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Albion News Room

Happy Holidays from Albion Swords!
Holiday Season Greetings from Albion
We hope that all of our customers and friends enjoy a fruitful and happy Holiday Season and extend our best wishes for a wonderful 2007!

On the Holiday theme - read about the inspiration that led to the creation of Albion Swords, Ltd -- A Christmas Story


MyArmoury has published a hands-on review of the Next Generation Agincourt. Go here for the review.

Maestro Line Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Liechtenauer

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Chieftain Scottish Claymore.

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Earl.


Albion Europe is Open for Business!
Now our European customers can order directly from the Denmark-based company run by Søren Niedziella.

- Prices include V.A.T.
- Local (EU) shipping
- Many swords already in stock
- Complete websites in other languages coming soon!

Congratulations to Søren!

For the Holiday Season, we are having a
"Christmas Classics" Sale
We are putting the classic "first Albion swords" on sale for 10% off the regular price until midnight, December 24th, 2006.
Any of these sword models would make a great gift for a starting collector, or a good one to grab for yourself if you don't already have it.

Sword models included in this sale are:

The Gotland
(limited availability)
The Gaddhjalt
The Clontarf
(limited availability)
The Knight
The Baron
The Duke

If the sword is a holiday gift, make sure to check with Mike to make sure that we can deliver before the big day!

Albion in the News
Albion Swords Featured In the Upcoming Film

Narrated by John Rhys-Davies
"The Medieval and Renaissance blade, a profound and beautiful object handcrafted by master artisans of old. An object of great complexity, yet one with a singular use in mind- it is designed to kill. The truth of the sword has been shrouded in antiquity, and the Renaissance martial arts that brought it to being are long forgotten. The ancient practitioners lent us all they knew through their manuscripts. As gunslingers of the Renaissance they were western heroes with swords, and they lived and died by them. Yet today their history remains cloaked under a shadow of legend.
The first-of-its-kind documentary will feature a commercial soundtrack to be released independently. Reclaiming the Blade explores both European and Asian historic swordplay and offers an in-depth look at the fascinating world of stage combat on the silver screen.”

(from the official website)

Next Generation Swords Update
Steve has completed the amazing first prototype blade blank for the Dane. Only the fuller has been ground. See more photos here.

New Shipping/Storage Option

These foam lined cases are now available from Albion in two sizes (48" and 52") to store your collection safely.
Special Offer
Either case is availabe with your order of a sword for only $15 additional shipping and handling charge.

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Vassal Falchion .

New In House Artisan Pieces
"Small Bearded Axe" and "Anglo-Saxon Seax"
by Eric McHugh

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Kingmaker.

Augustus Roman Sale!
From now until September 23rd (Augustus Caesar's birthday in 63 BC), all Roman Swords are $75 off.

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Gallowglass Irish Bastard Sword.

Next Generation Swords Update
We have completed the first prototype of the Meister Grossemesser. This version does not have the fullering on the grip, guard and pommel, but we wanted to test the assembly process without the additional complications of the fullering.

Go here for more photos of the prototype

Durng Peter's visit in early September, we will be working out the final details of the fullering on the hilt.

Next Generation Swords Update
New waxes in from Peter for molding and casting.

The Vassal Falchion

Next Generation Swords Update
New waxes in from Peter for molding and casting.

The Kingmaker Type XVIII

The Gallowglass molds are done and production waxes off to the foundry.Here are additional photos of the Gallowglass on an unground blade blank:

Next Generation Swords Update
New waxes in from Peter for molding and casting.

The Gallowglass Type XIX

Next Generation Swords Update
The Yeoman Type XIV prototype has been completed!

New In House Artisan Pieces
"Steel Rondel" by Eric McHugh SOLD

The limited edition of the Vinland sword has offcially ended. Only limited numbers of the Clontarf and Gotland remain. Reserve yours now!

New In House Artisan Pieces
"Trio of Small Bearded Axes" by Eric McHugh

New In House Artisan Pieces
"Anglo-Saxon Seaxes" by Eric McHugh

Sword Of St. Maurice at the Annual WPT Auction
Albion has donated a Sword of Saint Maurice (Turin) and a $600 gift certificate to the Wisconsin Public Television's Auction.
It is listed as Showcase Item #S-8131
This item will be auctioned at 8:55 p.m. on Sunday, June 4.

New In House Artisan Piece
Joe Waites' "Siege Bowie"

Next Generation Swords Update
The Sherriff prototype has been completed! This sword will be making its first personal appearance at the Oregon Knife Show...

Go here for more photos.

April 1, 2006
A Special April First Announcement --
Ok, it was just April Fools...

go here if you missed it!.

Howy just found out that a childhood friend, Jeff Mariotte, has written the newly published Age of Conan: Marauders, Volume 1--Ghost of the Wall. Go here to read more about it.

In House Artisan Update
Eric McHugh is now offering a new hollow-ground Rondel dagger based on his research in England.

Go here for more information.

New On-Line Articles
We have added a few new feature articles that we know you will find both interesting and informative.

The Normans
by Patrick Kelly
A look at the history, strategy and weapons of these famous warriors.

Pilgrimage of a Sword Geek -- Husbyborg
by Eric McHugh
An inside look at one of Eric's research trips to European museums with Peter Johnsson, the first installment in a series of articles.

Next Generation Line Update
Congratulations go out to Peter and his wife -- they just had another beautiful baby girl! (talk about the Next Generation!) Despite this wonderful new demand on his time, Peter is currently working on waxes for the Chieftain, Knecht, Earl and Valkyrja.

New Staff
We have added two new staff people in the Cutlery department -- please welcome Rob Berrie (who started today) and Paul Jozefowicz (starting next Monday)!

In House Artisan Update
Eric McHugh is now offering a line of seaxes based on his research in Denmark.

Go here for more information.

e are offering our loyal customers an opportunity to join a special benefactor’s society we are forming and get a discount -- and at the same time help us build working capital to improve our business and bring you more new and exciting products and benefits:

The Albion Benefactor's Society

Go here for more information!

Next Generation Line Update
The Type XIX prototype hand-and-a-half blade has been programmed by Steve -- now it will be heat-treated and sent to Peter in Sweden for development of the hilt components.

In House Artisan Update
Shan-Aan has finished her first sword! Go here for more details.

Albion Goes Continental
There is something about February and Albion…

7 Years ago, in February 1999, we opened our web page for business for the very first time.

Shortly after opening the site, we hired our very first employee, Jason Dingledine (now the head of our Blade shop and film recreations R&D)

5 years ago, in February 2001, we moved to our manufacturing facility in New Glarus, Wisconsin, and Mike Sigman joined us to take over Customer Service.

4 years ago, in February 2002, Eric McHugh joined us full time (now the head of R&D for historical recreations).

In the last five years…

Peter Johnsson has visited Albion 10 times since 2001, and as a result of his research and hard work, and the tireless work of the staff here, we have 5 Museum Line sword models, 40 Next Generation sword models, 4 Squire Line models and 2 Special Limited edition swords in production, with many, many more in research and development.

Jody Samson, (who moved his studio from Burbank, California to join us in chilly Wisconsin in 2001), has designed and produced hundreds of individual custom swords (making him one of the most prolific custom makers ever in the business), guided the groundbreaking Conan project into production (the first accurate and fully functional film sword recreations ever in production), and has 6 of his exclusively designed swords in production, with many more in development.

And now…

This February, Albion is proud to announce the creation of Albion Europe, a sister company based on the Continent that will handle all marketing, customer service and distribution of Albion products for our European customers. Albion Europe will host websites in several languages and represent Albion at many festivals and trade shows throughout Europe.

Albion Europe will be run by our long-time customer and friend, Søren Niedziella.

We are thrilled to have a collector and western martial arts enthusiast of Søren's caliber representing us and sharing his knowledge with our customers and friends in Europe. Under Søren's leadership, Albion Europe will bring the same standard of quality and service that our customers have come to expect from Albion.

Albion has become known for its European research and European design, and now through Albion Europe, we will add a European presence, European representation and European distribution.

As Søren begins implementation over the next few months, we will give updates on the services Albion Europe can offer.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Next Generation Line Update
The waxes for two more models are in from Peter:

The Meister

The Sherriff

New items added to the Moat Sale page.

Museum Line Update
The prototype for the Saint Maurice of Turin sword is complete!
Go here for more photos.

Go here for archived news from 2005 and 2004

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