Wooden and acrylic stands, plaques and accessories to display your swords and armor pieces
All displays are hand-crafted and hand-finished here in Wisconsin, USA.


D001 (32" x 6.75")

Oak Display Plaques

D001 (32" x 6.75")... $120
Perfect for Roman short swords, daggers, etc.

D002 (42" x 12")... $150
Standard single hand and most hand and a half swords

D003 (50" x 16")... $200

Longer swords -- hand and a half and some two-handers

Hand-crafted and hand-finished by our associate, Roger Ellis of Treasures Limited

Custom plaques are available -- contact Mike for details



Medium and Small

PoB DisplayTM

Designed by Leif Hansen and made by Roger of Treasures Limited, this stand provides a unique and striking way to display your sword.

The PoB Display is currently available in three sizes:

Cherry - $70
Walnut - $60

Cherry - $55
Walnut - $50

Cherry - $40
Walnut - $35

More PoB stand designs coming soon!

2003 Albion Armorers
This design and the name "PoB Display" and "Point of Balance Display" are protected by U.S. copyrght and trademark and patent is pending. This design may not be copied or sold unless licensed to do so by Albion.


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