Imperial Gallic I - "Aquincum Type"

Imperial Gallic I - Aquincum

This distinctive helmet was a recent discovery from the legionary fortress of Aquincum in Hungary, and therefore wasn't classified or described by H. Russell Robinson. Although a very similar helmet to the Mainz example, and perhaps even from the same armory, its technique of embossing cheekplates and eyebrows indicate the work of a different craftsman. This helmet is unique among surviving Imperial Gallic helmets in that it has a permanently attached, projecting plume holder reminiscent of the earlier "Coolus" and "Montefortino" type helmets. We will probably never know if this helmet was made this way or had been modified by one of its previous legionary owners, perhaps taking the plume knob from a favorite, earlier model helmet. Legio II Adiutrix was stationed at Aquincum, and it is probable that this helmet belonged to that legion, due to its similarity to the Mainz helmet inscribed Legio I Adiutrix. Both legions were raised from marines in Italy by emperor Nero, and it is possible that both legions could have originally been equipped with these feathered brass helmets probably made in Italy, as either a "marine", or "Italian" distinction. Although this helmet has a coolus/montefortino style crest knob, indicating a "drooping horsetail" style crest, the fore and aft crest attaching loops suggest it was designed to wear the usual style crestbox typical of the other Imperial Gallic and Italic helmets. We offer an imperial crest holder based on an original find so that our standard imperial type crests will also fit this helmet. Manufactured by the Deepeeka Group (India) of 18 gauge brass. Please specify head circumference when ordering to assure closest fit.

IPH0033.... $275 In stock

Period appropriate felt liner and chinstrap, installed in our own shop in the US:
AA0001.... $50

Gallic I - Aquincum


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