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Peter Johnsson documenting an original sword
Hand-made, limited edition museum-quality swords
Designed by noted Swedish swordsmith, author and researcher Peter Johnsson, these limited edition collectable swords are all painstakingly handmade to exacting design specifications, based on countless hours spent in the detailed study and documentation of original swords.
They are not look-alikes or replicas -- we call them re-creations because they not only look like period originals, but feel and perform like them as well, just as on the day that they were newly forged. No short-cuts, no compromises. Just the real thing.
See "How Albion Swords Are Made" Here.

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Museum Line Swords
Next Generation Swords
Squire Line Swords
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Our Best Wishes for a
Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season
to all of our
Friends and Customers,
from all of us here at Albion!
And, since its that time of year again - for anyone who hasn't read co-founder Howy's Christmas Story, here it is once again.

Introducing... The ArchDuke!
A Medieval 2-handed sword.

The Tyrolean

Pre-orders have begun to ship.

Preview of a new Museum Line Hallmark Sword -
The Søborg™ Sword
During excavations at Søborg castle a number of swords have been unearthed. Many of these are preserved in the National Museum in Copenhagen. One of them (inventory number D 8801) is an especially fine example of a long bladed knightly sword from the high medieval period. The original sword is featured as XI.3 in Oakeshott's "Records of the Medieval Sword."
Albion's Museum Line recreation of this sword from Peter's detailed documentation is exact in every detail to the original sword. Our official announcement will be made on Monday, complete with specifications and a short article by Peter Johnsson about the complex geometry of this sword.
The reserve price for this sword is $2,530.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Got
You Down?
Try Albion Gear!
Lars has officially launched his sister company, Albion Gear. He has many products available, many more in development, and is open to suggestions as well! Congratulations, Lars

See preview photos of our latest Museum Line sword, The Ljubljana, developed in cooperation with the National Museum of Slovenia, on the Albion Facebook page!

And the winner of the ARMA Sword Raffle is... Ian Mac Pharlaine! Congratulations, Ian!

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan (BBC's Robin of Sherwood, Transformers), will be joining Mike and Lars the Albion booth at Chicago Comic Con 2012!


We are forced to announce an across the board 10% price increase, effective July 1, 2012, for all items other than Maestro Line swords.

We dislike doing this, especially in this economy, but it is a fiscal necessity. However, as we have always done, any order placed before July 1, 2012 will be honored at the old price, including layaway/payment plans and pre-orders of swords in development.

Introducing... The Maximilian Landesknecht Sword


Watch the video above and then go here to learn more!

The Albion Sword
by Lars Hansen


The Cluny
A New Hallmark Museum Line Sword

The Cluny Sword

The Prototype of the 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro has been completed!
Go here for more information!

The 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro

see more news here

Special Limited Edition
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Testimonials from our customers

...No worries – my Regent (now River Claw) arrived safe & sound last Thursday. I took the box inside as soon as I got home from work and luckily placed it in the middle of the living room where we have a high ceiling.
I took my time, made a pot of coffee, and carefully opened the box.
A beautiful 15th Century long sword came into view.
It was a treat to compare this gleaming new blade to the original shown in Oakeshott’s Records of the Medieval Sword, XVIIIa.6, p.192. Oakeshott noted that this sword was “water-found,” from the Bodensee in Switzerland.
Many parallels swirled in my mind, and they still do. After all, we’re all watery creatures; only our thick skin keeps us from flowing downhill to merge with the nearest lake, river, or ocean.
I wonder why swords were thrown into deep rivers and lakes after the deaths of their owners; there seem to be few, if any “finds” dredged up by nets-men in coastal estuaries or other marine environments.
Perhaps the legend of Excalibur was nearer to people’s hearts six hundred years ago, in “a world lit only by fire,” where news traveled as fast as the swiftest horse.
Back to River Claw in its box in the living room with the high ceiling.
I put on the heavy leather 3-weapon glove that I use for sport fencing and clasped the grip firmly.
This was a longer, heavier weapon than my Type XII, so I took up the blade with authority though still with one hand. I imagine that picking up a bolt of lightning would have been much the same.
River Claw leapt out of the box and flashed in the sunbeams, instantly ready for action. Expecting a heavier blade than I’ve handled before, I was completely unprepared for the incredible speed and balance of this exquisite weapon.
If I’d been in my study instead of the living room, there would now be a neat, flattened-diamond hole in the ceiling ventilating the attic.
We had dry, sunny weather over the weekend which gave me a chance to go outside and really put River Claw through its paces.
I was stunned; there’s no other word for it.
Though the style and manner of fighting with a long sword must differ from the sport fencing done today, I feel that I could be just as fast with River Claw as I am with my fencing weapons.
One-handed, two-handed, half-sword work, footwork; it was simply amazing.
Serious fights or duels with long swords by unarmored or lightly armored opponents must have been over in a few seconds. The engravings in Hans Talhoffer’s fechtbuch look very different to me now.
I brought River Claw to our Monday Night Fencing Club & Class here in Baraboo. Two gentlemen in particular wanted to see it; one has experience in longsword sparring, while the second has a keen interest in swordsmithing & construction. Neither had ever handled an Albion sword before. Both looked at the Regent with critical & somewhat skeptical eyes – and both wore broad smiles when they were finished with their “test drives.”
River Claw has rekindled my interest in longsword sparring, and I think the “Lichtenauer” practice longsword is definitely in my future. I’ll be in touch with you after Christmas about putting one on lay-away. On a related note, my spouse Teresa was inspired to take a fencing class after our visit to your showroom in New Glarus. She loves the sport, and now we drill and practice together between our Monday night sessions in Baraboo.
Please thank everyone at Albion who worked to make my Regent a reality. River Claw now hangs securely on the wall between the Kitchen and the Living Room, and I smile every time I see it.
I’m having difficulty finding the right words to express my deepest satisfaction with this sword. It is the blade I’ve dreamed about for much of my life, and I feel very lucky to have it.
I know that a thousand Regents have or will be made, but I have the strangest feeling that Peter Johnsson made this particular example for me. I will treasure it always.
Best wishes (and fishes!)
-- Kevin S

...You go above and beyond. Full credit to you for your dedication to customer service. You are a top man in your field, and if you ever find yourself in Australia, I would be proud to buy you a beer.
Keep it up man, it is a fantastic experience dealing with a company with such a wonderful frontman. I can't wait to check out the Crecy ... But I have no doubt it will be exceptional.
You my friend are a legend.
-- Matt

...Yes, I did receive my Viking sword Jarl.
You folks definitely have the packaging issue down, the blade came in perfect condition.
I am extremely pleased at the fit and finish of this sword and of all of the Viking swords that I have handled, (over 50, I lost count) this is the most well balanced and lively blade yet.
It even beats out the ancient authentic ones that I handled in Germany when I volunteered as an armor harness maker.
Occasionally the guys badger me into cutting competitions against the Japanese, I am going to use the Jarl as my next competition sword. We'll show them how a Viking can cut.
To put it bluntly, Albion, you did me well!
-- Ted


...Thank you for the kind note. [The Knight] arrived safe and sound due to the simple and effective packaging.
The first thing that struck me was how beautiful it is. The photos on the web don't do it justice. The workmanship and quality are apparent and much appreciated.
It's nice to know there are still American companies doing things the right way as I really dislike buying goods from overseas.
Cheers to you and the Albion team for making great swords.
Thanks again Mike for the lucky turnaround and for great service.
P.S.: I forgot to mention, it cuts very well!
-- TK 

...So I feel I have been remiss in not writing something to complement the workmanship that went into my Kingmaker.
It is truly worthy of being an heirloom piece and it will be. The hollow ground blade is beautiful, the subtlety of the effect of the hollow grind works well with the distal and profile tapers to make such a lively and accurate blade.
This swords as also made some great cuts on several targets and with several swordsmen, so let no one say the type XIII is just for thrusting.
I also had the opportunity this past weekend to attend a cutting party with out local HEMA outfit and I got to cut with several of the other Albion swords I'm eyeing for future additions to my humble collection. The top contenders will be the Ringeck and the Earl for my next purchase.
-- Erick H

...Well, I have had the Ljubljana for a week now.
This is a beautiful example of a medieval sword in all its glory.
I am a novice in the arts of sword fighting, but this sword is incredibly responsive and in the thrust would be unbeatable.
The blade with its two fullers fades into a diamond shape which I find is very pleasant to look at.
The original gold figures on the blade have been masterfully integrated into this model with huge success.
The hilt with its large pommel is excellent. This pommel makes
changing direction with the sword very easy and looks superb and there
is lots of room for two hands.
Finally, a leather rain guard on the hilt finishes this sword to perfection.
This is a fairly expensive sword but to anyone interested in the beauty and functionality of medieval swords, then this sword should
not be missed.
Albion has taken one of Peter Johnsson's recreations and used it to
make a historical marvel. There were no flaws in the blade and the
leatherwork is outstanding as is the finish.
To put a finish to my narrative, I am so glad I ordered this beauty
from Albion.
You will not be disappointed.
-- Peter C

... I’ve browsed any number of sword makers at renaissance fairs and the like. My usual reaction ranges from laughter to disappointment.
Having studied the history of edged weapons and their use for many years, I have a keen eye for workmanship, attention to detail, and period authenticity. “Fantasy” or decorative pieces have no attraction for me.
Our trip to Albion yesterday was the first time Teresa and I visited a genuine house of sword smiths. Never have I had a chance to admire and handle so many elegant, functional weapons in one room.
It seemed like the entire evolution of edged weapons was hanging there in front of us. You’re the first person I’ve ever met who didn’t bat an eye when I started speaking in Oakeshott typology.
I imagine that many tourists in New Glarus wander in to your showroom from time to time without a clue, but for me it literally took my breath away.
As you know, I was interested in a type XVIII blade. The Burgundian attracted me because of its distinctive hilt and type V pommel. I loved the way the Kingmaker handled; I swear I heard Ewart Oakeshott whispering that a good sword of this type should “balance in the hand like a good fishing rod.”
Then I took the Regent in hand. This time the sword itself spoke to me, and told me the name of the piece that I’ve ordered. I come from a long line of fishermen, and many of my happiest days have been spent in solitude along secluded rivers, lakes, and streams. The name of my sword reflects this.
Life has taught me that there are things worth having, but they come at a price. I’ve worked a long time to be able to purchase a piece of living history like the Regent; take your time, and give me your best work. It will be well taken care of, and occupy a prominent place of honor in our home.
-- Kevin S

...I've been admiring Tritonia for about three weeks now.
Many thanks to all of you at Albion for creating this magnificent sword.
It is elegant, perfectly made... and every bit the big,
intimidating weapon it was built to be!
This is my third Ablion sword, and it won't be the last!
-- Michael S

...At noon today you guys took my breath away. My Cluny arrived!
It’s every thing I’ve been dreaming about since that day in your show room when Mike put one in my hand.
It’s so light and nimble. Edge control is just automatic with that disk pommel nestled in my hand.
My thanks to all who helped create this wonderful work of art.
Curt D
Meyer Freifechter Guild

...Having had a few days to examine this, my first Albion sword, I can now appreciate the degree of detail that is put into Albion's products that separates them from others.
The fuller is STRAIGHT and there is none of the waviness when you look down the sides of the blade that I had become used to seeing with some manufacturer's swords.
Everthing is very solid and there are no gaps or openings around the blade where it passes through the guard.
The finish on the blade and hilt looks great. This sword has exceeded my expectations.
My thanks go out to everyone at Albion for taking the pains to provide this level of quality.
I am already anticipating my next acquisition, which will likely be a Squire Line 13th Century Knightly Sword!
-- Jeff R

... I haven't written for a while but: since last transmission I have thoroughly enjoyed my Talhoffer and wish to say again Well Done - she's a beaut.
Also, today my father brought me a wonderful "welcome home from the combat again" gift of a Reeve.
The weapon is absolutely sublime!
It is truly delightful in all aspects and I wanted to let you know that you've truly out done yourselves on the Reeve. Marvelous!
When I purchased my first Albion I had no idea that I would become so addicted to your products. I am now the proud owner of seven and fully intend to continue increasing my collection as funds are available.
Thanks again, have a great weekend, and please keep up the fantastic work, customer service, and the whatnot. Take care!
--Bob F

see more testimonials here

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