Centurio Feather Crest

Roman Centurio Feather Crest

This dramatic crest is now available to fit most of our Roman helm line and is patterned after a period grave carving (another replica can be seen on the cover of Dan Peterson's The Roman Legions Recreated in Colour Photographs). The wooden crest boxes are made by a local craftsman, Roger of Treasures Limited, here in Wisconsin, and are assembled in our shop. This crest can be worn transverse or front to back. Please specify which helm it will be worn on, and in which direction, so we can include the proper crest mount. Available in standard colors for both the wooden crest box and feathers: red, black, and creme. Custom hand painting of Roman artwork, geometric patterns, or your name or Legion is also available at an additional charge.

Centurio Feather Crest... $150

Black and White Crest
Black Crest

Crest Mounting Hooks

Horsehair crests are also available for our Imperial Roman helms.

Made in USA

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