Imperial Gallic H

Roman Imperial Gallic H

This helmet is similar in design to the Gallic G, but features a different style of eyebrows and a more protective, sloping neckguard. The most complete example of this type is from Lech, near Augsburg, Germany. Fragments of the same deep sloping neckguard were also found at Colchester, which dates this helmet and the Gallic "G" to the Boudiccan revolt of 61AD, though such neckguards were less common at this date than the quite horizontal examples typical in the first half of the first century AD. Other datable helmets indicate a trend toward these more sloping neckguards in the last half of the first century, which continued through the second and third centuries. However, as both styles of neckguard were clearly used side by side, it was likely a matter of personal preference and/or armory issue of what type could be worn by a particular Roman soldier. This helmet is available with or without a crest. Manufactured in India by the Deepeeka Group in 18 guage steel. Please specify head circumference when ordering to assure closest fit.

DP6053.... $275 In stock

Period appropriate felt liner and chinstrap, installed in our own shop in the US:
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Imperial Gallic H


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