Albion Mark Campaign Scabbards

The campaign line is designed to give our customers an affordable basic scabbard made to fit each of our Albion Mark swords (Museum Line, Next Generation Line, Squire Line.). Researched period scabbards are also available, each one hand-made.

Each Albion Campaign Scabbard includes the following features:

* Handcrafted basswood core
* Profile taper as well as distal taper that matches the blade profile
* Oiled interior to resist moisture build-up and rust
* 100% genuine leather cover
* Stitched seam
* Handcrafted steel or bronze chape
* Through-dyed for a rich, luxurious finish
* Choice of belt suspension (belts not included in price)
* Price: $350

Albion Campaign Scabbard Belts and Baldrics

We also make belts or baldrics as an accessory for the campaign line scabbards. Add a baldric or belt to your Campaign Scabbard for an additional $150

Below are photographs of examples of each:

Campaign Scabbard Belt Campaign Scabbard Belt Detail

Campaign Baldric

Campaign Baldric Detail
Campaign Baldric Detail  


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