Imperial Italic C

Imperial Italic C

This rugged, no-nonsense legionary helmet is clearly a transitional piece, showing its evolution from the earlier Celtic "Coolus" model helmets, though with some influence of the earlier Greco-Italian Attic helmets as well. Two examples of this helmet, showing slight manufacturing differences were found in the Po River at Cremona, and almost certainly were lost during battles of the Roman Civil War of 69 AD at Cremona, which saw Vespasian emerge as Emperor. A third helmet of this type was also found in northern Germany at Kiel, indicating this may have been a relatively common style of helmet in the mid 1st Century period to which it is dated. This helmet lacks the detailing of most other Imperial Gallic/Italic helmets, such as separate applied earguards, piping on the neckguard and cheekpieces, and lack of a reeded brow piece, etc. indicating it may have been hastily made at the time of crisis, or were a relatively "cheap" standard-issue headpiece. Still, its provisions for attaching the standard imperial-type helmet crest suggest it was intended for legionary use. The same crest offerings as our other Imperial type helmets are available. Manufactured by the Deepeeka Group (India) in 18 gauge brass. Please specify head circumference when ordering to assure closest fit.

IPH0031.... $275

Period appropriate felt liner and chinstrap, installed in our own shop in the US:
AA0001.... $50


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