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The Gallowglass is sold out and no longer available.

The Cheiftain is almost sold out - if you want one, you should place your order soon!

Scabbards by Buck Bates

Buck has been working hard on a variety of new scabbards. Check them out here.



Exciting New Product Available Today!

Introducing... The ArchDuke!
A Medieval 2-handed sword.

Donate to Mike's Family
Donations are being accepted to help defray the medical and related costs from Mike's wife, Bonnie's, stroke.

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Many Thanks!

New Custom Longsword by Joe Waites!

Introducing... The Tyrolean

Pre-orders are in the process of shipping now.

Preview of a new Museum Line Hallmark Sword -
The Søborg™ Sword
During excavations at Søborg castle a number of swords have been unearthed. Many of these are preserved in the National Museum in Copenhagen. One of them (inventory number D 8801) is an especially fine example of a long bladed knightly sword from the high medieval period. The original sword is featured as XI.3 in Oakeshott's "Records of the Medieval Sword."
Albion's Museum Line recreation of this sword from Peter's detailed documentation is exact in every detail to the original sword. Our official announcement will be made on Monday, complete with specifications and a short article by Peter Johnsson about the complex geometry of this sword.
The reserve price for this sword is $2,530.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Got
You Down?
Try Albion Gear!
Lars has officially launched his sister company, Albion Gear. He has many products available, many more in development, and is open to suggestions as well! Congratulations, Lars!


And the winner of the ARMA Sword Raffle is... Ian Mac Pharlaine! Congratulations, Ian!

Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan
(BBC's Robin of Sherwood, Transformers), will be joining Mike and Lars the Albion booth at Chicago Comic Con 2012!

We are forced to announce an across the board 10% price increase, effective July 1, 2012, for all items other than Maestro Line swords.
We dislike doing this, especially in this economy, but it is a fiscal necessity.

However, as we have always done, any order placed before July 1, 2012 will be honored at the old price, including layaway/payment plans and pre-orders of swords in development.

We have avoided increases wherever possible, done them only selectively, delayed them, tried to mitigate them, but this time we have just have to bite the bullet and do it.

Introducing... The Maximilian Landesknecht Sword

4-1- 2012
Watch the video above and then go here to learn more!

Eric Meulemans has a new offering: The Santo

Introducing... The Cluny, a New Hallmark Museum Line Sword

A secret project, long in the making, that Peter Johnsson, Albion-Europe and Albion Swords have been working on, in cooperation with the National Museum of Medieval Art in Paris, also referred to as the Cluny Museum, for their new exhibit L'Epée: Usages, mythes et symboles which opened today.

The sword is now available for reservation and payment plans from Albion and Albion-Europe!

The Prototype of the 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro has been completed!
Go here for more information!

The 90th Anniversary Sword of Zorro

Eric just posted a
Kard with recurved blade and reinforced tip (Pesh-kabz) for sale on his in-house artisans page.


There have been a lot of rumors flying around about an amazing new sword we have been designing - go here to finally see what all of the buzz is about!

Due to increases in our costs, we are forced to raise our shipping charges. Domestic shipping and packaging costs for a single-hand sword will now be $40, and other shipping rates will increase accordingly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We Have Redesigned the Squire Line Late 13th Century Great Sword!

Conan is Back!
The Atlantean Sword, The Master’s Sword and other high-end collectible favorites from 1982’s “Conan the Barbarian” will be available again to eager fans, after a hiatus of several years. Albion Swords Ltd and Paradox Entertainment announced today that they have entered into a new license contract for those famous swords, as well as unique new items from the upcoming film, also called “Conan the Barbarian”.
See more at our sister site, Filmswords.com.


Harlan will be representing Albion at ISMAC (The International Swordfighting and Martial Arts Convention ) at the Detroit Metro Airport Westin Hotel this weekend (Sept. 3 - 6, 2010). And yes, he will have some Marxbruders with him...

Next Generation Update
Two new sword models are now in development - the Type XVIIIc. Both of these sword models are monsters, with blades that are over 3" wide at the base.
The Alexandria

The Alexandria will retail for $1,250 USD, but is available for advance reservation until June 30th, 2010 for the special price of $950. Limited edition of 500 swords worldwide.

The Principe
The Principe (hand and a half) will retail for $1,300 USD, but is available for advance reservation until June 30th, 2010 for the special price of $1,000. Limited edition of 500 swords worldwide.
Reserve yours today!

More Bare Blades posted on our Moat Sale page!

It is with deep sadness that we learned today that legendary artist and illustrator, Frank Frazetta, passed away today. He was a personal inspiration to all of us here at Albion/Filmswords. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to his legion of fans throughout the world.

Coming Soon to Filmswords.com
Designer Lars Hansen has recreated another classic for filmswords.com - The 90th Anniversary Zorro Sword!

The 90th Anniversary Zorro Sword.

See more photos of the prototype components on the Albion Facebook page.

Next Generation Swords Update
The Dane
The first of the long-awaited Danish Two-Handed swords are rolling off the production line!

Coming Soon to Filmswords.com
Designer Lars Hansen has recreated another classic for filmswords.com. This sword is fully-functional and is available for an introductory price of $700 until April 30, 2010! See more photos on Facebook.

Prototype of the Decurio Spatha Completed!

Bare Blades
Due to the popularity of our Moat rusty blades, we have decided to offer bare blade blanks when we have free milling time to make them. These are offered in limited quantities, as they are available. Bare blades are offered as they come off the mill. Heat treating is offered at an additional fee.

New Triumvirate of NextGen Roman Gladii

Pictured below are the Tiberius Fulham Gladius (top), the Trajan (Guttmann) Pompeii Gladius (middle) and the Augustus Mainz Gladius. All three are also $100 off until March 15th, 2010!

New Model Mainz (Mainz II) Prototype Completed
- The Augustus
This a new version of the Mainz style Roman Gladius, based on Peter's most recent research. This new model is available for the introductory price of $600 (regular price $700) until March 15th.
The Augustus Mainz Gladius
See the Albion Swords Facebook page for more photos.

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