals and as a company are doing.
History is a funny thing. As people we are often mesmerized by the heroic or the romantic pages in this great book and tend to want to ignore or at least gloss over the inconvenient or uncomfortable aspects. As nations, how often has this glossing over ultimately contributed to more of the brutal pages that we encounter.
To truly honor history I believe we must be aware of, nay, be sensitive to as many facets of it as we can.
Do I know the experience of war? No. And after hearing of some of those experiences from the mouths of veterans I am quite sure I do not want to.
Yet I cannot, nor do I want to, forget what has come to pass. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fascinated by the Martial ways.
As I read and explore more and more of our (human) past a truth seems to come forward though. That is that we would not be where we are at this very moment, for good or ill, had history not taken shape as it had. And to deny the heroic and at times romantic is to deny the more mundane, tragic or even brutal chapters of our story.
What you fine people are doing at Albion is what needs to be done.
To start this company, to follow your passions and convictions... this is an important and necessary thing.
But for the rest of us... you have provided a critical piece of the puzzle. The opportunity to experience first hand (no pun intended) an actual piece of this history. To approach a target with the intent to cut is a totally different experience than waving a sharpened bar of metal about.
Your craft has allowed me, as well as countless others, to have this experience, to realize this is no matter of fantasy.
And knowing this allows room for deeper speculation of the men (and women) who came before us, and whose experiences included these material things, and to wonder about their lives.
A better way to honor the past I cannot imagine.
Perhaps I shall get in touch with my acquaintance to let them know something that I have recently discovered. And this thing that I know now to be true is not so Homeric as I expected as it is something I can relate to.
It is a connection to a real past.
Through a real piece of that past.
A real Sword.
"Yes" I shall say to my friend. "It does make me feel powerful"
-- Adam J
...Last week I received my new Knight sword - I have been sick all week otherwise I would have written you earlier.
I want to thank the Albion team for producing for me such a beautiful piece, and for shipping it to me ahead of schedule.
I did alot of research before I chose to order the Knight from Albion, and I must say that you have met and exceeded your already great reputation in the market place.
From the blade to the pommel to the grip - everything about this sword is historically accurate, well designed, and well built.
This sword is a high quality, stunning piece of work.
When I'm not holding or moving with it, I find myself just admiring it.
Your company's motto, to "Hold History In Your Hand", couldn't be closer to the truth. Everytime I pick it up I travel 800 years into the past. I have learned alot about swords and proper sword-making technique just from this holding and looking at this sword.
You guys should be very proud of your work and of what you are doing. Thank you again for such a great Christmas present, and keep up the good work over there. You can count me as one very happy customer!
-- Jody A
...I have it. [The Knight]
It looks great, feels great, and the blue grip is awesome.
Naturally I can notice the blade presence much more than the Regent but it is still light in the hand.
I can’t wait to get home, swing it around tonight and sacrifice some cutting targets to the sword gods.
It is so awesome to know that I have what is arguably the best handling single handed sword from the undisputed best medieval sword making company in the world.
Like I said last time when I got the Regent, I’ve spent a lot of money with you guys but I still feel as if I owe you, like you’ve done me a huge favour or something.
Now I need to talk my wife into letting me get the Sovereign. (oh crap, what am I thinking……I’m a dead man if I try to do that right now)
You guys are awesome.
Make sure you tell everyone there that.
-- Paul
...Hey Mike, just a quick email to let you know how much I’m enjoying the Knight.
With the Knight I have had some awesome results. A cut against a two litre jug filled with water resulted in the top half of the jug staying in place after the cut until the water started seeping out and dislodged it.
The stroke itself did not move the severed jug at all.
Another cut was even more satisfying. I had a one litre jug that had fallen over and had emptied and I was too lazy to go and fill it and thought what the heck I’ll give it a crack not expecting anything special.
When it was hit the jug flew off the stand but it was cut cleanly in two.
I thought this was bloody awesome that the Knight had severed this virtually weightless plastic jug with no contents to add any resistance.
It is more fun as a backyard cutter than the Regent although saying that I still think the Regent is my favourite overall.
Comparing the two is a history lesson and the subtleties and complexity of the Regents blade and hilt is even more pronounced against the simpler Knight. I say simpler although this does not truly reflect the under appreciated subtleties of a sword such as the Knight and all the research Peter Johnsson has done to design these, as well as the skill of the Albion staff to create them (all those things that you can’t see that all contribute to an awesome sword).
The problem with you guys is all your new swords and the temptation to buy.
Never had much of an eye for those single edged beasts but they are racing to the top of my current wish list. The Knecht and Soldat are simply beautiful.
Once again thanks for everything and best wishes to all the staff at Albion and their families.
-- Paul

The Viceroy
...Sweet Mary mother of God!!! I just received my Viceroy. I am almost speechless!
This is the single best sword in my modest collection! It seems you keep surpassing yourself with every new sword I pick up. I LOVE the XXa blade. It is quite a bit bigger in person (to me), or more correctly much wider than it seems from your pics. It is heavier than I imagined as well, although the rather large pommel balances if nicely. It is definitely a war sword.
I could not be more pleased!! The Albion craftsmen have outdone themselves. A hearty THANKS to all.
-- Dave Lannon
... Providing some proper feedback so late after receiving my Viceroy proves to be a bit embarrassing. Our brief phone conversation did not justify my true feelings about this magnificent weapon and I feel it's better to give testimony now than to never have at all.
From the very first moment I viewed the original drawing I knew the Viceroy was the sword for me. After handling many blade types over the years I have come to realized that the type XXa is a perfect all purpose cut and thrust tool and the Albion team has created a wonderful representation I am very proud to own.
I'm constantly amazed by the feel of this weapon which not only provides amazing cutting potential but a wicked point that will follow in a thrust with pinpoint accuracy.
Aside from the exceptional handling characteristics the Viceroy has a stately presence which seems to say "my owner is quite wealthy" and the clean, sleek flowing lines give it a majestic beauty that has you almost forget what such a weapon was intended for.
The fit and finish of the Viceroy is what's to be expected of Albion's fine craftsmanship and what I really appreciate is the "Hand crafted" appearance that many other production swords lack.
What I've personally discovered in the Next Generation line is a solid, historically accurate high quality line of weapons as capable as any of the originals were. I believe that this takes very gifted people to accomplish such a daunting task and the great folks at Albion Armorers have done it quite well. People who love their craft and believe in what they do will ultimately show it in their product. In Abion's case the proof is written in steel.
-- Gary Grzybek
[The Viceroy] What a sword. Massive.
Holding it gives you the feeling of what it must have been like to stand on the field of battle and command an army.
It's graceful and poised, ready to strike on command.
I tell you I wouldn't believe the weight if I didn't know it already. She handles better than some swords weighing a pound less.
She's well balanced and moves through guards with grace. And what a massive blade. Wow!! I would hate to be on the receiving end of that!!!!
And as always the finish work is second to none, not to mention the customer service.
Now I cant wait to order my Regent!!!
-- Michael
...What can I say? Albion did it again. My Viceroy got here this afternoon and its everything I expected.
The magenta grip is really different than my other Albions, but I like the color. I'll like it even more as the leather gains patina and darkens a little.
The pommel, guard and blade are all different than anything else I have, which I like.
It has a substantial feel in the hand and is not overly heavy or cumbersome at all.
I never fail to be amazed and envious of the work your craftspeople do there. Thanks again for your dedication to your craft and the outstanding customer service you provide.
-- Dan Adams

The Gaddhjalt
...The [Next Generation Gaddhjalt] is bloody superb!
Please give my regards to the team for their efforts. Feels fantastic in the swing and the finish really is top class. I especially like the grip which is very well done. The blade is a little sharp at the shoulder where my finger passes over the guard but that should be fine with gloves on.
All in all an excellent sword and I particularly like the nice smooth curve of the edges down to the tip. Thanks for all the help with the order and for a fine piece.
-- Jonathan.F.
... The NG Gaddhjalt is a great improvement over the original First Gen design. The blade is longer and lighter and the pommel has a more defined 'brazil nut' design, less triangular and with smoother edges.
The blended peen is almost invisible and does not interfere with the lines or finish of the pommel.
Overall, this is a very nice, no-frills sword that would serve a Viking raider or European foot soldier equally well.
-- Tim G.
...I wanted to let you know that the Gaddhjalt arrived on Friday while I was home from college and had the whole weekend to play with my new toy. Previously I had only trained with ATrim swords, the Classic Crucifrom and the AT1313. Both were/are wonderful swords but I wasn't prepared for what was inside the gun case.
The Gaddhjalt is absolutely beautiful. I love how the fuller fades into the tip of the swords. Its very eligant. Since the sword arrived on a Friday, I was able to take it out to my brother's land for the weekend.
I did varies types of test cutting with it and it exceeded my expectations. First I tried cutting an inch thick sapling and that was no problem. Really clean cut and the sword had a very "tight" tune to it. It was a real pleasant sounding strike.
Then I was able to cut a free standing cardboard tubes. My technique isn't where it needs to be yet with a single handed sword, so the 2nd strike didn't make it all the way through the cardboard. But the first strike was precise and made a clean swipe through the target. The third target was particularly interesting. Out in the woods, we had found a deer skeleton. I had never tested a sword on bone, so we gave it a shot. I was able to cut clean through a deer vertibrate. That particular cut left a small nick in the blade, which has since been filed out, but still a tiny dent on the edge. I am so pleased with this sword that I can't fully tell you how how proud I am to own this work of art. This is definitely the icing on the cake for my crusader kit. And I look forward to ordering the Gaddhjalt scabbard from you sometime in the future. Wonderful work! Thanks,
-- Adam Whitlach
...I had a 'Huge White Box' delivered to my door today... much sooner than I expected it... no time to get impatient left!... The Gaddjalt is certainly the finest craftsmanship availaible this day 'n age. My infinite thanks to all those at Albion Armourers for creating very bautiful and very efficient swords for those of us who live in the wrong times.
Now... I used to fence when I was a teenager. Now I practice iaido and kendo as well as devlloping my skills with the medieval weapons from longsword to horse archery and I do have a fine collection of arms. This is my first from Albion Armourers.
The Gaddhjalt is truly perfect in all senses. The edge geometry is perfect and eye catchingly beautiful as well as terrifiyingly efficient. The handling characteristics are immaculate; responsive and swift. The sword is alive (by the way, whose blood did you quench this in?) and eager to do what it was created for. I used beach mats similar to Japanese cutting mats from one to four layers. The blade negotiated the challenge without mercy over and over again.
The overall presence of the sword is simply very real... as real as it gets and my history of art background demands huge respect for your art. I could write an essay... But the blade demands action, not words. This weekend, it will be tested from horseback.
Mike: Thank you soo very much for being as patient as a saint with me over the last year, your help and priceless answers to all my issues. As a collector and a martial artist: You have no competitors... not today.
-- Cemal Hunal
... My Gaddhjalt arrived on Thursday, but because I was at school I had to wait until Friday to see it.
I got home, and there on my bed was a perfectly preserved white box, very big, but also very light.
I pried at the box pretty slowly, I must admit I was somewhat nervous, this being my first Albion and all.
Finally I got the box open, and there it was... Beautiful.
I picked it up, and could hardly believe how great it felt in my hand. So much more comfortable, and better balanced than the other swords I've handled.
The magenta grip, if slightly brighter than I would have expected (only slightly) is beautiful, and I would not have it any other color.
This sword is spectacular and no pictures do it justice. The proportions just seem right, if you know what I mean.
My thanks go out to Albion for producing this great weapon, and to Peter for the design. Also, thanks to Mike for answering my questions, and also to Amy, whom I spoke with on the phone. Great service, great sword, I wish I could set up a direct deposit account where every month a portion of my pay is sent directly to Albion (like insurance) and when enough accumulates (like snow, it is snowing out) a new sword would appear at my door. O.k. I'll spare you any further rambling, but again, thanks, I love the sword.
-- Kenton
...The Regent and the Gaddhjalt arrived safe and sound yesterday.
If you have the Regent as one of your favourites, I do not blame you. What a sword !!!!!!. The blade is enough to take you breath away, and the hilt with the red grip is absolutely stunning. The only fault I could find were two miniscule casting flaws in the pommel. But now I am really playing devils advocate, we are talking about pinhead sized cavities. My only problem is where to hang it.
My other swords are displayed in my den, but for this I will make a shadow box fitted with one of those lamps they use to light up paintings, and display it prominently in the living room (my girlfriend did agree without hesitation – she was that taken in with its beauty).
Well, not to forget the Gaddhjalt which although a plainer design is a magnificent weapon in its own right. And of course as a Norwegian I would be amiss not to own one. Again I have received superior products and enjoyed excellent service.
My hat is off to you and the Albion team.
-- Reiny
...The Gaddhjalt sword arrived on my porch today while I was sleeping after a long graveyard shift, well I have to say I only wish that I could be woken up more often by swords from Albion.
The sword is magnificent, it exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased.
The balance is great, the CoP is right where it is said to be, and it wields very nicely.
I am so tempted to test it out on things but I do not want to bash it up. The great quality control and craftsmanship of Albion Swords guarantees that when I purchase other types it will be from you.
Thank you very much I will be back for more.
I would also like say how awesome you are for getting me the sword in time for the birthday, you don't know what it means to me. Special thanks to Mike for getting it in motion for me. Thank you
-- Jon M

The Ritter
...The Ritter arrived exactly when you said it would. The blackened fittings and oxblood grip work really well for this sword. A really nice one handed sword. Comfy grip, and fast swings.
Feel like a crusader weilding this one. You truly feel like you can reach out and touch someone with this. I feel like it's a low carb Tritonia or something.
-- Vay
... Just got The Ritter in today and, Mike, I couldn't be more pleased.
After handling several of your single handers, I can say this is one of the best handling ones of the bunch. While I would call this sword "light," its surprising how much blade is really out there!
The experience ordering it was great. The quick delivery time was great, the custom grip is great, the blueing is great, the packaging is great. What else can I include? You will definately see me knocking back on your door!
-- David J. Stokes
... I'm letting you know that the Ritter arrived yesterday.
I spent all day thinking about it and I finally got the package when I arrived home. The box was in pristine condition (shows that UPS does get it right...sometimes...) so I was expecting my sword to be intact.
I got more than I could ever hope for from this purchase.
For some, $700 may seem on the expensive side, but I can certainly attest that the Ritter is most surely worth every penny, and probably more.
The long wait only served to hype me up about receiving the Ritter, my first Albion.
The handling of the sword is fantastic and the finish is as near flawless as I've ever seen.
I picked up one of my homemade shields because the sword was urging me to do some sword and shield drills with it and it passed my shoddy tests with flying colors.
I cannot think of enough words of praise for the Ritter.
I must admit that my first impression on the sword, when stumbling upon myarmoury and consequently Albion as well, I was a little put off by outwardly appearance.
But over time this sword grew on me and I resolved to finally take the plunge and purchase it after being unable to resist its call any longer.
The pictures do not do the sword justice. Every part, from the evenly defined fuller to the amazingly designed cocked hat pommel, comes together to make a spectacular sword.
In 20/20 hindsight, I would purchase the Ritter again in a flash.
This is a truly amazing weapon that embodies perfectly everything this type of historical sword should - and then some!
Customer service was a charm as well and I really appreciate your efforts to accommodate me. I felt as if I was some VIP customer!
Mike, please pass my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Albion. Everyone deserves a hearty pat on the back for such splendid craftsmanship and overall design of the Ritter.
You have gained two promises from me by this purchase: I will definitely order from Albion again and I will spread the word to all of my friends that this is THE place to go for amazing products.
Again, I offer you my undying thanks for a job well done. You have another exceptionally satisfied customer to add to your ever growing lists!
-- Grayson C
...I received the Ritter safe and sound a few weeks back and I've been remiss in writing to thank you, I'm sorry about that.
Something really does need to be said though, so I'm going to try and make up for the tardiness of my thanks - what a sword!
I've admired the Ritter for a long time now, I think it one of the most beautiful swords in the whole of your line. Based both upon the weapon's fine aethestics and my interest in the 13th century empire, a purchase was always a given. However, I had doubts about how well the sword would fit my handling preferences... being only 5'8'' I've often preferred shorter, agile blades in the past, or occasionally a stout Viking-era blade, as a result I approached the Ritter with some skepticism.
I'm not sure I've ever been more pleasantly surprised!
Wielding and cutting with the Ritter these past few weeks has been quite honestly the most fun I can ever recall having with a sword!
It's not a featherweight, and it won't stop on a dime, but the handling is still somehow so very natural, so easily understood by the muscles of the arm that it's a wonder.
What an immensly satisfying slasher! Thank you!
-- Christopher M

The Vinland
...A little over a month ago I received one of your Next Generation Vinland swords. I must say that it is beautiful.
The craftsmanship is utterly superb. The sword is very powerful, yet it is also surprisingly quick and agile.
The Vinland really is an exquisite piece that I would recommend to anyone. To all of you that worked on these swords I thank you for your efforts, as this is surely a job well done.
-- Mark Tizzoni
...Yesterday the box with the swords we ordered arrived.
After having tried and tested them, we have to say: Making swords ourselves we have never seen such impressive masterpieces of artwork before.
Thank you guys very much for doing such a perfect work. Especially the Vinland is perfect in its handling characteristics. And we are very pleased with the fact that the swords are perfect and still have the feeling of being handmade.
When we have collected enough orders from our customers I will contact you again for our next order.
It is a pleasure to work with you guys.
-- Karl Bertram / Helstafir-Team
...Just wanted to let you kow that the Vinland arrived today.
It's a beauty.
Michael and I haven't had time to give it a good going-over, but it is apparent that the sword is everything it should be and then some.
Congrats to you, Peter, Howy, Eric, Jason, and everybody else at Albion involved with making this exquisite product.
-- Leigh
...Albion Armorers has yet another winner in their Next Generation Vinland Viking Sword.
It is absolutely beautiful. The five lobed pommel and hilt with its highly detail design really does make this sword.
The blade has an excellent finish and it handles and cuts great, but you expect that from a Albion sword. You really can't go wrong with The Vinland. Albion Armorers really does make the best in authenticated and exacting recreations of swords.
-- Gerald Jones
...You know how history repeats itself?
Well, when sacking villages comes back into vogue, I'm now perfectly equipped for the raid.
My Vinland arrived late yesterday in excellent shape, and is truly something to behold. Though I had never seen a Vinland firsthand, I knew I was in for a treat when I placed the order. I wasn't quite prepared for what I actually did get - stunning, smooth, natural - exceeded my very high expectations. The fit of the components and the finish of the blade are flawless.
As for function? I've handled more swords than I can count in my lifetime, many of which were Viking or Anglo-Saxon. Despite being just shy of 37 inches and 2.4 pounds, it handles as if it were as light and nimble as a steak knife - quick, fluid motion with complete control, and a natural, comfortable grip without fatigue. It just begs to cut.
The Vinland is, hands down, the finest modern piece representative of this period that I've had the pleasure of experiencing, and I'm very proud to have it in my collection.
Please pass on a sincere thanks to all who were involved in the creation and delivery of this piece. I can't wait until my Regent and Squire Line 15th C. Bastard ship! Beyond those, Mike, there will be more... many more.
-- Aaron P. Schnatterly
...I received my Vinland a few weeks ago, and have since then restrained myself from writing to sing it's praises. But now that I have taken it out and done some cutting with it, I can withold my praise no longer. No surprise that the fit and finish are excellent, and yet retain the feel of a custom, handcrafted weapon, and the scabbard is a true representation of the artist's craft. What did surprise me was how the sword flows when handled like Viking swords are supposed to be handled: with the pommel pivoting under the hand. When swung thus, not only does the pommel not knock into your wrist, but the weight of the pommel actually swings the VERY sharp blade through any medium it meets, and cuts magnificently! My kindest thanks and warmest regards to the whole team, as well as to you, Mike, for being much more patient with me than I had any right to expect. Great craftsmen, great customer service, and results that the word "excellence" doesn't begin to describe! I eagerly look forward to my next acquisition from you. Until then I remain Very respectfully yours,
-- Christian J. Callender
...It has taken me three days to write to you thanking you for the service in which my Vinland was delivered unto my Long Hall, due to the fact that I have been stunned into a near catatonic state by it's unprecedented speed of delivery and unearthly quality. Surely you have stolen this sword from Valhalla itself! Words continue to fail me when talking about this piece of art. I fall before thee seven times and seven times, O mighty sword gods! But seriously, it must be tiring to constantly hear your customers sing praises to your unparalleled craftsmanship, but please indulge me on this point once more: The Vinland is a sword of beauty, lithe and swift with a flair of mythic spice. The blade is unquestionably the best I have ever seen on a production sword - the thinness and distal taper are second to none, and show the intense focused care your artisans put into their craft. The leather wrap is so precise, I feel it may last forever, and the fittings are put together with the eye of a master. I am no novice to the experience of owning fine replica swords: I have several Del Tin and Arms and Armor pieces, as well as a few custom one of a kind blades hand made by artisans you may well know. The Vinland has far exceeded my expectations, and is firmly at the head of my collection as equal to the best I own. This is no small feat, and I hope you take this as the highest praise. Expect me to continue ordering more of your fine pieces in the future. Oh, by the way, I liked the Del Tin sword that arrived just ahead of the Vinland - my wife says it's cute. Thank you so much. Yours Aye,
-- Christopher Gregg
... I Just received my Vinland and would like to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. The heavy blade presence that I was expecting is for the most part absent.
The Vinland surprisingly is very responsive and lively in the hand. The overall workmanship and attention to detail is world class and like my Gotland I am very pleased with it.
Albion truly captures that which is the essence of a sword.
Please thank customer service and all those who worked on it.
-- Mike Luke
...Just wanted to say thank you. I'd thank them all personally if I could. My Vinland arrived on the 21st, though I was restrained from opening it by "She Who Must Be Obeyed" until this morning.
It was well worth the wait! I was delirious with glee, chopping and slashing targets in the back yard within minutes of having it in my hands.
What a sword!
So much more than I expected and hoped! If I can make it to the show in Vegas in February, I'll buy you a cold one.
Amy and Howy, Thank you so much for taking the risk and starting your company. I hope that you know how much your company means to those of us that share your interests and passion.
As I read your personal Christmas story Howy, I kept nodding my head. I get it. I had that same feeling as I opened up that white box this morning and held one of your products. Thank you. So glad that you had a father who understood. I didn't, but am trying to be that kind of dad for my kids.
May you and all your employees enjoy the holidays and have fun each day at work. You have my dream job. I hope that you are blessed with and all the success and prosperity that you can handle.
Meanwhile, I'm going back to your website. My birthday is in June as well, and I need to decide which one I want next!
-- Alan D. Bennett
... Its here, That’s for sure!
I apologize for not writing you sooner but I just haven’t been able to put my Vinland down! It’s beautiful!
I am glad that you took the extra time with it to get it right because the wait was worth it! I could not believe it when I took it out of the box it was perfect! I
felt like a kid opening that gift that you always wanted but never thought you could have! Well, now I do and it CUTS! Wow, I would not want to be on the wrong end of this sword!
I was so impressed with it I ran out of things to cut! The grip turned out perfect and the more I handle it the better it gets
I just can’t stop praising this sword and your work. I’m extremely impressed with it and now I just have to start saving for another! I’m sure that everyone there is use to the praise but I thank you all for making such a wonderful sword and thank you Mike for answering all my questions faster then I could shoot them at you! I hope I wasn’t to annoying haha. :)
Just tell everyone there that I say thank you! I hope to keep this sword for the rest of my life! Im glad to have been able to deal with such great people.
Well, I hope everyone there has a great day, thank you all so much!
-- Kristian Kuznak
... I received the Vinland on Thursday last week – it took less than a week to get all the way to Austria. Well I just wanted to let you know that the sword is stunning, I love the scroll work on the pommel and hilt which gives it a real ‘dark ages’ look. It is by far the most striking of the five Albion swords that I now own. I was a little worried that it would be very blade heavy but I can’t say that it is, it certainly has a lot of authority in the swing but it is by no means cumbersome – that said I wouldn’t trust my current conditioning to spend more than a few minutes swinging that thing in battle, for that I’d have to go with the Thegn or the Poiters. At this point I’d have to say that the Vinland and the Thegn tie for first place as my personal favorites followed by the Poiters, the Norman and last but not least the Squire Viking. I look forward to remaining your customer for a very long time. Keep up the great work and keep those swords coming.
-- Erik, Vienna, Austria
...I just wanted to drop you guys a line after I received my Vinland last week.
I was very impressed with the workmanship in the sword and feel that the sword was worth every penny I spent.
I was also very pleased with the Allectus I had purchased a few months earlier.
These are the first two swords in my Western collection, and I definitely will be purchasing more from you in the upcoming months and years.
I also wanted to let you know that I felt that your customer service was outstanding. I work as an auditor and have dealt with many different industries over the years and your customer service is the best I have seen.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to ordering more pieces for my collection as soon as my wife lets me out of the dog house for buying those two so close together. Thanks again.
-- Chris B.

The Clontarf
...Got home today from a client meeting and found a box from you guys waiting.
A Clontarf Viking sword was inside.
Good God people, it is without a doubt the finest reproduction Viking sword I have handled. (and let's face it, I've handled alot)
It is perfect, flawless. No one out there can compete with you on price and accuracy as well as beauty and function. Outstanding!!! Thanks again.
-- Ray DeAncona
...I just received The Clontarf Viking Sword, and all I can say is that Albion Armorers continues to amaze me with their ability to create truly exacting recreations of Viking swords.
The fit, feel and finish is superior. The details of the Clontarf hilt and pommel are outstanding. This is truly a beautiful sword. Thanks again,
-- Gerald Jones
...I received two more NG Vikings this week (the Clontarf and the Gotland).
I cannot say enough about these swords.
All 3 NextGen Vikings I have are similar swords, but each is very unique.
If I had to pick one sword to represent a "typical" sword of the period it would be the Vinland.
If I wanted a sword strictly for its looks it would be the Gotland (broad blade tapering to a wicked point, wide fuller, large flat pommel, the Pamela Lee of my collection) handles very well.
The Clontarf ... well I wasn't crazy about the early photos, but It kinda grew on me. After receiving the sword it is hands down my favorite. It is a really attractive sword,very well cast fittings etc. This sword is *the* best handling sword I have ever picked up... period. It tracks perfectly. I can't wait to do some serious test cutting.
Again, thanks to Albion for the hard work and commitment to quality and customer service (Mike is a heck of a guy).
-- James King
...The Clontarf just arrived and I have no words to express how amazed I am with the piece.
I have often heard that a sword is "like an extension of the arm," but until now I have never fully understood this concept.
As soon as I withdrew the Clontarf from the box, the truth of that statement was fully revealed to me.
I love the sword, and cannot thank y'all enough for it!
With greatest thanks
-- Ben Ellington
...The Clontarf arrived safe and sound this afternoon, thank you very much. What an exceptionally broad blade!
I think I'll cross the fjord tomorrow and raid a few villages along the coast!
Thanks again for yours and Albion's excellent service!
-- Matthew
...Just a quick note to let you know I received the Clontarf last night. One would think that after acquiring 6 other Albion swords before this one that there would be few if any surprises. One glance at the sword still in the box told me I was wrong. I was immediate struck by how well the scroll work on the pommel and guard came out. It’s true what you say. Pictures simply can’t begin to do your swords justice. The blade is your typical work of art, exhibiting a lot of blade presence during the swing, but at an even one kg, it’s light enough to allow super quick recovery. I love how you guys end of the fuller down towards the tip. In fact the more I look, the more delightful surprises I uncover. BTW, dinner was delayed nearly two hours last night. I couldn’t keep my hands off this sword. Boy am I ever glad I ordered this sword before it sold out. It would take a lot for me to ever part with it.
-- John N.

The Gotland
...I received two more NG Vikings this week (the Clontarf and the Gotland).
I cannot say enough about these swords.
All 3 NextGen Vikings I have are similar swords, but each is very unique.
If I had to pick one sword to represent a "typical" sword of the period it would be the Vinland.
If I wanted a sword strictly for its looks it would be the Gotland (broad blade tapering to a wicked point, wide fuller, large flat pommel, the Pamela Lee of my collection) handles very well.
The Clontarf ... well I wasn't crazy about the early photos, but It kinda grew on me. After receiving the sword it is hands down my favorite. It is a really attractive sword,very well cast fittings etc. This sword is *the* best handling sword I have ever picked up... period. It tracks perfectly. I can't wait to do some serious test cutting.
Again, thanks to Albion for the hard work and commitment to quality and customer service (Mike is a heck of a guy).
-- James King

...Gotland Viking Type Z Sword I would like to say thank you for the great customer service it was truly a pleasure dealing with you. I would also like to thank all those who worked on the sword for doing such a great job. The fit, finish and overall appearance are first rate. This really is a remarkable piece of engineering and understanding of the sword maker’s craft. It was such a pleasure to open the box and have the sword feel like a “Sword” and not a hammer or crowbar. I will highly recommend this sword to all that I meet as being a fine example of the sword maker’s craft. Best regards,
--Mike Luke

...Once again the fine folks at Albion Armorers have done it.
I received the Gotland and, like the other three Next Generation Viking swords, it is absolutely superb.
When you pick up the Gotland it becomes an extension of your arm. It is well balanced and the fit, feel and finish is outstanding.
Congrats to those who were a part of the Next Generation Viking Swords project for an outstanding job, and to Mike for a outstanding job in Customer Service.
-- Gerald Jones
...I received one of the best Christmas presents ever from my wife, The Gotland.
This sword is amazing, the weight and balance is perfect.
The fit and finish is beautiful. Every time I pick it up it just feels better and better.
You have an amazing product with this next generation series. I will be looking forward to seeing more work like this in the future. Best wishes
--- James Holczer
...If you order a broadsword from Albion...
...a broadsword is what you will get. I opened the box....priase Oðin, þor and Freya...
The Gotland has a wider blade and fuller than most Albion swords and it feels like the weight of the blade is put right in your hand. Surprisingly light, the immaculate blade finish and edge makes the Gotland a sure, fast cutter. An unbelievable pleasure to swing.
This has become my favorite sword to date...I have only had this for 4 hours already.
Mike, you guys have the best looking blades around.
"We must set sail for the next coastal town to test it out...immediately..."
Morning headlines will read:
"Viking party lands in Sheboygan, and boy did they party"
-- Thorfinn Bengtsson
...The NG Gotland is awesome! The photos do not do this sword justice; you have to see it and hold it to believe its size.
It is a very imposing sword, with a broad blade, a wide, deep fuller, and equally sizable hilt components. For all its presence, it is a very maneuverable sword.
The downturned guard and pommel make for an interesting if not somewhat wicked design and more room for your hand on the grip.
This is a beautiful sword that also means serious business!
-- Tim G.

The Solingen
...Guess what, my Solingen Sword was delivered this morning.
First thing to notice is the tasteful packaging which not only protects the sword perfectly but also gives it an air of... well, period workmanship which i appreciate.
After going through some routines of I.33 I can only say, that I have hold better cutting swords and also more agile swords but seldom such a perfect blend of these two qualities.
Knowing the original in the Klingenmuseum in Solingen, having seen the exhibition and talked with Peter Johnsson this sword is holding even more value for me.
The finish is above all other production swords I have seen or owned, surpassed only by PJ. I am sure, that I will cherish this sword for years to come. You have got a new, long standing customer!
I can only say that the work and the service of Albion is as expected or better and that I have no regrets doing what is normally a thing that shouldn't be done - buying swords online. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks a lot and all the best from Lake of Constance.
-- Herbert Schmidt
...I got the Solingen last night as I got of work. I had a TERRIBLE day... so it made my day when I saw the box on my front door. I thought it was the Tritonia, but was suprised to get the Solingen. WOW! This is a beautiful sword.
I am just starting to get into single handed swords. I have always preferred hand and a half. This sword could change my mind about that. The sword looks good in the pics on your site, but must be seen first hand to really appreciate it.
The details of the hilt and blade are very subtle although there is nothing subltle about the presence of this sword.
Now I am an incredibly picky customer. When I pay this much money on anything I expect perfection. I have bought a couple of swords and guns over the years that just haven't measured up to my expectations and I eventually sold them.
The Solingen surpassed any expectations I had. I want to thank all of you at Albion for bringing the opportunity to own a piece of History like this. This blade is the equivalent of many custom swords that I have seen that have always been out of reach for me.
I would especially like to thank Peter for the meticulous design and Mike for the outstanding customer service. I love this sword. Now I just have to wait for my Brescia and the Tritonia and the Sovereign and........ Thanks again
-- Dave Lannon
...I have had the good fortune to be able to try out Albion's new Solingen sword, a joint venture with swordsmith Peter Johnsson. I had very high expectations as I pryed the wooden transport cases open.
And there it was, slender and shining, one look said that it was a leathal weapon.The design is a rigourus copy of a historical specimen, using the very best in modern technology to create a sword that is true to it's historical counterpart to the last detail and yet made with all the skill that modern mettalurgy and craftsmanship can possibly muster.
The sword is of standard length, the correct one for me using George SIlvers method of measuring at least. In the hand it feels slightly point heavy, this however disappears as you start to move the blade and in the strikes and thrusts it becomes very much alive and easy on you.
Handling the sword in techniques from I.33 and later George Silver the sword is surprisingly agile, yet it is decisive in the strike and the point allows for efficient thrusts as well.
In all handling the Solingen is very easy, no great strength is needed, and it answers very well to the swordsmans movements.
How does it perform in cutting tests then? Well, we routinely use soaked newspaper rolls with the staples removed and tightly wound with duct tape for our targets -- this gives us a thick and solid wet wad of paper.This simulates flesh rather well and can be conveniently supported on a waist high pole.
I began with a roll some three inches in diameter --the Solingen went straight through, I did not even notice any resistance from the target which showed a nice clean cut.
Next roll was five inches in diameter -- now the resistance was felt but the Solingen cut through.This is quite solid really since five inches is almost like an upper arm.
I had a really thick roll also, almost ten inches in diameter, a huge lump of paper that was very problematic to support. There the trip ended, but it cut almost 3/4 of the way through!
Of course the results also depend on your stregnth naturally, but it shows that the Solingen cuts very well, and fast too! After I was done some 30 cuts later, there was no noticable dulling of the edge or any marks whatsoever.
In all I feel that Albion has succeeded in creating a solid weapon, a beautiful combination of speed and strength. This coupled with the fact that it is so closly modeled on a historical original, makes it a first choice for those of you who want to work with a live blade of outstanding quality without sacrificing the historical authenticity.
--David Lindholm, Author and Swordsman
...A nice lady from UPS just delivered a package for me. It was my longed for Solingen. And it is absolutely magnificent, gorgeous, beautiful,...!!!
I could keep praising it all day long but you're probably getting sick of all those plaudit emails :) So I will stay factual.
You did a great job from the creation of the sword to selling and delivering it to me.
First I was a bit skeptical about buying something so expensive via internet but I'm more than pleased with the outcome. In fact you more than matched your indeed very high reputation.
So a very big "Thank you" to all of you at Albion-Swords and be assured that you won a new standing customer, even if it will take a while until I can afford my next sword. My very best regards to you all!
-- Florian Hargassner

The Tritonia
...Ok, I got the Tritonia just now. It is a BEAST of of sword. This sword is a cleaver pure and simple. However, it is NOT a boat anchor. Despite its mass, it is supprisingly manuverable, and I have no doubt at its effectiveness.
This sword is probably slighltly better executed than the Solingen I just received last week (and SLIGHTLY is the operative word) I think the Solingen is more of an all purpose combat sidearm whereas the Tritonia is a primary battlefield weapon.
I also agree with Peter that this is for use on horesback. Even though it handles very well given its size, I would not want to swing it around all day. With the momentum of a horse behind a blow this sword would be devestating.
This sword is VERY sharp as well. In fact it is the sharpest sword in my collection.
Again thanks to everyone at Albion....And Peter.....and to the poor knight who dropped this sword in the mud in Sweden so I could have a perfect replica of it.....(HEH HEH...) Cheers
-- Dave Lannon
...What a great way to end a day.
Walked in the front door this evening to find a wonderful box from my good friends at Albion Armorers, my TRITONIA had arrived.
Funny how that white box from Albion always seems to make my attitude soar. It was a rough day at work, ........ but who cares.
I was very pleasantly surprised to open the cardboard box and find a nice wood box securely protecting the TRITONIA sword. Very nice touch, and a much appreciated extra.
The TRITONIA is incredible. It is everything I had hoped (and knew) it would be.
Big, bold, powerful, and yet balanced, light, and graceful. I am amazed.
The quality of construction and craftsmanship is typical of all my Albion swords ...........Superb!
I have had my eye on this sword for a long time, and it will join my Albion First Generation Crusader Type XII, Hastings Type X, Gaddhjalt, and Acre Type XII.
A big thanks to Mr. Peter Johnsson for the opportunity to own this fantastic sword. You have given many many of us the opportunity to share in your great love of these amazing weapons. Your years of hard work and dedication to this project is very much appreciated. Thank you Sir.
A big thank you to Albion as well. Typical A+++ customer service, and a product second to none.
My European sword collection is exclusively Albion swords, and I really have no desire to try the other guys. "When you have the best, why bother with the rest."
Now to make room for the DUKE. Thanks again.
-- John K Thomas
...Well, I got my Tritonia and Brescia Spadona today.
Man, I just wish Albion would stop playing games. I'm onto you guys. I know how these swords came to be. No one can make something so exact and historical.
Dammit, just admit that you guys have a time machine!
I know, you can't lie to me. I know you guys think going back in time, buy some swords and throw the Albion symbol on the blade makes you clever! That's cheating! Cheating I say!
Although I must say, they are truly incredible swords. Top of the line, the best of the best, truly historic. Time machines, spread the wealth people!
ps: Just kidding. Thanks guys, the swords are amazing. The Brescia is a deadly sword. Looks fast and lightning sharp just sitting there. It actually pierced through the crate when I got it. Sharp and pointy. And the Tritonia... a MAN'S sword. Oh yeah.
-- Vay
...Just opened the [Tritonia] box and I'm very impressed it also got here with no accidents in transit so it' s rustfree and nick free. I don't find it excessively heavy for a one hander and recovery from a swing is a little faster than with the Gaddhjalt for comparison by a good 25% margin in my opinion. The Sovereign is a little faster than the Tritonia: This is obviously not comparing apples with oranges but maybe comparing oranges to tangerines ( I won't say lemons as none of these is a lemon ...... LOL. )
I'm also pleasantly surprised by the very well made wooden box it comes in that can even be used for storage as well as being useful if ever I need to reship it for any reason in the future: I don't expect wanting to ever sell this one.
The distal taper is interesting in that it seems to be in steps and not uniform or in a single simple curve: Near the guard the blade is relatively thick but tapers more steeply than further down the blade where it seem much more gradual. the last part of the blade is thin but not as much as I expected from reviews at www.myarmoury.com . Not that the reviews are not accurate only that they give the impression of being thinner. The Sovereign seems thinner near the point and in part the very wide blade of the Tritonia near the point visually makes the blade seem thinner in proportion to width.
The best way to understand the distal taper is to close one's eyes and feel the thickness of the blade over it's whole length. I have read that the human hand can feel differences of 1 /10,000 of an inch that your eyes will not pick up on. The very wide spatulate point would still be dangerous against an un- armoured opponent but even leather armour or linen gambison would be difficult to pierce with a thrust. On the other hand I think a tip cut would slice this type of armour like a hot knife through butter. The blade is dull for the first few inches of the blade near the guard and becomes gradually sharper at first glance towards the point. Cutting a hand held piece of paper was like using a Star Wars light sabre, sharp enough ! I haven't checked for scary sharp yet, but paper cutting sharp or sword sharp is more than enough and usually a more durable edge.
If one is looking for the best in a dedicated to the cut one hander this design and this well executed version of one is the one to beat. ( You're not going to find a better design. )
My thank for Peter Johnsson for having taken up making / researching / designing sword: BIG THANK YOU THERE ! Finish and fit is very good.
-- Jean
...My Tritonia arrived yesterday in perfect shape although the cardboard box was banged up a bit.
I am extremely impressed. Not only with the workmanship which is superb but also with the way she handles.
I knew from other testimonials and the review that her size belied her handling characteristics, but until you meet her in person it is hard to understand.
She is 190 grams heavier than my Maurice but feels lighter. At least to me.
Again you have delivered a masterpiece, and Peter has done one hell of a research and documentation job.
Like many I had reservations about the pommel but they disappeared as soon as I wrapped my paw around the grip.
The pommel is extremely comfortable and the rosette (which was perfectly lined up) breaks up the “ball bearing look” in a very pleasing way.
I know there are people who expect a higher grade of finish on the museum line than the NG line to justify the price point. These people do not realise that the cost lies in the minute research and documentation as well as in the painstaking transformation of data into steel.
In my opinion the finish level on the Museum and NG line is exactly as it should be - authentic.
As I said: Happy, happy ,happy.
Well Mike, another stellar sword received and a job well done on your part. All the best my friend.
-- Reiny

The Brescia Spadona
...I got my Brescia today and I love it.
I have all three of the Peter Johnson Museum line and I like this one the best (of course I've said that about each one I have received :).
This is quite a large sword, but it is extremely light, or at least VERY well balanced. I handles better with one hand than any of my one handed swords. No doubt the huge pommel is responsible for the exceptional balance.
The pommel by the way is the single most striking feature of this sword (ok ok...pun intended). The scalloped flutes in the pommel show an incredible attention to detail.
Overall this sword is breathtaking.
Thanks to all the folk at Albion.
-- Dave Lannon
...Well, I got my Tritonia and Brescia Spadona today.
Man, I just wish Albion would stop playing games. I'm onto you guys. I know how these swords came to be. No one can make something so exact and historical.
Dammit, just admit that you guys have a time machine!
I know, you can't lie to me. I know you guys think going back in time, buy some swords and throw the Albion symbol on the blade makes you clever! That's cheating! Cheating I say!
Although I must say, they are truly incredible swords. Top of the line, the best of the best, truly historic. Time machines, spread the wealth people!
ps: Just kidding. Thanks guys, the swords are amazing. The Brescia is a deadly sword. Looks fast and lightning sharp just sitting there. It actually pierced through the crate when I got it. Sharp and pointy. And the Tritonia... a MAN'S sword. Oh yeah.
-- Vay
...Thoughts on the Brescia... um just one really: "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."
More seriously it handles beautifully, I think I'm in love.
MY girlfriend keeps telling me to stop flirting with it.
I've also found out that though even rebated the point is still fine enough to easily go through terracotta tiles. heh Ooops.
-- Scott
...I took delivery of my Brescia Spadona last Friday. It arrived unblemished and sported the usual benchmark workmanship.
I have had the opportunity to play with it during the weekend and I can only say that the praise heaped upon it in the other testimonials is well deserved. This must be the ultimate 15th century sword.
The handling and balance are simply superb and the looks are breathtakeing.
This is another sword to which the catalog pictures do not do justice.
To see her "in the flesh" is simply a revelation. I hung her on the white washed chimney/firewall in my livingroom and the decorative effect was stunning. The white background seems to bring out every little detail in her shape and silouette. Actually the effect was so good that I have reserved a space on the chimney/firewall on the ground floor for my Maximilian when it arrives.
These dramatic looking swords really shine on a rustic background. To say that I am thrilled would be the understatement of the century.
Mike, as you know I am an avid fan of the NG line. However there is a special feeling when the sword is an exact recreation of a well known historical weapon. It gives me at least, a feeling of reliving history and that is what the Museum Line is all about. I have this feeling with my Tritonia, Solingen and St. Maurice, but it is extra strong with the Brescia. As a result I will arrange future holiday plans or business trips to include some time with the originals, starting with the Tritonia as this is in Stockholm and quite close.
Well my friend, give my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in her construction. Again Albion has created a winner. In hoc signo vinces
-- Reiny
...Good Day Mike and Everyone at Albion,
Since my fencing days at college, I have harbored a dream to obtain an authentic, serviceable reproduction medieval sword and learn how to wield it.
Back in September, after doing a lot of reading and research on available options, I ordered the Baron as a step towards fulfilling that dream. While counting the days until it would arrive, I was enticed by Albion’s 10th anniversary sale. It seemed like a good time to “double-down” and use the discount on a Museum Line model, so I ordered the Brescia Spadona as a thrusting-oriented companion to the cleaving Baron.
The excitement of ordering the second sword took my mind off of the wait for a couple of days, but every day I would crane my neck to see if a long, slender box had been delivered. I was reckoning with 12 weeks, but hoping for sooner. Meanwhile, I had several of the known medieval texts to keep me busy working out a practice regimen for the acquisitions. I even picked up a first edition of The Sword in the Age of Chivalry. And then things began to happen much sooner than I had anticipated. Suddenly there was a white box at the door. To my amazement, I could feel that the white box contained a wooden crate signaling that the Brescia had arrived first. I resisted the temptation to rip into the package willy-nilly, and savored every bit of the excitement. First seeing the elegant wooden crate with the Albion logo branded into the sides, then sliding back the cover and seeing that elegant weapon suspended carefully and artfully within; it was like being transported back in time.
I only wish that I had the presence of mind at the time to photograph it before I removed it from the crate; but alas, I could not wait to finally hold it in my hands.
Only then did I truly appreciate what I had read elsewhere, that these pieces are not mere reproductions, but are indeed recreations.
The fit and finish are superb, but not so mechanically perfect that one cannot sense that human hands have played a significant role in the sword’s creation. The geometry of the blade is impressive with all of its nuances from the wide base to the complex reinforced point, from the fuller out to the edges with the secondary bevel. Although it is not a light piece, it moves effortlessly with incredible balance, and with phenomenal point control. The wicked pommel, the impressive wide guard, the cutting edges, the point; there are so many highly developed offensive options that one senses that this sword perhaps represents a time that saw the apex of medieval sword development before the dawning of the age of the rapier.
I could not put it down for hours, completely spellbound.
Days later came the question in the back of my mind: would the Baron’s arrival be anticlimactic?
Now that it has just arrived, I can emphatically aver that it was not in the least anticlimactic. There was nothing holding me back this time from ripping open the package and seizing the prize inside, which was in its own way quite fulfilling. The quality, fit, and finish is every bit as good as the Brescia. The price differential between the two is likely accounted for by the relative complexity of the Brescia’s blade and no doubt by the research and engineering it took to recreate it.
The fact that it is an exacting recreation of an existing historical example adds to the sense of satisfaction and makes it worth every penny. However, there is no apparent difference in the quality of the finished product between the Museum Line and the Next Generation line and that speaks for your overall commitment to quality.
The elegant austerity and impressive dimensions of the Baron demand attention. It feels, and is indeed slightly heavier than its companion, and it is not quite as quick in the hands as the Brescia; but, it was never intended to be. Everything about it screams cleaving and dismemberment. Nonetheless, its somewhat rounded point is surely nothing to be trifled with either.
Brandishing one and then the other drives home the fact that these pieces have their own individual life and character. I look forward to exploring their respective nuances.
Thanks to everyone at Albion for creating quality recreations in a price category between lesser, essentially useless reproductions and completely hand-made, high-end custom pieces that are vastly less affordable.
With the Brescia and Baron in my possession, I am only now beginning to grasp what a sword truly is in a way that modern fencing could never completely convey.
My only regret is that I put off fulfilling the dream, and did not find Albion sooner.
My apologies if I rambled on here a bit, but I did want to make sure that you all knew how utterly satisfied I am with both purchases. Something tells me that they will not be my last acquisitions: perhaps a Type X, or a XA….???
Best Regards,
-- Steve S.
... I received my Brescia Spadona just a few hours ago. (I had the day off, so I waited for UPS to show up.) I practically had to force myself to put the sword down so that I could take time to write this e-mail! This is it! My life is now complete. Whatever else happens, I've got that sword problem covered! That's the last sword I'll ever need! When the zombie apocalypse finally comes, I'll be ready.
Seriously though, this is a beautiful sword. It is readily apparent that it was made by the hands of folks who are masters of their craft. The Spadona's grip easily accommodates two hands yet it is so wonderfully balanced that it is just as easy to wield with one hand. The width and thickness of the base of the blade let you know that it is substantial and would stand up to heavy use but the taper of the blade is such that it lends it a goodly amount of speed and ease of handling. Of the swords that I own this is easily my favorite and will probably always remain so.
Thanks so much to you, Mike Sigman, for all your patience. Whenever I called to place an order or just to check on an order you've always been friendly and courteous and that's a true testament to your commitment to customer service. Thanks also to all the men and women who work at Albion behind the scenes. Your attention to detail and the exacting pains you take to produce such fine work speaks volumes about your commitment to quality, craftsmanship and just plain excellence!
In short, you guys ROCK!
-- Ryan

The Squire Line Viking Sword
...Wow, I am truly impressed with your service. I was quoted 3 weeks for construction, but it's only been 18 days including shipping from placing the order to receiving the sword in hand.
This [Squire Line Viking] sword handles better than anything in my collection save a custom piece I own. Are you sure this isn't a NextGen blade?
It is a tremendous improvement over the Del Tin type H which I have also owned, yet is priced the same! For this price I would be expecting a heavier sword with a heavy pommel balancing a heavy blade.
With me you have found a very satisfied customer in the Squire Line Viking, and it already has me considering purchasing the others in the line as well!
-- Aaron Justice
...I have received already "the [Squire Line] Viking sword type H".
The sword is very well made, it has balance, it has realism, it seems done by a viking blacksmith of 1.200 years ago, is incredible (I hope that your craftsman does not take annoyance to compare him with a viking blacksmith ;D), Good work.
-- Gorka Martin
...The Viking sword I ordered has arrived. You call this squireline a lower grade of finishing? I think it looks great! I just wanted to tell you that I have been looking for decent swords for a long time. When I found one that looked like a nice historical replica, there where always some things that kept me from buying it. Especially when I started asking questions about the construction, materials and weight. One of the things that struck me the first time I saw the Albion site is the technical information about each sword and especially the realistic weights of the swords. (Question about the metal in the hilt and pommel: Is this a low carbon steel?) The other thing is the good amount of pictures on the site which really show what you're getting. And what you see is what you get! The sword has a simple practical beauty and feels robust. Things I really like about a sword. It took me a long time until I felt confident ordering a sword without having to worry about getting rubbish and thus squandering my money. I was a bit shocked though about the additional taxes I had to pay shipping it into the Netherlands, 75 (about 90$). In trying out the sword I noticed the pommel only allows letting it slide next to the hand. The elliptical pommel is probable designed for this. Do you have some more information on this subject? I am a bit of a history freak but I don't have much practical experience with swords, hmm strange.. Anyway I had a good feeling about Albion from the start, very professional! Thanks Mike for answering all of my questions so fast. I'm very pleased with the sword I got. I'll be looking forward to the Roman swords and maybe spearheads? Kind regards,
-- Michel
... I just received the squire line viking sword. What a treasure! The quality is obvious.
My first reaction on taking it out of the box was just to admire its lively feel and clean lines. Every angle and curve was perfect, graceful but aggresive. It balances beautifully in the hand and swings effortlessly; it feels like a natural extension of your arm.
It is every bit worth the price, and frankly, more.
The same evening I received it, I brought it in to a museum where I volunteer to show to the other volunteers, some of whom are sword collectors who have handled many antique and high quality edged weapons. The admiration for my Squire Line viking sword was universal.
As I explained when I ordered it, I wanted a sword, to use in public displays, of the type most likely used by the vikings who explored the New World, and which matched the style of hilt which has been found in Iceland dated to that period. I also wanted one which could give people an idea of how finely crafted and balanced viking swords from that period really were. Your Squire Line viking sword fits my needs perfectly.
Your Squire line sword is so good, the higher grade lines must be unbelievable. It's a simple choice.
A prospective sword buyer can do what many people do, which is to blow hundreds of dollars on a couple of OK-looking but unauthentic copies of swords made with plated zinc parts in Pakistan, China or India.
Or, he can buy, for the same money, a real sword from Albion, made by folks who know and admire swords, and, while he's at it, help support his country by keeping Americans working and maintaining respect for America's traditional standards for quality work. Which purchase will he be proud to own? Which purchase will end up in the garbage or at a garage sale; and which will become an heirloom?
And I am especially proud to show it off as a fine American product. Congratulations!
-- David Nordin
... Hi again, it's been a while, and I've finally got around to writing back to you about the Squire Line Viking I bought some months ago. Being my first foray into sword reproductions of this price-range, I was incredibly impressed and satisfied with the service you provided me. My questions and requests were dealt with well and speedily.
As for the sword itself, as I say, I'm new to this and so can't comment on specifics as I have no frame of reference. I will say this though: out of any of the swords I've handled (mostly cheap 'n' nasties, as I like to call them), I pick up the Albion Viking, and I think "This is a sword. It's the real thing." Now this is mostly instinctual, but I think it still says something.
All in all, I'm very happy with my dealing with you. The only question that remains is: what do I buy from you next?
-- Sim

The Squire Line 13th C Great Sword
I recently took delivery of your Squire Line late 13th Century Great Sword. The weapon is absolutely magnificent, it literally took my breath away when I unwrapped it.
Unable to part with it for the first day of having it in hand, the sword literally had to be surgically removed from my grip this weekend before going out. Apparently I might have alarmed other diners in the restaurant if I hadn't left it at home and it's definitely too big to be passed off as a steak knife....
Despite it appearing heavy and cumbersome to the untrained eye, the sword is surprisingly light, agile and incredibly well balanced, allowing excellent control of the edge and tip when handled properly.
If it is possible to be in love with an inanimate object (although the word inanimate hardly does the sword justice when it's in use), that state of mind is definitely where I am now. I just haven't got round to naming her yet.
Congratulations to all concerned on your excellent customer service and on producing such a consummate piece of workmanship. You'll be hearing from me again, have no doubt. A Roman Gladius? Or maybe a Dark Age sword? The choices are endless. Many thanks again,
-- Paul Baker
...Well, I've had the [13th C Great] sword for several days now, and I am quite pleased with it. It handles sweetly, with a lightsome balance that belies the crisp authority with which it cuts both wet newspaper/plastic pipe targets and rolled straw mats. I haven't had the opportunity yet to purchase a picnic shoulder or ham to cut on, but the ease with which it slaughters the other targets I have practiced on gives me great joy.
The solidity and good-workmanship of the sword are quite evident...I have put it through numerous full-speed cutting drills and flouryshes, and the blade torques around at full speed and power without the slightest untoward motion in grip, cross, or pommel.
Despite it's substantial weight of over 3.5 lbs, the sword flows crisply from guard to cut to guard, reversing or stopping without the unwieldy excessive follow-through that so many blades on the market are prone to.
I like it so much, I'll probably be ordering another Squire Line blade from you guys shortly. Tell everybody up there they did a great job on this one (yourself included)...you guys have got to expand the Squire Line soon...tell Peter Johnsson to hurry up and design some more blades for this line so I can add to my armory. Many Thanks,
-- Colin Wheeler
... Dear Albion Craftsmen and Staff:
I got a call at the office around lunch from my wife telling me that a long box had arrived for me. I can't describe the self-control it took to stay until 5.
When I got home and saw the Late 13th Century Great Sword lying in the box it was like Christmas in June.
Picking up the sword made me feel like a piece of history, a soldier ready for battle.
It truly is an amazing work of art.
Thank you for the attention to detail, the incredible craftsmanship, and the enthusiastic customer service.
When I'd call and talk to Mike, it was like he'd been waiting all day just for my call. Of all the "customer service" folks I've talked to over the years, he's got to be one of the best. Keep it up, Albion.
You've made my first sword purchase something special. As Arnold would say, "I'll be back..."
Feel free to post my comments. You and your company produce an extremely high-quality product and provide extremely high-quality service, so I think it's only right to let others know about it. May God bless you.
-- A. Ward

The Squire Line 15th Century Bastard Sword
...I *just* finished oiling my new 15th Century Bastard!
Thanks -- and kudos! -- to all you folks at Albion! I haven't yet had the pleasure of seeing or handling a model from the Next Generation line, but I'm finding it hard to believe that the Squire line is a step *down* from the Next Generation line!
The finish is excellent, the grip is extremely comfortable, and the pommel is gorgeous! At 3 pounds, it's light enough to practice single-handed, and she's silver lightning using two.
I LOVE it!
One VERY satisfied Albion customer,
-- Pat
...I got my 15th Century Bastard Sword today!
I can't even begin to express how happy I am with it.
Before I received it, I had some worries. I was planning to use it for light sparring, and I wasn't sure if the tip and the edge would be safe enough. They are. No worries.
I was also worried about the balance point, because I like bastard swords to have it closer to the guard. Again, no worries.
This is the best balanced sword I have ever owned, and one of the best I have ever handled (the others were antiques, Peter's, and yours).
This sword tracked and recovered like magic. It feels alive in my hand with every cut, and is precise in every thrust.
The fit and finish is also great. Better than other sword I've owned for around the same price, and for much more expensive pieces.
I've spent twice as much on a certain company's sword that feels awkward in my hands, and I've had it for over three years! I've spent fifty dollars more, than the Albion sword, on another company's sword and it felt like a hunk of metal compared to this. Not bad for a $350 Squire.
You are now the only company I will buy sword from. Period.
You guys rock.
-- Derek E. Wassom, GF Scholar ARMA
...I'd like to tell you that the 15 cen squire bastard sword is a dream, fast and light, it darts and dances around larger blades with such speed its scary. we do lots of steel sparing in north N.J. ARMA,and this bastard sword is beating the hell out of the other guys DelTins. The nice ring the blade makes with a good parry makes all heads turn. The 15c bastard is light enough for me to use one handed, so I can grab my opponent's sword and stick him befor he has any idea, or use it with a shield. Had a paul chen practice long sword put a few dings in the flat but it cuts into del tins nice (Gary and Mike had to file out the cuts to there flats a few times lol).all in all its a great sword. My thanks to you and all the guys that put so much hard work into the making of these wonderful pieces. thanks again(hope i was no to much of a pain with the crecy lol)
-- Bruce Magee
... I just wanted to let you know that the rain's eased up here, and so I got to do some flouryshing with my new Late 15th Century Bastard Sword. I was pleased with how cleanly it tracked through the air; the blade feels as though it meets very little resistance during a cut. I'm very happy with my new acquisition, and I find myself constantly removing it from the box to hold it and cut with it whenever I have the chance. After having handled this sword, I have no plans to buy swords from any company save for Albion in the future.
-- Craig

Discerner -- The Lindsay Sword
..I got my Discerner and I have to tell you it is a thing of rare beauty.
I truly cannot describe how ecstatic I am with this incredible piece, especially since this is no. 0001!!!!
Kudos to Jim Lindsey for making another certain sword I like to call divine (together with the Atlantean & the Father's) a reality for all of us who were kids back in the 80s.
Its fine highly polished blade & silver wire and its bronzes are fantastic in form and color, the whole thing is so flawless and, well, so PERFECT (kinda reminds me of champagne for some reason,and makes you wanna somehow drink it...ah,the sweet color of polished bronze...) the pommel is so unbelievably beautiful,and one cannot help but keep staring at it, as it's changing hues&shades when reflecting the light.
Howy & Amy -- you DO make dreams come true.
THANK YOU SO MUCH ALBION ARMORERS -- now I'm off to get that Destroyer Atlantean, cause the Atlantean is more of a sacred object to me, a personal totem, and so I can't just have only one.
-- Chris Michas
...I'm sorry it has taken me a week to write back since I received the [Discerner] sword in the mail! I have been so busy at work, I feel like I live here.
Please let everyone know that the sword is BEAUTIFUL. She is so well balanced it feels like a rapier in my hand instead of a hand and a half broad sword. (Sorry, but I believe that all things of beauty should be referred to as she! )
Your craftsmen have done a fantastic job!
I've been collecting swords for almost 25 years and the Discerner sword is the best made sword I've ever purchased. It will be my favorite for years to come! It is truly a masterpiece and will be a treasured family heirloom to be handed down from generation to generation. It even rivals my father's World War II Katana.
Once again -- the sword is Fantastic.
Thanks for all of the kind replies! Keep in touch.
--Gary Stobnicke

...The more I hold it, the more I want to hold it. The more I look at it, the more beautiful it is.
I've held, examined and evaluated my Discerner for about three hours now and I can say without any reservation at all that I am thrilled with it. Everything fits perfectly. Everything has been finished with great care. There are no rough machine marks anywhere on it... It looks like it has been rubbed with a soft cloth for about a year. The balance and manageability are very nice. The sword can be swung, maneuvered and stopped on a dime with very little effort.
The first impression I get when I pick it up is of how solid it is... It literally feels formidable. It is a big sword, and while it is not heavy, it is heavy enough to instantly command a certain respect. The weight is very well balanced, however and the sword can easily be managed with one hand. I've already grown so comfortable with it that I'm giving it little one handed flips and tosses as I admire it. It is a very comfortable and user friendly sword.
The grip is perhaps Discerner's best feature. I can't stop peering closely at the wire that covers the grip. When looked at closely in this manner it is, in my opinion, the foremost proof that this sword was made by people who are true artists and craftsman who truly take an enormous amount of pride in their work. The wire lays perfectly flat. There are no rough spots anywhere on it and I find the texture very pleasing to the hand, even after three hours. The texture is, in fact, so agreeable that when I put the sword down I literally begin to miss the feel of the grip in my hand. Another very agreeable feature of the grip is the way the German silver wire quickly absorbs my hand's body heat. It's hard to describe, but this makes holding the the sword even more pleasing and comfortable.
Discerner is by no means a cold piece of metal. The warm feeling kind of makes the grip feel like Waterford crystal. My mother has an extensive collection and I have always found that particular crystal a bit warm to the touch. The pommel is also a fine exhibition of craftsmanship. The diamond patterned inserts are tightly fitted and I've spent a lot of time admiring their texture, which is deeply cut and very rich. I also like the way the surface of the pommel gracefully curves up to 'grasp' the inserts. The pommel is quite a hefty piece of metal and balances the blade very well. It's heft makes me understand why the pommels of old swords were sometimes made into the business end of a flail. I would not want to be clunked on the head with it. The very bottom of the tang is visible at the very bottom of the pommel. This area has been very carefully attended to and the two metals are perfectly flush with one another. This is another example of the care that went into making the sword.
The guard is also very worthy of attention. The shape curves gracefully and I often find my hand absently stroking the curves without my having purposely placed it there. Discerner is a sword so beautiful that even a blind man could honestly take pleasure in it. The amount of metal the grip is quite impressive. It is not a skimpy little bar by any means, but a sturdy square piece of silicon brass that appears slightly more than one square centimeter in area when viewed from the end. While I do not wield swords in combat, I am very confident that this guard could stop cold another weapon's downward stroke and have very little damage to show for it.
Now the blade... A truly worthy sword blade speaks for itself, and Discerner's blade speaks volumes. It is straight, true, flexible, sharp, it rings very appealingly when gently flicked and I can't wait to get some tatami mats! I'm not sure I can make out all of the signatures on my personalized thank you card, but I will try because the creators of this sword deserve thanks of their own. I think Jason D. was the Blade Grinder. Thank You! I know Eric from the pictures of him on the website and think that is his signature on the Cutler line. Thank You! The Shipping Coordinator was Paul H. Thank You!
And, of course, I cannot forget Mike Sigman. Thank You for tolerating my email bombardment as I did my best to wait patiently for this fine work of art. Most customer service people talk 'at' people. You talk 'to' me, and that means something.
-- Michael Simmons

...It was the first time I had ever used a sword, and I have to say that Discerner exceeded all expectations.
It sliced clean though the very first mat that I set up on the very first swing... I was amazed!
I must have stood there for a minute just looking at the part of the mat lying on the ground and asking myself "Did I do that?"
As the day wore on, the mat carnage continued with Discerner wiping out all opposition. The double mats were tough, but I think I can still say I vanquished the enemy and claim victory!
Thanks again for a truly wonderful sword... I really could not ask for better.
-- Michael Simmons
... I have also had time to get acquainted with The Discerner. A truly marvelous piece.
It is everything I had hoped for and more.
My friends that have seen it were much impressed by the craftsmanship that went into it as well as fit and finish.
Once again thanks to you and the Albion team for producing such fine blades. -- Steve A
...No Mike, I have not printed out and read all the background and history behind the Discerner, but I'll be doing that shortly.
No Mike, there is no sword made by Albion that fails to deliver the magic that we sword collectors have to have.
No Mike, I can't tell you that even your practice swords fail to generate history-transcending, time-machine effects when you wield them.
No, I can't say those things.
But Mike, why didn't you sell me the Discerner first?
I'm serious.
Do you think I'm going to let you get away with holding out on me that of all your swords it is the most magical of all?
No way.
Not a chance man. You're on the spot for this one.
Why didn't you tell me that its balance would redefine the word for me?
Why didn't you tell me that the ricasso's slope into the slender, but still so powerful blade, balanced by the large but so handleable pommel would make than Discerner just float in the air like a gull soaring?
Why didn't you explain that its gorgeous bronze guards would flash magical sparks when the Discerner is wielded in the sunlight?
Why didn't you make me understand that seven lines, times seven diagonal lines means 49 diamonds of pure power and magic?
And Mike, how come you failed to explain that King Arthur himself did not have a more fantastic sword?
You're slipping, Mike.
I'm deeply disappointed.
I expected better from you.
Selling me all those other swords without letting me know that this one is the best you've ever made.
What were you thinking?
-- Pasquale

Albion Armor and Accoutrements
...The Corinthian arrived today. Wow! You guys do some spectacular work! What would we do without you! The finest armour and weapons reproductions I'm aware of.
Thanks very much. I hope you're doing well.
-- Ed Hunter
..The Bronze Early Corinthian helmet arrived today. It looks GREAT, especially with the transverse, red and black horsehair crest. The workmanship is truly outstanding and it is certainly more than worth the price.
Enjoyed doing business with you and hope to do so again!
-- David L. Helms, Lt Col, USAF, (Ret.)
Dear Mike, Albion Armorers,
...The caligae arrived safe and sound! I got them thursday-evening and needed them the friday thereafter, so I was a bit nervous about the last bits of work (cutting the holes for the laces to size and finding said laces), but both worked out.
The caligae are marvellous; I love the smell of the leather and the hobnails under the soles. And they were surprisingly comfortably! It was a rather chilly and rainy weekend, but one thing is for sure: I never ever had cold or uncomfortable feet!
Even loose sand worked itself out of the sandals almost as quickly as it got in. So they have had their baptism of fire and they came out excellently! Thank you very much for all the wonderful work -obviously for the people of the Cobbler Shop as well! It is much appreciated and much enjoyed! On which note I am happy to add that everyone I show either caligae or helmet to, are quite impressed by both the beauty and the quality of your work!
-- Alexander

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