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Jason Dingledine,
Swordsmith & Production Designer

My interest in swords began as a child while watching movies like Zorro, and Conan. From seeing these movies and others, I made my first attempt at knifemaking at age 8. For the next ten years I played a little with it here and there, and then I truly picked up the desire again, and while in college started working in a colonial style fort's blacksmith shop under the resident blacksmith.

Over the last 5 years, while working as a cutler, heat-treater, and blade-grinder for Albion production line, I have come into contact with a number of talented smiths who have become both my friends and teachers as well. My interests in swordmaking run almost the full range. I have as much of an interest in fantasy swords, as I do in historical swords, both European and Japanese.

I can make blades from both a single steel type (monosteel construction) or Pattern-Welded steel which I make myself or buy from other smiths. For my Japanese pieces I prefer low-contrasting simple steels, between 1000-1500 layers. For the European blades, I lean towards high-contrast steels, welded to between 600-800 layers, depending on the piece and time period. I prefer making pieces from the 13-16th Centuries, but will occasionally make one from an earlier or later time period.

My view on fantasy swords, is that they should function like a real sword first and foremost. I tend to base my own fantasy pieces on the same functional physics as my historical swords. Call it "Historical Fantasy" if you want. Depending on the project and the level of detail involve (as well as the style), I will either fabricate the hilt pieces (forging and grinding), or investment cast them from wax masters I carve.

I am now capable of privately accepting customer credit cards: contact me at Jason@albionarmorers.com for details.


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