Imperial Italic G

Imperial Italic G

The original example of this distinctive helmet was found in a cave near Hebron, Israel, and was thought to be captured war booty of the Jewish Zealots who revolted against Rome during the reign of Hadrian. The first evidence of the crossbar reinforcements as seen on this helmet date to the time of Trajan's Dacian Wars and are thought to be a defensive measure against the deadly two handed falx, a large sickle-sword capable of cleaving an unreinforced helmet in two. On the excavated helmets from the Dacian War period, these crossbars appear to be a "field modification," hastily applied over the eyebrows of Imperial Gallic helmets. This Imperial Italic offered by Albion represents the earliest Roman helmet discovered in which the crossbars were probably part of the original construction. This is the only ready-made Legionary helmet available that is suitable for use in the second century A.D., an important time especially for the great wars against the Germans, and the period featured in the film epic "Gladiator." Manufactured by the Deepeeka Group (India) of 18 gauge steel with brass decorations. Please specify head circumference when ordering to ensure closest fit.

IPH0030.... $275 In stock

Period appropriate felt liner and chinstrap, installed in our own shop in the US:
AA00021.... $50

Imperial Italic G

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