Exciting New Product
NEW! The Chop-n-Mop™ Executioner's Kit!

Tired of fumbling for the clean-up supplies after a hard day of executions?
Give frustration the axe with our simple new Chop-n-Mop™ System!

Quashing and washing have never been so easy! You'll be lopping and mopping like a real pro! Eradicate germs and dissidents with two simple sweeps!

Our Executioner's Kit comes complete with the Double-Whammy Axe/Mop™ and
Deluxe Chopping Block with Comfo-Smooth Chin Rest™.

But wait - that's not all! Order today and you'll also get the Kwik-Catch Noggin Bucket™
with removable Mop Squeegee.

Yours for only 75 EZ Payments of $19.95!

Suppress the mess!

Albion offers a maintenance plan to keep your Albion Mark swords like new. Click here for details

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