(Roman Sandals)

Leather Roman Sandals

These rugged genuine leather sandals are hand made exclusively for Albion by Karen and Marilyn of The Cobbler Shop here in Wisconsin. The soles are reinforced with iron tacks. These are custom made to order, so please submit your shoe size or a tracing of your feet when ordering.

AAA0118 Roman Sandals.... $200

Leather Roman Sandals
Leather Roman Sandals

Customer Testimonial
Dear Mike, Albion Armorers,
...The caligae arrived safe and sound! I got them thursday-evening and needed them the friday thereafter, so I was a bit nervous about the last bits of work (cutting the holes for the laces to size and finding said laces), but both worked out.

The caligae are marvellous; I love the smell of the leather and the hobnails under the soles. And they were surprisingly comfortably! It was a rather chilly and rainy weekend, but one thing is for sure: I never ever had cold or uncomfortable feet!

Even loose sand worked itself out of the sandals almost as quickly as it got in. So they have had their baptism of fire and they came out excellently! Thank you very much for all the wonderful work -obviously for the people of the Cobbler Shop as well! It is much appreciated and much enjoyed! On which note I am happy to add that everyone I show either caligae or helmet to, are quite impressed by both the beauty and the quality of your work!
-- Alexander


Made in USA

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