Imperial Gallic I - "Mainz Type"

Gallic I - "Mainz" Type

This helmet dates to the same period as the Imperial Gallic H, and is essentially the same design, but is made in the cupric alloy "orichulum" (brass) instead of iron. Like several other helmets in our line, the original was found in the Rhine River at Mainz, and the original of this particular helmet bears the inscription of a soldier named L. Lucretius Celeris of Legio I Adiutrix. This Legion was stationed at Mainz from 71 to 86 AD, dating the helmet to this period. Although its crest attachment was missing, a round imprint suggests a soldered on disc, indicating it had either an Italian style "twist on" crest holder, rather than the Gallic style "slide-on" crest holder as our two iron Imperial Gallic helmets, or a projecting knob like our Aquincum model. Three Orichulum helmets of this style are known, and this example is one of the two which are offered by Albion. All three show evidence of feather holders, which occur only rarely on iron ones, and it may be possible that in the late first century when iron helmets seem more common, the brass helmets and feather tubes suggest a higher rank, perhaps that of Optio. It is also possible that the brass helmets were the distinction of a certain legion or element of a legion. It is sometimes suggested that bronze helmets were of inferior quality, because some simple auxiliary ones are made of this material -- but this is easily disputed by the Imperial Italic H, also of bronze, which is one of the finest legionary helmets ever discovered. The Mainz Gallic I was not found with it cheek pieces intact, so our version uses an appropriate example from Caerleon. Crest and holder are available. Manufactured by the Deepeeka Group (India) of 18 gauge brass. Please specify head circumference when ordering to assure closest fit.

IPH0032.... $275

Period appropriate felt liner and chinstrap, installed in our own shop in the US:
AA0001.... $50


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