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Jody Samson
Artist - Swordmaker - Knifemaker - Friend
November 4, 1946 - December 27, 2008
It is with the deepest regret that we announce the passing of legendary swordmaker, Jody Samson, on Saturday, December 27, in his shop in New Glarus, Wisconsin. Jody was a true friend, a multi-talented artist, and one of the most generous people you could ever meet. He will be deeply missed.

Our Best Wishes for a
Happy and Prosperous Holiday Season
to All of our Friends and Customers,
From all of us here at Albion!

And, since its that time of year again - for anyone who hasn't read co-founder Howy's Christmas Story, here it is once again.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

These swords are available for Holiday delivery on a first-come-first-served basis:



Prince (steel pommel)

We are down to the final 15 swords in this first edition of the

We are considering making a second edition of this sword due to its popularity, but there will be marked differences in any future editions.

MyArmoury has published reviews of the Chieftain and the Gallowglass.
See more MyArmoury reviews of Albion swords here.

In-House Artisan Update
Lars has just completed a new helm commission - an amazing Bronze Barbarian Helm.

Happy All Fool's Day!!!

In-House Artisan Update
Joe Waites just finished a sweet new knife, differentially heat-treated with a visible hamon.

In-House Artisan Update
Eric Meulemans has completed a beautiful Kindjal.

The Arn Swords Are Now Avaliable
The swords and daggers designed by Peter Johnsson and made by Albion for the Swedish epic film Arn The Knight Templar are now being offered through Albion Europe and Filmswords.com.

Next Generation Swords Update
We have just completed the prototype of the Oakeshott Medieval Sword.

Albion In The News
We just received word that one of our sword models, Discerner - The Lindsay Sword, will be appearing on the new book cover for Arthur by Steve R. Lawhead.
Design and illustration by Gene Mollica.

Next Generation Swords Update
The prototype for the Burgundian Sword has been completed.

Next Generation Swords Update
The prototype for the Machiavelli Sword has been completed.

New Albion Sword Reviews
MyArmoury.com has posted new reviews for the Next Generation Munich, Earl and Kingmaker swords!

Other MyArmoury reviews of Albion swords can be found here.

In-House Artisan Update
Eric McHugh is now offering a Standard Bearded Axe.

Visit his in-house page for details.

Next Generation Swords Update
The prototype of the Knud Viking Sword has been completed!

Next Generation Swords Update
The prototype of the Doge Venetian Sword has been completed.

Next Generation Swords Update
The prototype of the Valkyrja Viking sword has been completed.

Albion Europe's ARN Website Is Now Open
In the coming months, this is where you will be able to find more information about the ARN swords Albion made for the film.

A new trailer for the film can be seen here.

Albion on YouTube

If you missed the How Its Made Episode on Discovery Science, you can now see our segment on YouTube. (our thanks to jpfranco99 for posting this!)

Albion On TV
Albion will be featured on an episode of "How Its Made" on the Discovery/Science Channel,
Friday, November 2nd at 9pm EST. (How It's Made Season 4, Episode 8: Swords, Pontoons, Grandfather Clocks, Fuses) If you miss that airing, it will be replayed Nov 03, 12:00 am EST, and you can always check the program listings for future airdates.


Congratulations to Søren and Albion Europe for a wildly successful first year of operations!

Søren has been fantastic to work with - for both his customers and ourselves - and his efforts in making Albion orders easier for European customers have been amazing. His success has far exceeded any expectations, due to his hard work and dedication. Our deepest thanks and congratulations, Søren!

Reclaiming the Blade Update
The producers of the film have launched several new features on their website:

RTB Digg
Post on RTB Digg today and get noticed!

This is a great spot for you to upload cutting or fight demo videos.

RTB Fight Club Finder
Another newly launched area on the RTB site where groups can register for a chance to win Ultimate Training Packages, while at the same time providing exposure for groups when new potential members go to seek out a group in their area.

Albion Next Generation Update
Peter is visiting again from Sweden and has finalized the waxes for the Valkryja.

Albion Next Generation Update

We have finished the prototype of the Kern Irish Type XIX.

See more photos here.

Albion Next Generation Update

Peter sent a couple of in-process photos showing his progress on the final versions of the Valkyrja waxes.

Peter will be bringing the waxes with him in late September.

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